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Chapter Fourteen:

Reid just stood there, staring into the depth of those big brown eyes. Twice he opened his mouth to say something and nothing came so he just shut it dumbly and stared.

Morgan was panting slightly; it was Reid's guess that he had run up the stairs, seeing as his elevator was broken. But the older man's breath was steadily returning to regular, and still nothing had advanced communication wise. So, finally, after one minute and twenty eight seconds of standing there, Reid tried something.


Suddenly the darker agent was in the genius's space and Reid was rapidly backing up as Morgan's hands found the collar of Reid's shirt and the younger man's back was slammed into the wall behind him.

And then it started again. The long and tense silence where they were both staring at each other, except now there faces were only about four and a half inches apart and both of their breathing was ragged and Morgan was squeezing Reid's shoulders kind of tight.

"Morgan?" Reid said again, but his voice was barely a whisper.

The older man's eyes closed like he was in pain or maybe angry and his jaw clenched visibly. He took a deep breath in and when he spoke the words were tight and low.

"You wore the pants."

"W-what?" Reid asked skeptically.

"The pants, Reid. You. Wore. The. Pants."

"I… the… huh?"

"The pants!" Morgan said harshly. "The pants we bought for you in Illinois; the pants that were specifically designated to go out the club that night; the pants that were too tight; the pants we both spent five minutes trying to get off of you when we got home because neither of us were sober and they clung to you; the pants I never thought I'd never see ever again and you wore them! You fucking wore them to work! And I had to stare at your ass all day while you walked around perfectly innocent and oblivious!" Morgan took a deep and steadying breath. "Those pants."

"…Oh." Reid looked down. He was still wearing the jeans. All of his other slacks had been dirty because his buildings laundro-mat had been closed due to a flood, so they had been his only pants left.

He looked back up and slowly brought his hands to Morgan's before gently prying them off and putting them at the agent's side. His head was staring to spin from the wine and he felt slightly dizzy so he scooted out from Morgan's gaze and walked back into the living room. He heard the thud of Morgan's boots behind him and knew that he was being followed at a cautious distance.

Reid wrapped his arms self-consciously around his mid-section and just stood behind his couch staring at the movie that was still running.

"White wine and Benny and Joon?" Came Morgan's low voice behind him.

"What's it to you?" Reid turned with an eyebrow raised.

Morgan simply shrugged and Reid sighed.

"Why are you here?"

"I… Look, Reid, we need to talk."

"Oh that sounds like fun." Reid rolled his eyes. "What more is there to say anyways?"

Morgan looked down and shuffled his feet. "Can we, uh, sit down?"

Reid hesitated then nodded. He grabbed the TV remote and put the movie on pause before sitting at one end of the couch and waiting for Morgan to join him.

Once he was situated, Morgan looked down at his hands and took a deep breath.

"I spoke with my mom… about all this."

"All what?"

"This. Us. The case." Morgan licked his lips. "I also told her I was bi."

"Oh?" Reid looked up. His arms were still folded over his chest, but his eyebrows gave his interest away. "And… what?"

"She said she already knew. And apparently my sisters have guessed at it as well." Morgan gave a little smile, trying to lighten the mood but Reid just looked away.

"Good for you." He said somewhat blankly. "I'm happy that you're excepted by your family."

"Are you excepted by your family?"

Reid shrugged. "My dad isn't thrilled about it, but he's convinced that one day I'll meet the right girl and forget about George Clooney and Christian Bale."

Morgan laughed and thought for a moment. "They both played Batman."

Reid furrowed his brow in consideration. "Huh, that didn't even register." He smiled but it didn't reach his eyes before looking back at Morgan. "Maybe I have a Batman kink. Though I don't exactly want to jump into bed with Michael Keaton." His tone was joking but his face was still deadpan.

Morgan still laughed and shook his head and then after a few moments looked back up. "And what about your mom?"

"She always says that love doesn't have an age, gender, or color; love can only be recognized by those who feel it. She's happy with whatever I choose to recognize as love." Reid laughed a little ruefully. "I don't even know if they're her words or if she got them from a book she once read." He ran a hand through his hair. "Sorry," He added.

