Since having taken the pilot seat, James hasn't been able to stop himself from glancing over to the passenger he is giving a lift. Who can blame me. Costume, she said...not even trying hard to be blissfully stupid could make anyone believe that is a costume. He glances over again, letting his eyes roam once more over what his brain doesn't want to fully acknowledge. The woman –Lunastra he corrects himself – had barely managed to inform him about what happened and what she is, when she simply fell asleep.

Seeing the bloody back of her head and assuming much worse injuries from the story she told him, he is amazed that she managed to stay awake as long as she did. Strong individual, that. But everything about her looks this. Much of the information about her Marie and him gathered over the past few days made it easier for him to converse with the woman on this flight, but what his eyes show him he's conversing with threw him for a loop several times. Lunastra, though, simply smiled, genuinely, and calmly explained again.

After the third time of being distracted and having Lunastra start over, he forced himself to focus more on the way they were going, so they wouldn't have to be sitting in the Flyer for hours, even after they arrived, just so he can get one crumb of information after another registering in his mind. Now that she is asleep, he takes his time to process it all, flying their vehicle very slowly so he can grant her a little rest she obviously needs, before he has to wake her up again, to get her into Marie's apartment.

The scale of the revelation isn't lost on him anymore as much as it was when they set off, but she still didn't tell him why she revealed herself to Marie – and now to him – in the first place. That's got to wait until Marie's back, I suppose. Glancing over to Lunastra once more, he surmises She'll probably be falling asleep again as soon as she gets inside.

Which makes him realize a problem they will be facing in mere minutes, since they have almost reached their destination. Oh do I get her inside unnoticed? It's time that there will be people about. So when he sets the Flyer down in an alleyway beside the building with Marie's apartment, as gently as he can and apparently succeeding in that, since Lunastra seemingly doesn't even stir in her sleep, he rummages around the cargo hatches inside the vehicle, trying to find anything he can use.

Then again... he stops his search, looking over to her. That could work. Let's see how well she wakes up. He returns to the front of the Flyer, trying to ignore the tail that's still hanging from the seat to the floor, but seeing how he will face the woman directly now, he gives up that attempt. With a sigh, he leans over the passenger seat, looking down on the, he has to admit to himself, beautiful face, slightly distorted in discomfort.

Marie just spent the last hour informing her superior about what happened and being chewed out by him for not being careful enough. Not being able to tell him directly about the entire circumstances just made him angrier, but she preferred that over being sent to a mental institute. When she came to the description of the building's collapse, he made short work of her and sent her to a Health Center, to be poked and prodded. Though she tried to argue that wasn't necessary, her swaying under the finally manifesting strain from the entire ordeal didn't help her persuasiveness.

Get sent to the doctors twice in one week...I should have protested more. Though she would have liked to, she has to admit that the events did weaken her considerably, especially when she is now nearly falling asleep, laying on the examination bed. I can't even imagine what she must endure now. Her thoughts drift to Mu, who has blocked her from injury for most of the fall. The residual feeling of bones snapping under her still make her cringe. She still sees the complex creature laying beneath her, barely seeming alive.

Though Mu said that bringing her to a Health Center wasn't possible, Marie now wishes she had ignored that and just taken her to one. At the same time, she is well aware how that wouldn't have worked out at all. The thoughts how that might have played out lead her mind back to the moment she spotted Mu in her apartment, glistening rainy wet in the eery rest of light that surrounded her. It sends as much of jolt through her, as their first time meeting did many times before.

Now she is laying on the cold, hard examination bed, inside a dreary white cubicle, with a consistent, monotonous murmur intruding from above and beyond the walls around her, melting into a strangely soothing, unintelligible hum at the back of her mind. And she finds that, since leaving Mu's home, even with the revelation of the woman's circumstances, she can't deny to herself that the feeling of admiration is trying to work its way deeper into her heart. Not even when she though about the implications – if not the reality of it – of the woman's age, according to herself. How is one supposed to grasp that? she still asks herself.

