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The night sky was dark, and devoid of stars. The streetlamps were on, but they barely lit up any of the streets. It was as if darkness had crept up on the world and was strangling all the light that tried to enter. The moon's pale face was absent – it was a night of the new moon. Everywhere one looked, there was no one in sight, despite the fact that it was a usually busy time of the year. Shop lights were on, yet no one walked the roads, no one was in the shops, looking for presents for their loved ones. Angeal loosened his tie and stepped into his favourite bar, the Red Dragon. He greeted the bartender, a tall quiet man by the name of Vincent, and requested his usual. He looked around the bar, noticing the lack of chatter. There was only one person in the pub beside him – Fair.

"Fair?" Angeal approached the seemingly sleeping individual. His hair was… duller, as if he hadn't bothered to look after himself properly after his lover's murder.

Perhaps he hasn't, Angeal thought to himself. It wasn't a rare occurrence for people to stop looking after themselves after someone close to themselves dies.

The younger man stirred at Angeal's voice. "Mmm?"

He rubbed his bleary eyes. "Oh, it's you, detective."

His clothes were rumpled, Angeal noted silently. He had bags under his eyes, as if he hadn't slept in a long while, too. He smelt a little of alcohol, and his hair was all mussy and unkempt.

Angeal took the seat beside the drunk man. "My name is Angeal, not 'detective'."

They sat there in silence for a while, downing a few drinks until the pub closed.

"Fair," Angeal sighed as he dragged the drunk man to his feet. "Get up."

Slowly, the inebriated man rose to his feet and stumbled a few steps, before falling over again.

"Where do you live? I'll drop you off," Angeal hauled Zack to his feet again.

After a few moments, Zack managed a give Angeal his address, before he fell asleep in the detective's arms. Sighing, the taller man got the slumbering guy into his car and drove off.

Zack's house was an apartment in the most expensive part of town. Angeal straightened his suit. He didn't like this place one bit. It was all too showy for the detective, who preferred his frugal life as opposed to an extravagant lifestyle. Zack mumbled in his sleep and sleepily opened an eye.

"Wakey wakey, sleeping beauty," Angeal prodded the tipsy man with his finger. "Come on, Fair. Wake up."

Slowly, the intoxicated man began to awaken. "Detective, where are we…?"

"Your apartment," Angeal let the 'detective' part slide. "Come on, get out of the car. You can sleep in your apartment. I need to get home."

He dragged the drunk Zack into the lift and brought him to his front door.

"Here. Now, where's your keys?"

"Back pocket," came the mumbled reply.

Sighing, Angeal reached into the younger man's back pockets, looking for the keys. He felt the spiky haired man press himself closer to the detective, before embracing him in an awkward sort of hug.


There was something wet falling onto the front of his shirt. Tears? Zack's shoulders shook. Was he crying?

"Fair, what's wrong?" Angeal tried to look the man in the face, but Zack began to press himself closer to the older man as he did that. "Fair?"

"Thank you," Zack whispered, "for finding the people who killed Cloud."

"That's my job, but you're welcome anyway."

"But why is it that I can't get you out of my head?"

"Huh?" Angeal was dumbstruck. What had he just said?

"I mean, before Cloud… was killed… All I could think about was him, but now, I can't ever stop thinking about you. Have I… fallen in love with you?"

Angeal was silent, but returned the embrace. Was Fair trying to say that he… There was now way! He just drunk, that was all. There was no way that the younger man had feelings for him – he was far too old for him!

"Detective, I-!"

"It's Angeal, not detective," Angeal interrupted the drunk man.

"Angeal, I love you," Zack said. "And I'm not saying this because I'm drunk, either."

"But you're really intoxicated," Angeal noted.

"Yeah, but when I first saw you, my heart began to race really quickly, and then, and then…"

He leaned up and softly kiss Angeal on the lips. "And then I fell in love with you."

Angeal looked away, a light pink tinge upon his cheeks. "But I'm so much older than you…"

"Love knows no bounds," Zack whispered, before pecking the detective on the lips once more.

"You better not be leading me on," the detective looked the younger man in the eyes, his cheeks dusted with pink, "because I think I've fallen in love with you."

Their lips interlocked again.

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