Morgan shook his head. "That's fine."

They sat there in a small silence before Reid looked up.

"Why did you come here again?"

"Right," Morgan straightened his posture a bit. "So, I spoke with my mom and, well, in the ways that only a mother can, she told me what had to be done without actually saying it."

Reid's lips pursed. "Oh yeah? And what's that?"

"I have to tell you the truth."

Reid nodded. "Yup. That would be a nice change in pace."

"Okay, will you just listen this time? Just… wait until I'm done."

Reid crossed his arms and nodded.

"Okay, first off; I wasn't lying to you about being bisexual, okay? I wasn't trying to get a reaction, nothing like that."

Reid sighed and unfolded his arms. "I know. I was just… mad. I knew as soon as I said those words, they were going to stick with you. I just… couldn't help it. It was like I finally understood what word vomit was…" Reid sighed. "Sorry, I said I would listen and here I am blabbering, as per usual. Go on, please."

Morgan sighed. "Well, I have to say, I'm glad you spoke up. Reid, I was so worried you actually felt that way. I'd never forgive myself if that's what you actually thought."

Reid just smiled, slightly sad, and nodded for him to go on.

"I… I explained to her about us and the case and then I told her that I had… uh…" Morgan swallowed because all of a sudden he felt an enormous wave of guilt and his mouth went dry. "How I had… ignored you, to put it lightly."

The older agent didn't miss Reid's flinch.

"And?" The genius asked in a tiny voice.

"And… She made me realize…" Morgan sighed and swiped a hand over his head. "Reid, I haven't cried since Chicago, which may not sound significant, but before that I hadn't cried since Buford's… run at me." Morgan phrased carefully. "Look, I have never, ever, cried over a partner. I've seen what the worst of a relationship looks like and I knew that all those I've had since haven't been even close to bad. But, talking to my momma yesterday on the phone, I realized what I hadn't really known myself."

"Which was?"

"The reason why I hadn't been talking to you."

Reid sucked in a breath. "Oh yeah? And… why was that?"

Morgan shook his head. "At first, I thought it was because I was tired; because the case was long. I convinced myself that that was the reason I didn't visit you in the hospital."

"You know," Reid cut him off. "If it had been you that went, I would've been right by your side that whole time. I wouldn't have left you until you were cleared to leave."

"I know you would've." Morgan said quietly. "And that's partially what was so awful about it when I realized I hadn't come with you. And then a day went by, and then another, and another, and we were back at work and it hit me that I had been putting off the inevitable."

"What was that?"

"Seeing you. Talking to you. Interacting with you. Pick one. All I knew was that I was suddenly driving into the office with absolutely no idea of where we stood. Of what the ground under our feet looked like."

"If we'd have talked, you would've known."

"I know, but it was hard. It was so hard. And looking at you I could see that it was hard for you too. I had no idea how to act or how to make it better."

"But you still ignored me." Reid said desperately. "I thought that you hated me. That I had crossed some large and horrible invisible line."

"I know you did. And that's why I'm here, because I know now what I need to say. What I should've said that moment when you waved to me from the ambulance."

"That is?"

"I can't ever lose you."

Reid sat for a moment, uncomprehending.

"Reid, there was a moment; a brief and stunning moment, when Grant's gun went off, and I thought you were gone. Forever. It was as if my whole world stopped turning. And I know how goddamn cliché that sounds but it's true! I swear, Spencer. I swear. I couldn't get a good look at you because I had to aim for Grant in order to shoot him. But once I took my finger off that trigger, I simply could not bring myself to look at you, because if you had been hit; in the chest, stomach, or… head," Morgan bit out. "That would mean I'd have to face the consequences. Face seeing you and knowing how the awful occurrence had come about. I know it was selfish, I'll admit to that, but I had a flash: an image, right when I lowered my gun, of looking over to you and seeing blank eyes. It was followed by another of me standing beside your coffin and…" Morgan choked on a sob that forced its way through his emotion-filled voice. "And the grief was overwhelming. To the point where the physical pain almost seemed as bad as the emotional." Morgan had to stop to get a hold of his breathing. "I thought that I'd had you. For the last few days we were there at the house, I was convinced I'd had you, and all in less than a second, I thought I'd lost you. It was so vivid in my head. So bright and clear, that it was almost impossible to deny."