She vehemently shakes those thoughts away, focusing on the images of the woman after the fall. Straining to keep up as normal an appearance as possible, but Marie saw through it easily. Well, at least she seemed confident that she won't suffer. Or, again, she's a real good actress. She forces herself to ignore where that same thought lead the last time. But she can't help feeling appreciative that it lead to her getting to know Mu this much more. Even if I still have no idea how to deal with all this.

She gets distracted by a nurse that enters the examination room. "Alright." the tall woman says, placing the clipboard she carries in on a desk beside the entrance. "Due to your previous injury you will feel a little off for about a day. The lingering side effects of a stun shot, even though you might not have felt anything of it anymore, were amplified again by your body's reaction to the fall you took." The nurse turns away from Marie and types a command into the medical dispenser on the wall next to the desk.

Marie immediately gets a foreboding feeling, not at all liking what is likely to happen next. Apparently getting what she needs, the nurse turns around again and takes off the cap on the small injector she received from the dispenser and Marie tenses up. Thought so. "Oh, well, there's no need for that, is there?" she tries. "I'm just a bit tired, that's all. I have no pain, not even bruises, just a bit tired because of that shot, you know."

Already trying to just get up and leave, the nurse simply steps closer without a word and pins the Captain between the half sitting woman and herself, preventing her from getting off the bed. Marie is still squirming to get away, but she forgot that she had rolled up her sweater's arms at the beginning of the examination. Completely unperturbed, the nurse holds the injector to the freed upper arm and, before Marie realizes her mistake, the procedure is done with a small plop from the device.

"There." The burly woman says, paying no mind to Marie's short staccato of half finished curses. "Wasn't much so medicine, only a lot of vitamins and some other mineral nutrients, a carrier to make it work quick and that's about it." Having thrown away the injector, the nurse turns back to Marie, raising an eyebrow "Or are you going to tell me that it's fine for you to fall off a building, but not to receive a small prick?"

Subdued, and feeling quite silly, Marie mumbles a few incoherent murmurs, rubbing the spot on her arm that got stabbed. "That's two very different things, you know.." Finally looking up, she gets down from the bed "That'll be all, right? I can go now?" and tests her legs' stability, pleased that the feeling of weakness is gone and they carry her as intended.

"Yes, the doctor allows you to go home." The nurse makes her point, intensely, bodily. Looking at the pointing finger, Marie grins slightly crooked, rather uncomfortably. Reaching into her uniform's pocket, the nurse produces set of three more injectors, holding them out in her hand toward Marie. "Take these, one per day, starting tomorrow." Marie hesitates to take them, so the nurse lightly shoves them almost into her, making Marie almost stumble and recognize that she isn't as fully functional as she hoped. Geez! Could've just said so. "These are a little different from the other shot, but the Doctor wants you to start on them tomorrow, instead of today."

"Right. But I really need to go now." Despite that she simply doesn't like hospitals, much less examinations on herself, the driving force behind her not so sudden urge to go home is the woman she left behind. She trusts James implicitly, but she is well aware of why she wants to rush home. You really need to be careful that this doesn't get out of hand. Keep it to worrying over her being injured and no more. she chastises herself.

Back at the woman's home, Marie had realized the seriousness of what Mu told her about herself, though of course it took the physical change to convince her completely. Despite that – or maybe because of it – and even with the initial shock, she catches her thoughts returning to the other woman in a decidedly unprofessional manner. You could try to make yourself believe that it's because of the nature of hers. And she had tried just that for a short while. But she can always feel her fascination is accompanied by physical attraction.

It doesn't help that she gets teased every now and then and even worse, she finds herself enjoying it. However, since she is now trusted with such unbelievable knowledge about the woman and her family, she finds her mind convincing herself that it is not a bad thing to enjoy and even look forward to be with the woman. Right. Just need to separate it from my duty. A sad huff of a laugh escapes her.

Even though she wants to reign in those thoughts, she finds it increasingly difficult. Especially now that, after thanking the nurse – who smirked at that, but took it as a good sign of proper upbringing – and signing herself out at the information desk on the ground floor, she is almost at her own home's stop of the transport tube. The promise of finally getting some comfortable break is in the background of worry over Mu, as well as the anticipation to meet her again. Get a grip. she tells herself, unsuccessfully, before stepping out of the transport cabin.