disclaimer: nopers.
dedication: finally fucking finishing 358/2 days.
notes1: i generally ship akuroku.
notes2: …i totally don't count this as axel/saïx. nope.
notes3: it's totally isa/lea.
summary: "Where did Isa go?" Oh, but he already knows.
pairing: semi axel/saïx, isa/lea.




They stand there in silence, staring at one another, neither wanting to start off that they both knew was coming.

"What ever happened to us, Saïx?" Axel questions, because he knows that if he wants to talk at all, he'll have to start.

"We became Nobodies," he replied simply, and Axel can't help but look at the giant scar on his face. He remembers when it was fresh, his face coated in blood, the fluids leaking into his head to turn it a terrible black-ish colour. He remembers holding Saïx, and telling him that it'd all be okay, because they were together again.

"That shouldn't change everything!" Axel shouts, because they both know that's not the reason. He takes a step toward Saïx, who doesn't even flinch.

"But it did," he replies stonily. "You can't stay in your own little world where nothing matters except those you 'care' about. As if you could. That's not how life works, Axel. Especially not outs."

It is almost unnerving how calm Saïx is, and Axel can't stand it. He steps closer and closer and closer, until he's touching his face, now, and staring into his bright, golden eyes.

"Where did Isa go?" he questions, and for a short second, he can see the soft eyes, he can feel the soft, smooth skin. And then, it is gone, but Saïx doesn't step away.

"He's dead, Axel. And so is Lea." Saïx's voice is so cold, so unfeeling that it makes Axel almost go soft, almost want to cry because how much they've drifted apart.

"He's coming now, you know."

It was a statement so vague, that if it was said to anyone but Axel, from anyone but Saïx, he would have no clue what that meant.

"I don't care," Axel insists, keeping his close stance to him, almost ready to kiss him. He's so close, so close, so close —

But Saïx shakes his head, and steps away anyway. "I know you do."

"I don't," he says again.

Nonetheless, he doesn't move closer. he doesn't act surprised or confused when Saïx begins to talk about Xion, just stands there, wordlessly. And when he hears the "Axel?" from the so-familiar voice, he takes his cue and says nothing as Roxas continues to pest and question him.

Where did Isa go?

But he knew the answer.

He disappeared when Roxas came along and, somehow, Axel had to be okay with that.




endingnotes: i am just a angst!axel/saïx yet not!axel/saïx shipper.