"Oh," Reid breathed, not daring to say more.

"Look at me," Morgan choked. "I'm a mess just thinking about it." He wiped his wet eyes on his jacket before reaching out and grabbing hold of Reid's hand. "Just thinking that I'd never get to do this. Just this. That I'd never see your smile or watch you think or even ruffle your hair, sent me spiraling over some cliff's edge that I didn't even know existed." He felt tears escape his eyes but he let them fall silently. "And then, whenever I looked at you, I swear to God, all I could see was your death; some gruesome end that came about while you were trying to prove that you could do this job. And I couldn't stomach it. Not even long enough to speak with you. I was so stupid. It took Emily to snap me back to reality. And then my attempt at the office was so lame and so blatantly insensitive that I knew your words were exactly what I deserved. But then I spoke to momma and she told me that I needed to speak to you. Even if you wouldn't listen I had to try. I had to." Morgan closed his eyes and felt more tears stain his cheeks.

Suddenly there was a comforting span of warmth on his face and when the older agent opened his eyes again he saw Reid leaning forward and wiping the offending water droplets away with his thumb.

"Don't cry," He mumbled. "I can't bear to see you hurt."

"Spencer," Morgan reached upwards and held onto Reid's wrist so he wouldn't pull away. "If I could take back all my actions over the past few days I would. If I could somehow go back in time and show you how I was actually feeling, I wouldn't hesitate in doing it. But I'm not made of magic and all I can do is hope that somehow I can prove it to you now."

"Words are nice, Morgan." Reid smiled mutely, playing his fingers across the older agent's jaw. "But they don't change what you did."

"I know." Morgan whispered. "I know they don't, but I wish they could."

"You're supposed to be careful what you wish for." Reid murmured.

"I've never been more sure of a wish."

The two men stared at each other for a long period of time before Reid sighed.

"God, why does this have to be so hard?"


"I want to forgive and forget, Derek. I really want to. But I can't just let it go. Two days ago, I was injured and broken and angry, and I can't simply forget about it just because I feel a bit better right now. I mean – I may not even be feeling any better right now. This could be the wine talking."

"How do I make things up to you?"

"That's the thing." Reid sighed, finally pulling his hand back. "You shouldn't have to."

"Come on, Spence. I'm gonna make mistakes sometimes."

The two of them sat in silence for a while.

"When I…" Morgan began in a murmur. "That day when I first kissed you, I thought my heart was going to explode. I was so tentative and… I don't know. I thought that you were going to push me away." Morgan rubbed his head. "Spencer… Every time I kissed you, I found a new feeling. Our first made me feel relaxed; our second was a reaffirmation; at the club, I didn't want to sober up so we could stay like that; the morning after we first faked it, when you needed to talk to me in the bathroom, I thought that kiss you gave me was real, I can't even explain the thrill that gave me; then at the movies, god…" Morgan looked up at Reid with intensity in his gaze. "I wanted to take you right there;" Morgan's eyes softened. "And then when you were talking about your mom, that night while we watched that old movie on the TV, I wanted nothing more than to comfort you. I found myself acting on honesty rather than trying to prove a relationship to a stranger. I wanted to comfort you, to kiss you; I honestly wanted that. I do want that."

Spencer looked at Morgan for a long while. "You can't just run away from things that upset you, Morgan. I'm going to die eventually."

"Not now. Not if I can help it."

"This job… it'll eat away at us both, and there's a good chance there will be more physical prices for us to pay. How am I supposed to trust that if I get injured again you wont just walk away?"

Morgan set his eyes on Reid's. "Because I've tasted that side of regret. And it's awful."

There was a contemplative silence that Reid broke.

"What if I get back into dilaudid? What if I get kicked out of the bureau and head down a path of destruction?" He asked quietly eyes cast downwards. "And what if I follow in my mother's footsteps?"

There was a firm hand that held Reid's jaw, forcing him to look upwards and into the older agents eyes.

"I'll stay. I'll be there for you. And I will never let you lose who you are."

"You can't guarantee that."

