A Mere Kiss

She pulled him in without much effort- holding tightly to the lapels of his shirt, lest he decide to run. He gently tilted his head, preparing for her lips, slowly raising a hand up to the base of her neck, where he lightly entwined his fingers into the mass of golden tendrils that spiraled downward from her scalp in whichever way each strand pleased- only to make sure that he was prepared in case she was going to tease him, and feint away at the last second. She could feel his hearts pounding, his breath hitch as the distance between them shrank to mere millimeters. And then there was no distance- she wasn't teasing, and he wasn't about to slip away to some hidden room aboard the Tardis. Suddenly- there was only the two of them; nothing else was important right now. She had already proven that she would destroy the universe to save him- and he was merely returning the favor. She moved her lips a bit more aggressively, as he moved to combat that sharp tongue of hers that had now found itself inside his mouth, slowly pressing more and more weight into her, moving her backwards to gain some semblance of control in their now quite passionate embrace. In what seemed like an eternity, she gave in, allowing the edge of the control panel to dig into her back the slightest bit, instead opting to fight for dominance over the kiss, as both failed to notice the soft shuffling in one of the adjacent passages that was quickly growing into tangible footsteps.

"Oy there! Thas my daugh-er yer snoggin'! Gedda room- d'ya have ta do that down 'ere?" came a familiar, and rather miffed female voice from the top stairs- causing him to break away in surprise, blushing, and seemingly incapable of formulating words, or some sort of higher logic that would make his poor, copper-headed companion stop looking at him with such disapproving eyes.

"Sorry mother," River finally replied, heart racing, and lungs yearning for a bit more air as she gave her trademark, Mona Lisa-esque smile, "But in our defense, we didn't quite expect you to be awake just yet. I'll try and remind him to keep his hands to himself in the future". She then smirked, casting it towards a now very flustered time lord, mouth slightly agape, who quickly turned away- brushing past a befuddled and drowsy Rory, mumbling something about breakfast and inventing a banana omelette...