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Bella stored her luggage in the overhead compartment. She then took her seat and buckled herself up. Bella hated flying, not because she was scared but because flights like these were too short to sleep and too tedious to endure. Bella knew this was going to be one boring plane ride.

"Excuse me miss, can you please pass me that magazine?" Bella looked down at the little brunette girl sitting next to her. She had sparkly doe brown eyes, a wide smile and was absolutely gorgeous. She looked excited to be flying in a plane; it must have been her first time. Bella smiled down at the little girl and reached for the magazine in front of her. She passed it to the girl who smiled even wider, "Thanks."

"No Problem," The girl reminded Bella of herself. She looked exactly like Bella did when she was her age. "I'm Bella." Bella held out a hand to introduce herself.

The little girl clasped it gently, "I'm Elizabeth."

"So Elizabeth, is this your first time flying?" Bella asked sweetly.

"It is," Elizabeth replied excitedly. "I'm going to London for a wedding; mum and dad couldn't make it so they sent me. Plus my uncle lives here so I'm going to stay with him."

"A wedding? I love weddings, my parents and my two best friends live in London so I thought I'd go visit them. It's also my birthday in two days and they really wanted me to celebrate it with them." Bella explained.

"Oooh Birthday, I know it's rude to ask a lady her age but how old are you turning?" Elizabeth asked politely.

Bella laughed, "I'm turning 25."

"25, that's how old my uncle is." Elizabeth commented.

"And how old are you?" Bella asked curiously.

"I'm eight years old." Elizabeth replied sighing contently. Bella was stunned, for an eight year old Elizabeth was surprisingly mature. "Bella?"


"Can I call you auntie Bella? It's just that I've never really had an auntie before and I wou–"

"Of course you can," Bella replied cutting Elizabeth off and smiling warmly. "But only if I can call you Lizzie?"

Elizabeth giggled, "Done."

Bella smiled again, "You know I've never been an aunt before or an adopted one in this case."

"Well I'm sure you'll be an amazing one." Elizabeth complimented.

"Aunties give their nieces present right?"

"Uh right?" Elizabeth answered; confused about what this question was leading to.

Bella digged around in her Gucci bag for a second and then pulled out a little velvet bag. "Well then this is for you." Bella handed the bag to Elizabeth who took it cautiously.

"What is it?" Elizabeth asked eagerly.

"Why don't you open it and find out." Bella responded.

Elizabeth delicately pulled on the string tied around the top of the bag. She emptied the contents of the bag in her hand and a silver brooch slipped out. She picked it up from her palm and examined it carefully. There was a tiny Amethyst gemstone wrapped around intricate swirls of silver metal. The brooch was gorgeous and Elizabeth loved it.

"It's absolutely breathtaking, thank you so much auntie Bella." Elizabeth cried happily.

"You're welcome Lizzie," Elizabeth threw her arms around Bella and Bella hugged her back.

"Did you know Amethyst is my birthstone?"

"Really?" Bella asked surprised. "Well then you're very lucky."

"Thank you so much really, I love it."

"No problem, do you want some help putting it on?" Bella asked; Elizabeth was now trying to undo the clasp.

"Yes please." Elizabeth handed the brooch to Bella and watched as Bella cautiously pinned it to her white dress. "It matches," Elizabeth squealed, delighted. She motioned to her dress and the three stripes that stretched across the middle of it; they were the same colour as the gemstone. Below the stripes was an array of small butterflies with the same amethyst shade as the gemstone and stripes.

"It does too, it looks gorgeous on you."

"Thank you."

Bella and Elizabeth connected on a level that Bella had never connected with an eight year old before. She didn't know what it was about this girl, why she'd given her that brooch or adopted her as a niece. The hour passed with endless chatter and before either of them knew it, they were in London.

When the flight landed, a very pretty looking airhostess came to escort Elizabeth to her uncle. "I guess this is it," Elizabeth said sadly. A small, fragile tear escaped the corner of her eye.

"No Lizzie, don't cry," Bella bended down and hugged Elizabeth, gently wiping the tear away. Even though they hardly knew each other they both knew that they would miss the other dearly. It was almost like Bella really was Elizabeth's real auntie and Elizabeth, Bella's niece.

"I'll miss you auntie Bella."

"I'll miss you too Lizzie," Bella tenderly kissed Elizabeth on both cheeks and watched as Elizabeth placed her tiny hand on the brooch she gave her; she watched as the pretty airhostess led Elizabeth away. She wiped away a tear of her own and then went to the baggage area to claim her belongings.

As much as Bella tried to protest otherwise, Bella's parents were there waiting at the airport for her. Bella said she was fine with taking a taxi but of course they didn't listen. Unable to contain the excitement of seeing them after so long, Bella ran to where her parents would be; it had been almost two years since she had last seen them.

Two years ago Bella's company had recently opened up a branch in Paris, being transferred there was a big promotion and everyone encouraged Bella not to give up the opportunity. It wasn't a bad decision made; it gave Bella the chance to visit a new place, make some new friends, learn how to be a little independent and of course the pay was good.

Now Bella needed a break, everyone was dying to see her. Her parents were dying to see her and of course her two best friends; Jasper and Alice. Jasper was actually Bella's cousin; since Jasper had no siblings of his own, he was more like a brother to Bella. When the two of them were little they used to do everything together. From throwing mud pies in each others faces to embarrassing each other in front of their dates. They were always there for each other, no questions asked.

