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(Jack's P.O.V.)

The sea serpent turned towards the ship, ready to attack again, But before it could, he started coughing and spitting out blood and puke in a strangled expression. It wobbled back and forth, like if it were about to faint.

Damn, I can't breathe! Jack thought. There was no air in there. At least not the one he was used to breathing, but a foul toxic serpent air. He couldn't see anything either, as he was now inside the creature and there was of course, no light at all. He had pulled out his sword and stabbed the creature's slimy throat as he went down in an attempt to stop himself from getting completely swallowed. He was now hanging from his sword, which was stuck on the hard flesh of the creature's throat. Jack was covered in blood and puke from the serpent and smelled like hell. In fact, everything inside the serpent smelled like hell. The serpent was wobbling, it was hard for Jack to hold his grip on the sword because his hands were all slippery from the serpent's vomit and the serpent had caused great damage to his left arm when it bit him, and he had little air left in his lungs.

Suddenly, he had an idea. When the creature wobbled to its right side, which was where Jack had stabbed him, with all his strength and as far as he could, Jack quickly pushed his sword deeper into the creature's throat. As he stabbed him, the serpent's loud cry pierced Jack's eardrums. Almost immediately, the creature fell to its right side, making it easier for Jack to keep cutting his way out. He pulled his sword out of the serpent's throat, and opened the wound wide enough for his body to enter through the hole. A river of blood came oozing out of the wound, soaking Jack in disgusting gooey fluids. He stabbed the creature once again, and turned his sword around in circles, making the wound deeper and deeper.

The sea serpent shaked violently, splashing huge waves into the Black Pearl. He was spitting blood nonstop, and made awkward yelping sounds.

Jack was almost sure he was going to die right there, since he had about enough air for the breath of a mouse, and as much energy as a decaying corpse to keep cutting his way out of the serpent's many skin layers. He could have given up right there in that moment, but finally, Jack could see a tiny ray of light coming from the outside. He desperately stabbed and ripped the hard flesh of the beast until he could stick his head out to breathe the sea salty fresh air. He pushed himself further up and got out of the serpent. He clutched his sword, stabbed it onto the serpent's crystal-like scales making the creature roar in agony, and once again hung from it. With his other hand, he reached into his vest pocket, pulled out a grenade and threw it inside of the beasty. Right away, he jumped off just in time, as the sea serpent exploded with a loud BOOM.

Jack fell into the sea with a splash; the salty, fresh water washing off all the blood from his clothes, face, hair, arms and legs. With a last effort, he sheathed his now clean sword, before he gave up and blacked out.

(Angelica's P.O.V)

Angelica watched in shock and horror as the sea serpent wobbled and collapsed, causing huge waves as he fell. In fact, all the crew watched with the exact same horrified expression. The giant creature began shaking and making loud noises, which hurt everyone's ears to the core. Suddenly, at the top of the creature's neck was a very dirty-and-soaked-with- blood Jack hanging from his sword stuck in the serpent's scales. Angelica and almost all the crew caught a glimpse of him. They saw him pulling something out of his vest and throw it inside of the wound he had made in the creature. Then in a matter of seconds, the giant sea serpent exploded, booming loudly and making a gigantic cloud of fire and smoke. Everyone on deck ducked and covered themselves until the explosion passed. When it did, Angelica ran desperately to see over the railing if Jack was anywhere hidden under the smoke that was left.

"Jack!"She yelled, "Jack!? Are you there!? JACK!?" she cried frantically.

"Ms. Angelica, over here!" Gibbs called. He pointed towards Jack, who was floating face down and about to drown, and seemingly dead. She ran towards where Gibbs was and saw Jack floating there. Her heart sunk. She gasped.

"Lower the longboat," She said.

"Lower the longboat!" Gibbs ordered the crew. They undid the knot holding the long boat and slowly lowered it to the water. One of the crewmembers, a tall strong handsome young guy, went down the ladder at the ship's side and jumped into the longboat. He grabbed the oars and rowed towards Jack, who was a few feet away from the ship. He picked him up and settled him in the longboat, and then he rowed back towards the ship and an anxious crew. He got out of the long boat while other men helped lift it, with Jack still in it. When they finally got the longboat in its position, they got Jack out and carefully put him on the deck's wooden floor. Angelica, who had been waiting anxiously, launched forward and sat beside Jack with a few tears streaming down her face.

