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Warning: This fic is rated M for language, violence (I think), and sexual content later on

Chapter One:

This wasn't going to work.

That was all Reid could think as the suggestion came from Prentiss' mouth; all he could think when Hotch agreed; all he could think when Rossi began planning with Garcia; all he could think when Morgan sighed and nodded.

It wouldn't work.

The team was in Northern Illinois and had been for the past three weeks. They were all frustrated and tired and wanted nothing more than to go home and get on with their lives. But they couldn't. Not with this serial killer running loose.

Eighteen gay couples, men and women, were murdered. Simply slaughtered by an unsub with a consistent MO. He stalked them for at least a couple days if not a week. He attacked at night, mainly while the couple was engaged in sexual activity. He tied the couple up and attacked their genitals before slowly torturing the 'submissive' so the 'dominant' could hear them scream. He would then cut a major artery on the 'dominant' and leave the two of them to bleed to death.

They whole team had agreed that the stressor had to have been when the law of same-sex unions was passed on the first of June.

Thirty-six people, tortured mentally and physically because someone thought that these people didn't deserve to be together, that they didn't deserve to live because of who they were attracted to.

The idea had made the wholes team's blood boil, which had added to the anger and aggravation they were already feeling. Who had the audacity to take someone's life into their own hands because they could now be united in a same-sex relationship legally? It was wrong and evil and distorted.

It was immoral.

Reid would have done anything, anything to capture this man and have him sit in the freezing interrogation room so that he could give him a piece of his mind, but not this.

Never this.

"It's not going to work." Reid said, trying to put sureness behind his voice, but it ended up cracking.

"It's all we've got, Spence." JJ reasoned.

"He's not gonna… This is…" Words were failing the young genius.

"Look, I know it's not the most comfortable of things." Hotch said softly. "But we have to get this guy. Our profile is stale and, frankly, bleak."

"But I-"

"No 'buts'. This is happening."

Reid could not help the pout that ensued and Garcia and Prentiss laughed.

"Might as well embrace it!" Morgan laughed and ruffled Reid's hair.

It was like hell. Hell on earth.

Reid was glum as he made his way back to the hotel to pack an hour later. He was slow in walking to his room and even slower in physically packing up his things.

He, Spencer Reid, was going to be spending the next week in a cabin up near Lake Heron pretending to be a gay male with his boyfriend, played by none other than Derek Morgan.

'Pretending' and 'boyfriend' being the lies in this sentence.

Reid was, in fact, gay. Well, more bisexual or 'ambisextrous' as Garcia (the only one who knew of this fact) put it so atrociously fondly. He had always found himself more attracted to males, though. Sure he could enjoy women and what they had to offer, but something always struck him about men.

Namely, Derek Morgan. The same Derek Morgan whom he would have to live with and cuddle and fawn over for the next week.


In a cabin.

"W-we can use someone else!" Reid had stammered. "We could get one of the other men from the police department to-"

"No way, pretty boy." Morgan had interjected. "No way I hell am I letting you get stalked by some whacko without me being there."

"I can look after myself." Reid tried arguing.

"Morgan's right," Hotch intervened. "We need you to have the best protection possible and Morgan is best suited for that job."

"Hotch, I understand your concern, but what about Morgan? He need's protecting just as much as I do!"

"And that's where you step in, Reid. He is to you what you are to him. A guardian. The same reason we don't use someone from the PD to be Morgan's partner."

"I can't be that bad, can I?" Morgan asked, feigning hurt.

"Don't be ridiculous, it's not about you." Reid mumbled.

"What's it about then, sweet cheeks?" Garcia had asked and gave him a wry smile. The techie had been encouraging Spencer to come out to the team, but Reid just wasn't ready, so he had cast her a dirty glance before muttering to himself.

"This is absurd."

Hotch had pulled him aside after an unhappy Reid had listened to the plans and arrangements be made.

"Reid, I know it's awkward but-"

"Why can't we just use two men from the PD?" Reid whined.

"I won't jeopardize them like that. Besides, they're not comfortable with each other like you and Morgan are."

"Hotch, you understand what's going on right? We… Morgan and me… The unsub attacks couples while their having sex!" Reid whispered harshly.

"It'll be faked. It's been done before by plenty of teams. Hell, I had to do it once."

"You did?"


Reid sighed. "Fine. I'll do it."

"Thank you," Hotch gave a rare smile and had clapped Reid on the shoulder.

Currently, Reid lugged his go bag down through the lobby of the hotel they were at. A black SUV was waiting for him outside and he knew who was in it. Sure enough, reaching the door, Reid found Morgan on the other side with Garcia waiting in the back.

Great. He thought, just what I wanted.

"Ready to go, boy wonder?" Garcia asked happily and Reid just nodded his head.

"Penny's gonna give us a run down of what going to go on." Morgan informed as he pulled away from the curve and Reid just nodded again.