"I'll do my very best." Morgan whispered before bringing his mouth to the others.

The kiss was slow and hesitant, like they weren't sure how it went, like they hadn't done it before. It was sweet and they stayed like that for a while before Reid pushed on Morgan's shoulder and their lips broke apart with a small suction.

"Derek, I don't know-"

"Shh," Morgan leaned back in but Reid pulled away.

"Stop, Derek. I'm not sure about this."

Morgan pulled back. "Spencer, you remember when we were talking about when we discovered our sexuality?"


"As soon as you mentioned Jonathan and your first time with him, I immediately felt jealous. I kept imagining what Jonathan looked like and I was comparing him to me. I could only think about you two together and how nervous you must have been your first time and… and I couldn't help but want that to have been me."

Spencer frowned. "But that's ridiculous. That experience was years ago."

"I know." Morgan sighed. "Spence, there were a few times in that cabin when I felt that our relationship could be real. Like the time when we rubbed noses, or when you recited me your poetry, or when you put on my boxer shorts, or when you got carded at the club." They both smiled at that. "And I wanted it." Morgan said earnestly. "I want this to be real. I want it to work between us."

"Derek," Reid ran a hand through his hair. "You know the bureau has rules against this type of thing."

"I couldn't give two shits what the bureau thinks. I want you, end of story."

There was a pregnant silence in which Reid seemed to be fighting a losing battle with himself.

"I really don't know how else I can convince you! I think I'm in love with you. You're sexy, funny, charming, smart, courageous, sensitive, and everything I ever wanted and I can't express it any other way."

Reid's face flushed slightly but he seemed at a loss for words.

"Okay, here. Remember when I told you that one day I would consider… bottoming with someone who I completely trusted? I kept thinking about that and trying to picture it and all I could see was you." Morgan sighed. "I think it's because you're the only one who I feel completely and totally comfortable around. You're the only one who I've always been able to trust and whose trust in me hasn't wavered. Up until recently at least." He added nervously.

Reid's eyes were on the floor now. He was there about five seconds before heaving a deep breath and turning his eyes to the ceiling. Morgan was surprised to find that his eyes were fairly glossy and so he gave him another minute.

Eventually Reid lowered his gaze to meet the older agent's.

"Okay, since you've said your part, I think it's time I said mine." The young agent shifted in his seat and pushed his hair behind his ear. "Derek, I've had feelings for you since the first day I met you. Sure, in the beginning you seemed kind of annoyed with the 'loud mouthed kid who knew everything''(Morgan chuckled) 'but that didn't change my opinion of you." Reid sighed. "You were untouchable and so desirable. All I wanted was your attention. And when we started to become better friends, I had to start replacing you with random men at bars because I couldn't control my urges anymore." Reid gulped and looked Morgan in the eye. "Derek, when we were in the bathroom with the unsub outside the door and you said 'I love you', it seemed so natural to respond accordingly and I felt so exhilarated about it that I just wanted to run around the whole yard and say it over and over." Reid leaned in and pressed his forehead against Morgan's before wrapping an arm around his neck. "At some moment over the last few days I felt that feeling of warmth towards you slowly dissipate." At this point Reid heard Morgan suck a very sharp breath inwards. "But, sitting here, listening to you, I think, if I'm honest with myself I might be falling back in love with you. Maybe I never fell out." Reid smiled before leaning in again and pressing his lips to Morgan's.

The older agent seemed to be completely stunned for a substantial amount of time before he was suddenly kissing back and Reid hummed with satisfaction.

Their lips danced and their tongues tangled and every time they broke apart for air Morgan would murmur 'I love you. I love you. I love you.' as fast as he could. They were both smiling so wide that sometimes their teeth would clash, but it seemed to just add to their need to be close to one another.

At one point, Reid felt a stray hand of Morgan's simply run up and down his clothed side and he couldn't resist his need to touch the man anymore. Hardly hasty in the least, he clambered onto Morgan's lap, straddling his hips and trying to press himself into the other man.

But suddenly Morgan's lips were gone and Reid pulled back with concern. The older agent was looking up at him with some sort of astonishment.

"Wh… wh-" The genius babbled, thinking he'd done something wrong.