"Jack?" she whispered in a shaky voice. She pressed one hand to his chest to check on his heartbeat. TumTum...TumTum...TumTum... Yep, he was still alive. Angelica let out a sigh of relief.

"He's alive," She announced. Everyone felt relieved. This was enough good news for several of them, so many just went back to work, to repair some damaged things or other stuff. Others like Pintel and Ragetti and of course, Gibbs stayed watching, concerned about their longtime captain.

Angelica caressed his face with her palm. "Jack? Jack wake up!" she whispered.

"Here, I know what will work," Gibbs said, and splashed a bucket of water on Jack's face. He started coughing up the water he had swallowed a few minutes ago, and the water Gibbs just poured on him. Angelica helped him sit up so he could cough better, until he ceased. Jack sighed.

"Jack?"Angelica asked. Jack turned his head to his side to look at her.

"You're welcome, darling," He said with a smirk. He had, after all, just saved her, and well, everyone, from that giant sea serpent. He was more of a hero now than before. I should have my own statue, a whole sculpture of myself... Jack thought.

"Jack are you alright? Are you hurt? What were you thinking?!" Angelica asked, concern written all over her face.

"What? No hug? No kiss? No 'Jack, thank you for saving me again, you're my hero'?" He asked, mimicking Angelica's voice in a high-pitched tone. Angelica rolled her eyes, sighed and hugged him carefully, in case he was hurt, and kissed his cheek tenderly. He smirked and hugged her back with his right arm with a bit of difficulty, due to the big injury on his left arm.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again," Angelica slowly whispered in his ear.

"You know I did it to get rid of it...and protect you," Jack said, "that thing was about to eat you. I wasn't goin' to let that happen."

"Jack, I don't need protection. I can take care of myself," Angelica insisted.

"That beasty almost ate you for supper," Jack exclaimed, "I was not going to let something like that happen, Angelica."

"Yes, but you almost get killed too!" Angelica said. This will probably take some time, Jack thought. He looked around to see a few crewmembers starring at them, fighting smiles or suppressing giggles. He blushed, and then frowned.

"Back to work," he mouthed.

No one understood except Gibbs, so he ordered to everyone the same thing. Everyone went reluctantly to work on their duties. Jack broke the embrace and stood up, helping Angelica to stand up as well.

"Do you mind if we continue this conversation in my cabin?" Jack asked.

"Of course not, let's go," Angelica answered. They started walking to Jack's cabin.

As soon as they were in, Jack closed the door behind him, and then turned towards Angelica. She gasped.

"Jack, your arm," She said, "look, it's covered in blood!"She exclaimed worried, as she approached to take a look at it.

"Oh...that...yes. The beasty sort of...bit me when he swallowed me," Jack explained awkwardly. Angelica slowly rolled up his scarlet red, bloody sleeve, revealing the three enormous wounds where the sea serpent had sunk three of its enormous razor-sharp teeth. Each wound was the length of a small dagger, and were just as deep. The first two wounds covered each half of his forearm and the third wound above covered half of his upper arm. Angelica bit her lip.

"Go sit, I'll be right back," She said. She ran out the door, and came back with a bucket of water and pieces of cloth, and a needle and thread to sew the wounds. She sat on the bed beside Jack.

"Now, take that shirt off. It's all bloody," She ordered him. Jack tried to move his hands to his chest to undo his vest, but when he did, he winced from the pain on his wounded arm.

"A-Angelica...do you mind helping me?" he winced again. She moved closer to him and undid his vest and his shirt, carefully helping him take them off, revealing his very toned abs, and his muscular arms. For one second, Angelica was tempted to run her hand up and down his bare chest. Then she shook it off her mind and grabbed one of the cloths.

"You know, I could do all of this myself," Jack said as Angelica carefully took his arm and began to clean the wounds with a wet piece of cloth.

"Just let me do it. It'll be faster. Besides, you could hurt yourself more if you do it," she replied.

Jack sighed. Well...she was right. He watched as she gently cleaned his wounds, so softly, almost as if she was healing them already with her soft touch. While she did this, Jack thought for a minute, or talked, rather, with himself in his mind.



Remember the little fight you had with her...before. That. Beasty. Came.

Aye? What about it?

I think you should apologize to the lady, mate.

She don't seem to be holding a grudge against it...

