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"Bella come on we're going to be late!" Renee stood impatiently at front door next to Charlie, waiting for her to daughter to finish getting ready.

"Coming mum! Give me another second," Bella yelled back. She stood in front of the mirror frustrated; thankfully Alice had already helped her pick out a dress. She just needed a quick brush of mascara; a flick of eye shadow and blush? Umm no thanks, Bella knew she blushed enough as it is, adding to that would just be stupidity.

She ran to her bed and gazed over the dress Alice had selected from her endless pile of clothes she had brought from Paris.

She stood in front of her floor length mirror and examined herself critically. Every hair was in place, check; her make-up was flawless, check; her dress was crinkle free, check and she looked hot, check.

According to both Alice and Jasper this was going to be a formal dinner and most of their closest relatives and friends were going to be there; in other words she had to look good.

When she was sure she looked perfect she grabbed her sliver clutch, put on her silver heels and clicked her way over to her parents. Renee gasped when she saw her and Bella rolled her eyes. She prepared herself for the all the tears and the emotional speeches her mother tended to make.

"Awww Bella hunni you look absolutely breath taking," Renee gasped, sure enough a small tear rolled down her eye.

"Thanks mum," Bella replied. She leaned over to hug her, "Now let's go or we're going to be really late!"

"Luckily they live close enough," Charlie commented. Her dad had been silent through Renee and Bella's exchange.

Bella looked up at her dad and smiled, "Lucky." The dinner was at Jasper's house, which indeed was pretty close; so Bella wasn't too fussed about the time. They reached there soon enough and at the door Bella was greeted by an ecstatic Alice who threw her arms around her.

"Yay Bella you're here, oh you look so beautiful." Alice exclaimed.

Bella smiled and took a step back to admire her best friend, "Look at you, bride-to-be, you're absolutely glowing."

Alice laughed and did a little bow, "Thank you best friend, now come on, everyone's just dying to see you again after so long."

Bella spotted Mike Newton and groaned – that was definitely one person she could go without seeing for the rest of her existence. Mike had gone to school with Jasper, Alice and herself. The two of them had dated for a couple of months until Bella felt that her feelings towards Mike were more friendly than romantic and she broke it off.

Suffice to say Mike didn't take it so well and every time he saw Bella he would try convincing her to get back together with him, even after she had refused on several occasions. Poor guy just didn't understand that Bella wasn't interested. Bella avoided walking in Mike's direction and as a result almost bumped into her old friend Angela.

"Angela, oh I'm so sorry." She said, taking a step backwards.

"Bella?" Angela replied throwing her arms around her, "It's so good to see you, it's been so long."

"Two years," Bella laughed, hugging her back. Apart from the occasional email or two, Bella hadn't talked to her friend since before she left for Paris. "Angela I'm sorry we haven't talked that much in the past two years."

"That's okay, you're here now. We have plenty of time to catch up." Angela gave her a warm smile and Bella smiled back. Angela was one of the sweetest girls Bella had ever met and she was grateful for her forgiving nature. She liked how the two of them were able to pick things up from where they had left them.

Bella heard her name being called out from somewhere behind and quickly looked up at Angela, "I better go catch up with everyone else but it was so good to see you. I'll give you call some time later this week and we can talk over a cup of coffee maybe?"

"Definitely," Angela nodded. "Besides with all the wedding stuff we'll be seeing more of each other anyway."

"Yeah we will," Bella grinned. She gave a quick wave to Angela and turned around trying to see who had called out her name.

After two hours of "hello", "yes two years, it's been so long" and "oh Paris was great" Bella was exhausted. She had talked to more people then she could even remember meeting in the first place. This included Jasper and Alice's parents, family friends, school friends, old work colleagues and friends of Jasper and Alice that had joined them for the wedding.

All Bella wanted was a drink and second to catch her breath but unfortunately it didn't seem like she was going to get that anytime soon.

"Bella," she heard an all too familiar voice call. Bella closed her eyes and wondered if running away would seem rude.

Bella opened her eyes and sighed, "Mike." Bumping into him was inevitable; she was surprised that she had managed to avoid him for as long as she did.

"It's so good to see you after so long," he said smiling at her in a way that made her feel nauseous. "How was Paris?"

"Oh Paris was great," she responded rolling her eyes.

"I tried calling you and even sent you a couple of emails." A couple was an understatement; Mike emailed her almost every day for the whole two years. Bella almost felt bad for the guy, it wasn't his fault that he irritated her to no end.

"Yeah sorry, work was just really busy." She smiled sweetly at him.

