Carmelita and Sly were driving in Inspector foxes red cop car.

Were they off on a distress call?

Were they going to catch a theif?

Was a bank being robbed?

No, no, and no.

Their destination was somewhere much worse.

You see, after the events of Sly 3. When Cooper decided to fake loosing his memory so he could finally be with Camelita, the foxy cop helped convince her boss (cheif Barkley, the badger correct?) to turn Sly into a cop. Also, since Sly was now homeless Carmelita had him live with her now. And soon enough the star crossed lovers had finally manged to go to the next level.

No not marrage yet, just getting engaged.

Yet this possed a problem for both of them, Cooper would have to...MEET HIS IN-LAWS!

Carmelita tried to stop this, yet her parents persisted to know about their futer son-in-law.

So with her hands tied she and Sly got packed, and drove off to her parents.

Carmelita was already feeling the worry about this visit. She used to complain about Sly a lot to her family, and they were about to see that said crimminal.

Can you say "awkward" boys and girls? I knew you could.

"Oh boy," Carmelita thought stressing "This is going to be one visit I'm going to want to forget fast."

Sly also was worried, Carmelitas dad used to be a high ranking officer. He could hanlde Carmelita fox, but what about Mr. Fox?

Soon enough they were at their destination, a little home on the outskirts of the city where they lived, beyond it a short way was a forest and a river.

"Were here honey," Carmelita said to Cooper

"Great," Cooper said trying to hide how worried he was

Are favorite animal, video game pair walked to the front door, Carmelita knocked. A few seconds later it began to open

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