"Where's this going?"

Reid stared at Morgan, completely baffled. "What do you mean?"

"Are we…? Is this…?" Morgan gestured to the two of them. "What's about to happen here?"

"Derek," Reid sunk a little in the dark man's lap so they were eye level. "I've known you for how long? And I've wanted you for that same amount of time." Reid grabbed Morgan's head and sucked his bottom lip into his mouth. When he released it he looked at Morgan with wide-blown pupils. "Like hell I'm going to wait any longer." Reid took Morgan's earlobe into his mouth and bit gently before pulling back, eyebrows furrowed. "Unless… You don't want to?"

"Oh god, no." Morgan smiled. "I can only wait as long as you were going to make me."

"Well then, no more waiting." Reid smiled and leaned forward and let their lips slowly entwine again.

For a while they were comfortable just sitting there kissing; listening to the small suction noises and moans that they were making. But eventually it wasn't enough for Reid and he began making small movements with his hips, trying to entice something from Morgan.

The dark mans hands found their way to the back of Reid's head, tangling themselves in the wavy locks that hung near the genius's neck and pulling him closer. Reid smiled into the kiss and moved his hands down to the bottom of Morgan's t-shirt. He fingered the hem for a moment before running his hands up the others stomach to run his fingers in the crease of muscles leading from his hips to pant line.

Morgan picked up the kissing pace and moved his hands to the top button of Reid's shirt to work it undone. Once he'd got most of them open, he tugged hard to get them out from underneath the hem of Reid's jeans, and then continued until Reid's chest was exposed; a creamy bare that Morgan couldn't keep his mouth off of.

The sensation was heavenly for Reid as the older agent mouthed his sternum before moving to his nipple, sucking sensually. The feeling was so overwhelming that Reid couldn't help moaning.

"Oh. Baby," He said, holding Morgan's head, which made it easy to feel when he pulled back to look up at Reid with an unreadable expression on his face.

"S-sorry." The genius stammered. "It just… Just came out, I… it wasn't supposed to be demeaning or-"

"Relax, babe." Morgan smiled, rubbing a hand up and down Reid's side. "That wasn't an upset look, I was thinking. And I like it." He leaned back in and kissed the younger's now-hard rosebud nipples, making him groan low in his throat. "A lot." He added before smiling wickedly and going back to what he was doing.

Reid couldn't deny how great it felt but he was quickly getting impatient and soon his hands were back at Morgan's hemline and tugging upwards.

"Slow down, tiger." Morgan murmured against Reid's skin. "We've got all night."

"Maybe you have all night." Reid panted. "But I'm hot and horny and I want your shirt off."

"Fine by me." Morgan agreed and lifted his arms so that the young genius could pull the offending piece of fabric up over his head.

"Oh god." Reid breathed as he laid eyes on Morgan's chiseled stomach and couldn't help but reach out and finger the varying ridges.

"Thanks, but you can call me 'Derek'." The darker man smirked, but Reid just shook his head in bewilderment.

"It's almost better seeing your body when I know I can just touch it without it being fake or pretend."

"Look and touch all you want." Morgan smiled.

Reid looked at Morgan with amazement before starting to kiss him again letting his hands roam all over the other's bare stomach while Morgan continued tweaking his nipples with his fingers. Pretty soon Reid was rolling his hips into Morgan, trying to get the best possible friction between them.

It didn't take long before they were both sporting sufficient bulges in the front of their jeans. Reid could feel a thin sheen of sweat forming on his chest and back. He moved his hands downwards slightly to work at Morgan's belt.

He got the strap of leather, button, and zipper undone and was just working a hand inwards to palm at the older agent's clothed erection when he felt a large hand on his wrist.

"What?" Reid questioned against Morgan's mouth.

"I want to move this to your bed before we get to far into this."

Reid paused before nodding.

"Carry me then."


"Carry me like you did the first time we pretended to have sex in the cabin."

Morgan smiled. "You asked for it, pretty boy."

Reid squealed slightly as Morgan's hands grabbed Reid's ass and lifted him up onto his hips before carrying him through the house until he found the genius's bedroom.