It was in high school that Bella met Alice; they were instantly best friends for life. The best thing was that Alice and Jasper seemed to get on really well as well. The three of them had many memories to share. It was Alice and Jasper that supported Bella the most; they were the ones who told her to go to Paris.

Bella could not wait to see them, the excitement was radiating off her. She had kept in touch with the two of them almost every day in Paris; she had made it her duty to call them regularly. From the last time Bella had talked to Alice, it sounded like Alice had a very big surprise for her.

Bella put her thoughts of Jasper and Alice temporarily aside and started looking for her parents. She spotted them standing next to a big crowd in the arrivals. Renee and Charlie looked as young and happy as ever. Charlie was trying to stop a bobbing Renee from hurting herself. It seemed like Renee was more excited to see Bella then Bella was to see her.

"Mum, why is my Coco Chanel bottle almost empty?" Bella picked up the perfume bottle and stared at it quizzically. She distinctly remembered it being filled to the top before she left. Along with other perfumes and a few of her favorite dresses, her Coco Chanel bottle was one of the many things she had to leave behind when she left for Paris.

Renee stormed into the room angrily, her hand on her hip and her expression murderous. "Isabella Marie Swan! I haven't seen you for almost two years and you're worried about your perfume?"

"It's Chanel mum," was Bella's only reply.

Renee rolled her eyes and stared at her daughter skeptically, "And you're telling me you didn't buy another bottle as soon as you got to Paris?"

"Well I did but that's not the point…" Bella stared at her mother with a serious expression but as much as she tried to help it, a hint of a smile broke through.

Renee laughed and shook her head, she knew her daughter too well. "I didn't want such a nice perfume to go to waste, besides like you said; it's Chanel."

"So you did use it?" Bella put the bottle back to where it was sitting and turned to her mother sharply. She crossed her arms across her chest, gently tapping at her heel.

"Oh stop pouting and come and have something to eat. You must be hungry?" Renee grabbed Bella's shoulders and ushered her out of the room.

The most delicious scent lingered in the air outside her room; Bella took a deep breath in and sighed contently. "Can I smell blueberry muffins?"

Renee laughed again, "Just for you, I know they're your favorite." Bella smiled sweetly at her mother and then sprinted towards the kitchen. "Careful Bella," Renee called out behind her, shaking her head.

Bella spotted a plate full of freshly baked blueberry muffins. She leaned into the mouthwatering aroma and didn't hesitate to pick one up immediately. They were warm and soft, the perfect combination; Bella took a bite and closed her eyes, savoring the taste.

"Delicious," She called out to the empty room. Renee was the best cook ever, after her of course; but then again Bella had a natural talent. Ever since she was little Bella loved to cook; cakes, muffins and all types of sweet assortments. Although desert wasn't the only thing she could cook, it was her soft spot.

Bella cooked according to her mood; if she was upset or angry she baked with chocolate, chocolate being the ideal remedy to cure bad moods. If Bella was happy or content she baked with fruits; blueberry muffins, lemon and poppy seed cakes or citrus tarts. Regardless of how she was felling though, she was an amazing cook.

Bella suddenly felt her phone vibrating in the back pocket of her Diesel jeans; she put the muffin down in front of her and pulled out her iPhone. The caller ID said it was Alice, Bella happily touched the accept button.

"BELLA!" A high pitched voice screamed. Bella laughed quietly to herself, Alice will be Alice.

"Alice, calm down." She said in an attempt to settle her down.

"Calm down? But you're here! You're here in London! I have soooo much to tell you! You have absolutely no idea wh–"

"Alice," She said cutting off her friend. "Alice," she repeated when Alice tried to keep talking. "How about this, I'll meet you in that old park we always used to go to, in about 15 minutes and you can tell me everything then."

"Yay!" Alice exclaimed happily. "I'm so excited Bellie! So see you in 15?"

"Mhmmm 15 minutes, see you then." Bella replied, quickly hanging up the phone before Alice thought of something else to say. Once, they ended up talking for an extra hour on the phone when they were supposed to meet 10 minutes later.

Bella picked up her abandoned muffin and worked on finishing it; she then ran into her room and hauled her suit case onto her bed. She tore through it looking for her new caramel coloured pea coat, fitted especially for her from a famous boutique in Paris.

She gently put in on, taking a moment to admire herself in the floor length mirror, propped against the wall. "You look beautiful," her mother's voice called behind her. Bella turned around smiling at Renee.

"Thanks mum, I'm just going to visit Alice at the park."

Renee nodded, "Don't be too long, you have to get ready for dinner tonight."

Bella raised a questioning eyebrow, "dinner tonight?"

"Oh didn't I tell you?" Renee continued explaining when she saw Bella shake her head. "We're all going to Maria's house for a formal-ish dinner party, well more like a cocktail party."

Maria was Jasper's mother and Bella was really looking forward to seeing her as well. "A cocktail party? What's the occasion?"

"Oh you know, just like that," Renee replied; looking down and averting her gaze form Bella.

"Okay then…umm sure, I won't be too long." She walked up to her mum and kissed her on the cheek, "I'm gonna go now."

She grabbed her Gucci bag which was sitting on the dressing table, placed her phone in it and ran to front door. It took her a moment to find the house keys, but when she did she locked the door behind her and set out for the park.

The park wasn't very far from Bella's house; it was a five minute walk to get there. On the way there Bella thought about what could possibly be so important that Alice had wanted to tell her straight away. One thing was for sure, whatever it was, it was big.

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