He nodded a serious look on his face. "I completely understand; your dedication to your work is one of many things I admire about you."

Bella raised an eyebrow sceptically, "right well thanks; I umm better go check if Alice needs something."

"Are you free tomorrow?" The eager look on his face almost made Bella laugh.

"I uh promised my parents I'd spend some time catching up with them." Bella bit her lip, she hated turning him down, why couldn't he just leave her alone already.

"Sure, how about the day after tomorrow?" He asked just as eagerly.

Bella bit her lip harder and sighed, "I'm sorry Mike, I'm just not interested."

"Wait Bella, If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together." Bella stared at him in disbelief; did he really just try and use some cheesy pick-up line on her?

"Um ok," she replied a little coldly. Well you couldn't blame her; Mike just didn't seem to get the message that she just wasn't interested. The long plane ride along with the frustration she felt from Mike was weighing down on her and an involuntary yawn escaped Bella's lips.

"Tired?" Mike asked. If Bella didn't know better she'd say he was genuinely concerned. "So am I, maybe we can go lie down together." Just so it happened, she did know better.

She was about to snap back at him when a smooth voice from behind, interrupted her. "Mike will you stop trying to hit on my cousin."

"Only if she stops being so damn sexy." Bella felt like wiping that cocky smirk off his ugly face.

"Mike," Jasper warned. This time his voice conveyed a note of finality and authority.

"Fine I'm going." He held up his hands, surrendering and swiftly walked away.

Bella turned around relieved, "Oh thank god."

"Bella I don't understand why you talk to him, when you know what a sleaze ball he is," she looked up to find Jasper raising his eyebrow at her.

"Hey, it's not like I went up to him and said 'Mike will you flirt with me, even though I know what a sleaze ball' –" Suddenly she caught sight of the man standing next to Jasper.

He was the kind of guy; girls swooned at when you saw him; he was the kind of guy that made your heart flutter in your chest; he was the kind of guy you know you would do anything to get and he was the kind of guy you would find yourself staring at for longer then you know you should.

Which was what you could safely say, she was doing now. "Uh, 'you are'." she finished her long forgotten sentence, bringing her gaze back to her grinning cousin.

"I see you've noticed Edward," Japer stated, a small chuckle escaped his lips. Oh god, how embarrassing. Bella felt her cheeks grow hot and she blushed bright red.

"Hey," Edward greeted Bella in a voice that was velvety and incredibly sexy. The way his pouty and full lips moved when he spoke was mesmerizing and Bella couldn't look away.

His prominent cheek bones and chiseled jaw formed her already favourite, crooked smile. His messy bronze hair glistened in the light and made her want to tangle her hands in them.

She saved his piercing emerald eyes for last, the way they bore into her own chocolate brown ones, made her knees buckle.

He was wearing a dark blue shirt with a matching blue tie that was done up loosely, and he had on a black suit jacket. The jacket was open, providing the perfect view of his chest. The shirt was thin enough to reveal his muscular build. But god did he look hot in blue.

She was so tempted to rip that shirt open and run her hands up and down his chest. His pants were black, matching his jacket; and he had shiny black lace-up shoes on.

She looked up to see Jasper's grin more pronounced. Great, she had just added to her embarrassment by not-so-subtly checking Edward out.

Bella realized that they were both waiting for some sort of response from her. "Hi." She managed to squeak out. That was just great, fantastic. She didn't understand what the hell was wrong with her; it was so unlike her to be so incoherent around guys.

"Edward Cullen," Edward smirked in an I-know-I'm-extremely-sexy kind of way, and held out a hand which Bella immediately took; pathetic as she knew it was.

"Isabella Swan, but call me Bella." she replied. She put on her most alluring smile and when she saw Edward blink in shock, she smiled wider.

"Edward's going to be my best man," Jasper informed her, effectively ending their smiling contest.

"Oh really?" Bella asked, genuinely interested.

Jasper nodded, "And Bella here has decided to betray me." He stage whispered to Edward.

She rolled my eyes, "I did not betray you."

Edward raised an eyebrow in confusion, "betray?"

"She's Alice's maid of honor," Jasper quickly explained. Edward laughed and her breath caught at the sound.

"Hey Alice asked me first," Bella quickly justified herself. "Besides it's not like I was going to be your best man or something." At this Jasper laughed as well.

"Why not?" He asked jokingly. "If a guy can be a maid of honor then why can't a girl be the best man?"

"Jasper that was a movie." She rolled her eyes again. She loved her cousin to death but god he could be so silly at times. She sneaked another look at Edward who was still smiling at Jasper's stupid joke and grinned. This wedding just got a whole lot better.

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