Once across the threshold, Reid dropped his legs and pushed Morgan back up against the wall.

"Want you so bad, baby."

"You don't even know the half of it."

"Believe me," Reid wormed one leg between Morgan's and lifted the other so he was getting a most delicious resistance against his most sensitive skin. "I really do."

"Oh Jesus." Morgan moved his hips forward, trying to get friction of his own before biting on Reid's neck.

"Mmm, oh." The genius hissed through his teeth before pulling back and quickly dropping to his knees.

"You don't-"

"Derek Morgan, do not even think about saying 'you don't have to'." Reid warned in a threatening tone as he pulled Morgan's jeans down. "I wouldn't do it if I didn't want to. And I've wanted to since the moment I first saw you shirtless in the BAU locker room."

"You've wanted you suck me off for that long?" Morgan asked before gasping as Reid pulled his hardened member from his boxers.

"If I was a woman, I would've put you in my mouth right then. But seeing as I was your male coworker it seemed odd."

"You're astounding."

Reid smiled mischievously. "Just wait 'til you get a load of the head I give." He winked before diving in.

"Oh! Fuck!" Morgan exclaimed as Reid mouth worked over his cock in the most delicious of ways.

Reid hummed in an almost agreement which made Morgan groan in a way that sent shivers down the genius's spine. He reached up and cupped Morgan's balls, knowing the sensation was incredible. And sure enough, when he glanced upwards, Morgan was biting down on his knuckle in an attempt not to shout out.

Reid pulled back. "Still think I'm completely virtuous?" He asked playfully before deep-throating the older man.

A hand wound it's way into Reid's hair and held the waves firmly. The younger agent would've smiled if his jaw and lips weren't otherwise preoccupied.

"C'mon, baby boy." Morgan said after another minute or so. "Wanna hold you again."

Reid stood and Morgan immediately wrapped his arms around the younger's waist. They stood there for a long while, just holding one another close. It felt good to have their skin align and to feel the other breathe in time with you along with their fast beating hearts.

Eventually Reid pulled back and gave Morgan a soft kiss on the lips before stepping back and grabbing Morgan's hand. He led him to the bed and sat him down on the edge before stepping back again and working open the button and zipper of his jeans. He was about to pull them down when he gave Morgan a wary glance.

"I don't know if I can get these off myself." He said, a little sheepishly.

"Are you serious?" Morgan laughed.

"Not in any short period of time, no." He giggled.

Morgan shook his head before patting the bed beside him and Reid took two long strides over and then lay on his back, still laughing.

"Oh god, do you remember the first time we did this?"

"Do you?" Morgan asked skeptically, referring to how drunk Reid had been.

"Enough to know it had been quite the struggle."

"Yes. It had." Morgan smirked, grabbing the top of the genius's pants.

Reid smacked the darker agent's arm and then began wiggling his hips so that his jeans would go down but not his underwear.

Morgan pulled and slowly creamy smooth leg was exposed to him. The sight was so enticing that he leaned in and kissed the skin as it came into view, making Reid squirm underneath him.

"You're not making this easy, pretty boy."

"Nor are you, Derek!"

"I know," He smirked and then returned to what he was doing. He was met with only a small amount of resistance while maneuvering down his thighs. "Doesn't seem that hard to do." Morgan commented.

"It's my calves that it's really tight on." Reid said, slightly regretfully. "I told you they were too small."

"Maybe," Morgan smiled. "But they're damn sexy on you."

Reid laughed and blushed and wriggled again as the jeans hit his knees.

"Hold on." Morgan warned before giving an all mighty tug and removing the jeans completely of their owner.

"Wow," Reid smiled. "Kudos."

"I took a course in pants-removal in collage." Morgan shrugged, making Reid's go into almost hysterics, which Morgan took as an opportunity to climb over him and attack the man's neck with his mouth.

"Jesus, you're good at that." Reid gasped, the ministrations having successfully shut him up.

Morgan hummed and then tweaked at Reid's nipple before moving his hands south to palm at the younger agent's hard-on.

"Oh, goddamn!" Reid hissed and pushed his hips upwards to get more friction.

"Like that?"

"God yeah."