"Okay, cool." Garcia smiled. "So, we will be stationed down the road from the little cottage you two have. I will be working 24/7 while the rest of our gorgeous team will be coming in and out."

"Don't you need a break?" Morgan asked, frowning.

"Honey, this is my break. I'd way rather, monitor you two than work for the snipey teams back at Quantico. Anyways, you're going to be going out to clubs and bars and such until we can confirm someone's watching you."

"What?" Reid asked skeptically.

"Yeah, we gotta make sure he's targeting you."

Reid sighed.

"You'll each have a panic button which is to be worn at all times."

"Won't panic buttons be a little obvious?" Morgan asked.

"Not if your girl, Penelope, is a genius, which I am, so that mean's they'll be cleverly disguised with these."

Reid turned to accept the tiny box that Garcia had given him. He opened it tentatively. Inside was a ring and a necklace.

"Two?" Reid asked wearily.

"The panic button is in the ring, the necklace is a microphone that can be turned on and off."

"Why would we need to turn the mic off?" Reid turned to look at Garcia whose grin turned mischievous and her eyes flickered towards Morgan. Luckily, the older agent couldn't see because he was driving, but Reid gave her a glower that he hoped look at least a little bit more intimidating than 'cute'.

Reid sat back in his seat. He was exactly happy at the idea of Garcia being able to listen in to their conversations. Even if the mics could be turned off, he was sure the techie would have the house bugged as well.

Not that Reid was planning on having a heart to heart or anything, but he would definitely be having some awkward conversations with Morgan in the next week.

The team was almost positive that as the unsub became more and more comfortable with the couple he was stalking, he would find ways to place cameras or microphones inside the houses.

This meant that at some point during the week, Reid and Morgan would have to start acting like a couple. Like really acting like a couple.

Reid ran a hand over his face. This was so not fair.

The cottage was about fifteen minutes outside of town and was almost directly on the edge of the lake. The area was fairly secluded, the closest house being five minutes down the road, which was both comforting and intimidating.

Reid's shoulder felt heavy as he got out of the SUV and trudged up the path to the front door. Garcia bounced along behind him a hand on his shoulder.

"It's going to be fine, love. It'll be awesome." She encouraged in a low voice so Morgan couldn't hear them.

"Yeah, it would be awesome if I had some sort of shred of self-confidence or knew what I was doing." Spencer sighed. "Or if Morgan was gay." He mumbled.

"You never know, baby. I've seen him flirting guys up before so maybe he throws both ways."

"Yeah," Spencer frowned. "Right."

He unlocked the door and opened it to find himself in a tiny mudroom right off a spacious living room and kitchen. There was a small hallway directly in front of him that led to hat Reid guessed was the bathroom, bedroom, and probably laundry room. The place would comfortably fit two people in an intimate relationship.

Too bad we're not in a relationship. Reid thought bitterly.

"This'll do nicely." Morgan smiled, coming through the door and Reid wished he'd stop smiling so enthusiastically.

"Yeah, it should be nice and cozy." Garcia smiled and winked at Reid behind Morgan's back. The techie then glanced at her watch.

"Okay, it's one o'clock now, so I'm going to go set up my station with Hotch and Rossi and I'll be back around six to pick you two up."

"Pick us up?" Morgan asked.

"Of course! I have to drive you two to the bar! Prentiss will meet us there to get you guys your car."

Reid sighed. "Alright, I guess."

"In the mean time, you two should settle down and relax. This week will be long and full of tension." When Morgan nodded and turned to survey the room Garcia mouthed 'sexual' and then gave two thumbs up. Reid was almost tempted to flip the girl the bird, but thought better of it.

"I think we'll have some fun, pretty boy!" Morgan laughed and threw an arm around Reid's neck.

Reid tried to smile without looking nauseous.

"Alright, I'll see you boys later." Garcia smiled and walked outside.

"This is pretty nice for short notice. " Morgan observed.

"Yeah," Spencer agreed.

"Are you okay?" Morgan asked as Reid slipped out from him arm and wrapped his arms around his torso. He wandered aimlessly into the kitchen.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Morgan sighed. "Look, I know I can be kind of a jerk sometimes, but I swear, I poke fun because I care-"

Reid shook his head. "It's not you." He was about to follow it up with 'it's me' but decided not to.

"Are you sure?"

Reid smiled and this time it was genuine. "Yeah, I'm sure."

Morgan nodded and gave a tentative smile back.

"It's going to be pretty funny when we actually have to act like a couple hey?" He asked trying to lighten the mood.

Reid gave a nervous laugh. "Yeah, it's going to be sort of weird."

"Don't worry, pretty boy. I won't bite." The older agent walked towards the bedroom and was almost out of sight when he stopped and looked Reid directly in the eye.

"Much," He added, before winking.

Reid could feel his cheeks heat up to approximately 400 degrees.

Yeah, this was his own personal hell.

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