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"Wait!" Angelica said as she stopped Jack. He turned around. "I wanted to tell you something," she said, "something I've wanted to tell you since the moment we first met."

"Go on then," he said simply, like it didn't really matter, although inside, he knew what she was going to say, and he wanted to hear it so badly. She looked up at him with sparkling eyes.

"I love you" she said with her thick Spanish accent. His stomach did a back flip. Jack raised both his hands to hold her face closer to his.

"As do I. Always have. Always will." I wonder if I meant I also love me...or her, Jack thought. Bugger, she makes me feel so weird. I gotta get away. But she's so beautiful...they both leaned in to kiss. No! I won't let myself be tricked into her tricky little trick once again. Just as their lips were about to meet, he stopped it from happening with a sudden, "I gotta go". He started walking fast towards the dingy while Angelica yelled his name

"Jack! This is not over! JACK!" She ran back to get the pistol and in a moment of pure anger, she shoot. Splash!

Jack looked to his side to where the bullet had hit the water. "Missed!" he yelled from the dingy. He was getting farther from the beach.

"SPARROOOOWWW! Eres malo! Malo como el demonio! Eres un mentiroso traidor! Horrible monstruo! Desgraciado!" She yelled helplessly. It was no use. He was already far away. She began to cry in desperation "Descorazonado," she murmured. (If you don't know Spanish, this is what she said: Jack! You're evil! Evil like the devil! You're a liar, a traitor! Horrible monster! Despicable man! And 'Descorazonado' means cold hearted and/or heartless, either one. Savvy? Anyway, on with the story...)

She sat down on the sand and shed three more tears. For her father, and also for Jack. In only one day she had lost so much. Frowning, she went to the other side of the small island and sat by a palm tree. She felt devastated. Some more tears slipped away unwillingly. Stop crying! She told herself. You're not a kid. And it isn't worth it. Just stop crying! But only more tears came out flowing from her eyes. She missed her father. She wanted Jack, but he left her once again. It'd been the second time. The pain she felt at the moment felt like a dagger right through her chest. She had so much on her mind. Angelica lay down and coiled up on the sand, and eventually drifted off into sleep, deciding to deal with it later, when her mind was clearer.

She woke up in the afternoon. Where am I? She asked herself. Then she remembered. "Oh." She sighed. She closed her eyes for a second and held the gold cross on her chest tightly. Dios mío, por favor ayúdame. Que hago padre? Por favor sácame de este lío, She prayed. (Translation: My God, please help me. What do I do my Lord? Please help me get out of this mess.) Then she opened her eyes and just stared blankly at the sea pouting a little bit. She held her knees close to her chest and sighed again. She suddenly spotted a small figure that washed up on the shore, so she got up to see if it was what she thought it was. Yes, it was. Jack's voodoo doll. She picked it up and looked at it, and then half smiled. She'd have a little fun with it for awhile some time later.

About an hour later, Angelica spotted a ship not very far from Sola Fide Beach. She quickly went and grabbed the pistol Jack had left for her, but then she remembered she had used that one bullet to try to shoot at Jack. She frowned. Maldición (damn it) She thought. Unless... She opened the pistol to where you placed the bullets, and saw there was one more bullet, and a tiny crumbled note. She took it out. It said: I knew you'd be mad at me for leaving and probably would try and shoot me. So I left two, just in case, luv. –J

She put the note in her pocket, closed the pistol and shoot to signal that passing ship. Shortly after, a small rowboat came to the island and she climbed on it. "Hello. Are you okay miss?" The man in the rowboat asked.

"Yes, thank you," Angelica replied.

"Excuse me for being so curious, but, what happened?" the man asked as he was rowing towards the ship.

"Oh, nothing. 'S just...some filthy pirate betrayed me and left me here." She said bitterly.

"Oh Lord, I'm so sorry, miss. But I promise you are safe now. We'll take you to your home and all will be fine," The man said.

"Thank you," Angelica replied with a fake smile. I wish it were that simple, she thought.

"So where to then?" The captain of the small ship asked. It was merely a fishing vessel.

"Port De La Mar, please." Angelica said.

"Alright then," the captain turned to his first mate, "Tell everyone we're changing course to Port De La Mar." The first mate nodded.