"How about this?" Morgan asked slipping his hand down the top of the other's underwear to get a better grasp.

"Shit!" Reid choked on the air as he tried to suppress the moans that were bubbling up continuously from his mouth.

"You're so hot." Morgan growled.

"Mmm, ah!" Was the only response he got from the genius.

"Not so smart now, are you?" He chided playfully.

"Please," Reid whimpered, and it had nothing to do with Morgan's last comment. "Please. Lube's in the top drawer. I can't wait any more."

The darker agent nodded quickly before reaching to the bedside table and rummaging around for a second, withdrawing a small tube. He set it on the bed and then held the elastic on Reid's underwear. He looked up quickly and met Reid's eye.

"Go right ahead." Reid smiled encouragingly.

Morgan pulled the black boxer-briefs down slowly, letting the whole of Reid's member expose bit by bit. When Morgan finally got the whole garment off he took a moment and just stared at Reid in all of his nakedness.

"You're beautiful."

Reid blushed furiously. "Stop,"


"Because I'm blushing."

Morgan grinned. "It's nice to know you're so hot and bothered over me."

"Shut up," Reid smiled. "Come on."

"Okay, okay." The older agent grabbed the lube and got a large portion on his fingers before tossing it back on the bed. He put a hand on the inside of Reid's thigh and the young agent spread his legs wide.

"Beautiful." Morgan reiterated before lowering his finger to Reid's entrance. "You okay?"

"I've done this before, Derek. I'll be fine." Reid smiled.

"Alright, here we go."

As the first of Morgan's fingers breached him, Reid felt an odd shiver of satisfaction. A type of pleasure he didn't normally get at this point of his usual sexual encounters and he couldn't help but hum in pleasure.

"Already enjoying yourself?" Morgan asked, intrigued.

"I'm just so happy it's you doing this." Reid smiled, before wrapping a hand around the older's neck and bringing him into a soft and sensual kiss.

Morgan smiled into the genius's mouth and used the kiss as a distraction to add another finger.

"Oh!" Reid gasped in a good-surprised way. Sure, it hurt a bit, but he was too happy to care very much.

"We should probably go for three, right?" Morgan asked as he twisted and scissored his fingers inside the other's channel.

Reid was having a slightly hard time listening to Morgan when that delicious sensation was making him squirm, but he gripped Morgan's arm and nodded.

The third finger made Reid's eyes go watery but he reassured Morgan three times that it was fine and pretty soon the was getting the finger-fucking of his life.

"Oh! God! Mm!" Reid panted and Morgan smiled.

"So sexy. So gorgeous."

"Oh god, you wanna do this for real?"

Morgan swallowed audibly and nodded. He removed his digits from Reid and then looked unsure.


"Should… I use a condom?" He asked.

"Do you have any diseases?"


Well," Reid seemed to think for a moment. "I trust you enough to go bareback. I love you, Derek. But if you're concerned then I can agree to a condom."

Morgan smiled. "I love you, too." He said and then grabbed the lube and put a large portion in his hand and slicked himself up. He was careful in lining himself up and gave Reid a swift kiss before pushing in slowly.

"Oh, wow, you're big." He gasped.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm great, babe."

It was only thirty seconds before Morgan found himself completely seated within the lithe man.

"So tight." He grunted.

"Oh yeah?" Reid squirmed before flexing his stomach muscles in a way he knew would squeeze Morgan.

"Oh fuck! Do that again!"

"What? This?" Reid asked wickedly, repeating the motion.

"Fuck that's hot."

"Mmm, thanks." Reid said slyly. "Now move." He murmured with a smile that Morgan returned.

The older agent started with a steady pace, Reid grabbing Morgan's biceps and Morgan grabbing Reid's hips.

"Please, harder. I want all of you." Reid moaned wrapping his legs tightly around Morgan's waist.

The top was happy to oblige and sped his pace along with the harder thrusts. He brought his mouth to Reid's and even though it was hard to keep contact through the movement, they shared a passionate, sloppy kiss.

"I could kiss you forever." Morgan murmured. "You're intoxicating."

"You're like a drug." Reid smiled. "It's weird doing this for real after having faked it a couple times."

Morgan let out a short laugh, which couldn't be longer because of the effort he was exerting. "Yeah, that's for sure."

Reid smiled and suddenly pushed up on his elbows before pushing sideways so they flipped and he was on top.

Reid rocked forwards and back, bracing his hands on Morgan's abs and groaning at the change in friction.

"Oh god, this is good."

Morgan nodded in agreement and then reached up to grab the headboard so he could add a back and forth to his own up and down.

"You're amazing. You're amazing." Reid panted.

Morgan growled. "You shouldn't even be talking, pretty boy. You're amazing."

Reid couldn't even shake his head because he was so wrapped up in the feel of Morgan. He closed his eyes and tossed his head back.

"Ah, ah, oh." He gasped and moaned and then cried out as Morgan's thumbs found his nipples.

"It feels so good to be inside you, Spencer. Wanted this forever."

Reid nodded and then felt Morgan's hand on the back of his neck.

"Look at me, pretty boy. I wanna see your eyes."

Reid opened his eyes and locked them on Morgan's, continuing his rocking which was making a lock of hair swing in his face so Morgan pushed it back behind his ears like he had done inside the car that fateful night. Still, it made the genius smile.

Once the hair had been moved from Reid's face, Morgan put his hands back on the headboard. Reid followed suit and leaned forward to put his hands over the darker man's.

And the new angle was heavenly.

That angle put Morgan right on Reid's prostate and he couldn't help but wail at the vibrations it sent up his spine.

"Oh god! Fuck!"

Morgan's eyes widened. "Say that again."

"What? Fuck?"

"Oh god." Morgan's eyes closed. "Just when I thought you couldn't be more sexy and you let something like 'fuck' cross your lips."

"I like swearing during sex." Reid smiled though he was having a bit of a hard time trying to talk when he was practically get his brain fucked out. "I love saying things like 'fuck', and 'cock', and 'cum'." He said slyly.

Morgan just seemed to stare.

"Fuck me, Derek." Reid purred. "Fuck me hard in the ass. Cum for me."

Morgan groaned and picked up his pace and Reid sighed in content at the extreme pleasure.

The older agent moved his hands from the headboard and grabbed the young man's hips so he could push upwards with intensity, making Reid gasp and moan.

"Oh god. Oh fuck. Oh, ah, nngh!"

"You almost there?"

"Close. Oh god. So close." Reid ran a hand through his hair so it was out of his face.

"Come on, baby. Cum." Morgan crooned as he grabbed Reid's dick and tugged in time with there thrusts

"I-I… ah! I… Mm. Ah. Derek! Shit! Fuck!"

Reid came apart on Morgan's hand and stomach and rode it completely out while Morgan milked him. When he was done he kept clenching those stomach muscles of his while he continued his rocking movements and pretty soon, Morgan was coming apart.

"Spencer. Oh god, Spence. So hot. Oh, shit!"

With a final roar, Reid felt Morgan empty inside of him. It was an extremely satisfying feeling. A fullness.

They stayed like that for a moment; Reid sitting atop Morgan's semi-hard cock, both panting and running their hands on the other's body in a lazy way.

"Get down here." Morgan breathed and Reid smiled before lifting himself gingerly off Morgan and lying down beside him. The older man faced him and played peacefully with a lock of his hair.

"I love you."

Reid smiled. "I'm so happy right now."

Morgan returned the grin. "What do you think the girls will say when they find out?"

Reid gave a false grimace. "I have a feeling they'll be happy but unsurprised."

Morgan laughed. "Yeah, probably."

There was a short and happy pause in the conversation.

"You were right." Reid smiled and traced patterns on Morgan's skin. "I did need some loving. That was… wow."


They lay there, newly found lovers, newly found partners. Happy to be in each other's arms after a long bout of assumed unrequited love. It was peaceful and whole. The dark man lying next to Spencer smelled of the best types of pheromones and was emitting a type of intoxicating glow that Reid was just soaking up.

As they both started to drift off in a sated sleep Reid had two thought's run through his head. These thoughts were the exact opposite of what he'd been thinking when they'd first got the idea of posing as a couple.

This was going to work. It was his own personal heaven.

And it's over!

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