**That night in the room Angelica was given**

Angelica lay asleep on the small bed, when she was woken by the sudden sound of heavy, slow footsteps coming towards her.

"You, my child, are just as much of a trickster and guilty of my death as Sparrow. You and Sparrow will pay for this." A low, dark, and devilish voice said. Angelica opened her eyes.

"Father?" She asked to the big figure in front of her.

"Look at what you two have done to me. I am neither dead nor alive. I suffer, yet I don't feel anything. I don't own any years of life anymore, you have them all! I don't have my beloved ship, I've been damned to a world crueler than this one, and it's all you and Sparrow's fault." Blackbeard said in the bitterest, creepiest tone.

"No. Father, I never meant to harm you," Angelica said with shaky voice, struck with fear. Blackbeard suddenly grabbed her neck. She gasped. Then she noticed how horrible he looked. Even more than before. His torn skin was pale gray and hanging loose in some parts. His eyes were scarlet, red like blood, and striking fear in even the toughest man.

"I was good to you! Gave you a home when you had no one to go to! Let you live with me on MY ship as a first mate! You were supposed to help me find the fountain so that I could drink from it, not you! And you went and took all my years of life... What kind of daughter are you!" he tightened his grip on her neck, making hard for her to breathe.

"Father," She managed to whisper, "I'm sorry...it wasn't my intention...I wanted to save you..."

"Well if you so want to save me," he paused and released her neck, making her take a deep breath, "You can do something for me still...You will go and you will do the following: Go get my sword's sheath back. It is located in..." then he whispered the place into her ear. "Right in the middle, you will find the Mystery Island. There you will find it. Take the sheath, and within a fortnight from that day , take my Sword and reunite it with my sheath so my sword regains its complete power. Can you do that for me, my child?"

"I will need help," she whispered.

"Aye, don't worry about that. Sparrow will go with you. He possesses certain item which will help you find the location of said place and said ship."

Angelica opened her mouth to protest, but then decided it'd be better to shut up. Hash, porqué Jack? (Ugh, why Jack?) She thought.

"Now, within exactly a fortnight, there will be full moon. After you've reunited sword and sheath, do these before midnight: stand in the moonlight and while holding the sword in the direction of the moon, say these words: meus vita enim tu vita, and I shall appear again, but still as an undead. So you will then say meus sanguis enim tu vita as you slice your hand with the sword, and until then, I will gain my years back...

One more thing. I need you to know, that you are the only one who can perform this ritual because you have my blood. Only someone with my blood- meaning, only someone in the family- can do it, no one else, it wouldn't work. And since you happen to be the only one I know is alive, I chose you." He got a bit closer to her. "Will you do this for me, dear Angelica?" Blackbeard asked.

"Do I have any option?" Angelica asked a little fearful.

"I am afraid not. Because if you don't, I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill both you and Sparrow." Angelica couldn't take it any longer.

"Father, why do you do this? I thought you loved me," Angelica said with shaky voice, suppressing tears.

"Did you not see me choose my life over yours at the fountain, Angelica? My dear child, aren't you so naïve? You really believed when I- Blackbeard, Pirate all pirates fear, the most cruel and cold hearted pirate of all- told you I loved you?" A single teardrop came down Angelica's cheek.

"You really need to know something Angelica...I never cared about you. I simply let you be with me on my ship cuz you accepted right away when I told you your dear father needed your help to find the fountain baby," He said sarcastically, "In fact, I'd be sure no one EVER cared about you. Your mother abandoned you at a convent; she didn't want to bother taking care of you. And your love, your sweetheart," He said sarcastically again, "if he loved you so much, then why did he leave you...twice I see now?" He paused for a moment to see her reaction, but her face was expressionless-although, if you looked closely enough, you'd see a broken, shattered heart in her eyes. "I'm sorry if I made you feel bad my child, but you know? You'll feel much better when you get my ship back. You won't be safe until then. And neither will Sparrow. You better find him before your time is up. Remember. If you don't do this, you will die. And so will Sparrow. If you do, you have a chance- a little one, but still a chance- to live. Hurry, before time is up." Then he brusquely got out his dagger, grabbed Angelica's right hand and carved his signature sign. Angelica winced. "Just to clarify...this was not a dream." Then he suddenly disappeared.

Still shaking, Angelica managed to swallow the lump in her throat.

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