But she's Angelica, you ne'er know if she's faking.

I would! I know her and every single corner of her lovely twisted yet innocent mind!

As the cloth got too dirty, Angelica threw it on the floor. She picked another piece of cloth and put it in the bucket of water to wet it, and then kept cleaning the wounds softly.

Whatever you say mate. Just...apologize.

Aye, but...maybe later.



Did you mean it? When you said...well...you know...that you...um...lvvv...her?

Ooof...cooourseee... I did! M-more than e-ever...

Then you know what you have to do to keep her happy, right?

I think she'll be just fine...she seems fine to me.

That's not the point!

Then what is?

You have to be a gentleman, and a gentleman apologizes first to a lady. Savvy?

SO if I apologize...will you stop bugging me?

Maybe I will.

Alright fine...Jack?


What do I say to her?

Methinks it would help to start with something like...

"Sorry for what I said before," He murmured hesitantly. Well, it didn't quite sound the way I expected, but let's see how it turns out, Jack thought to himself.

"I'm sorry, what?" Angelica looked up, distracted from her work.

"I'm sorry...for what I told you before. Before the beasty came," Jack repeated. Angelica smiled.

"I'm sorry too," She said, as she kept cleaning the wound.

Jack looked puzzled. "What for?" he asked.

"For being so distrustful," she replied.

Jack sighed. "It's really not your fault," he pointed out.

"Of course it is," She said, "because...as well as you have given me a thousand reasons why not to trust you, you have given me a million reasons to trust you, and yet I was still expecting to be betrayed."

Jack pouted slightly, remorse biting at his chest again. "If I could go back in time and fix my mistakes, Angel, I-"

Angelica stopped cleaning his wound for a second, and swiftly leaned in to give him a soft kiss, interrupting what he was saying. She broke the kiss, and pressed her forehead against his.

"It doesn't matter now. It's all in the past. I forgive you. For everything," She murmured softly.

It was as if a huge weight he had been carrying for a long time had been lifted from his shoulders. Jack almost melted. She stared into her eyes lovingly. "Thank you," he whispered.

Angelica smiled and gave him a peck on the lips, then continued wiping the wounds. Jack smiled. Confirmed: I am the luckiest man that ever existed in the history of existence, He thought.

When Angelica was finally done cleaning the wounds, she took out the needle. Jack looked like he was about to pee. Angelica giggled.

"It's fine Jack, relax. It won't hurt, I promise," She reassured him, "Don't be a chicken," she added jokingly.

"Whot? I am not!"

"Then stay still, cuz I have to sew your wounds," She told him. She slowly lowered the needle to his arm. Jack let out a high-pitched yelp and looked away. Angelica raised one eyebrow.

"Jack," She said flatly, "I haven't even started."

Jack looked down. "Oh," he looked away again, "go on, then," he swallowed.

Angelica gently started sowing the wounds together. And she has been right, it didn't hurt him a bit. When she was done, she wrapped his arm in a long, white cloth to protect the still fresh wounds. Angelica brought his arm to her lips and leaned in to kiss his arm gently as a final touch.

"There, all done," She smiled softly at him as she finished.

"Thanks, love," Jack murmured, and smiled softly in return. Angelica's heart skipped a beat. Jack leaned in and gave her a gentle, sweet kiss on her rosy lips. She kissed him back, her stomach somersaulting.

"You're welcome," She whispered. They looked into each other's eyes for a minute, drowning in each other. They almost forgot where they were. Until the ship seemed to hit a big wave that made them both fall off the bed, they snapped back into reality. Both gasped.

"What was that?" Angelica wondered. Jack shrugged.

"Dunno. Let's go find out." He quickly walked to a chest where he kept a few clothes and put on a clean shirt and vest. Then he let Angelica walk out of the cabin first and followed her outside. As they walked towards the door, another big wave made the ship tumble violently. Jack lost his balance and crashed his nose right on the wooden door.

"As if my arm wasn't enough..." he muttered under his breath. Angelica suppressed a giggle.

They walked outside just to find the whole crew running around like crazy and mountain-sized waves crashing on the Pearl, trying to make it sink. Jack's eyes widened. He ran to the helm, trying to take control of the tumbling ship, and started shouting orders to everybody. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of something a little further away, but it was getting closer each time. A gigantic waterspout swirled its way towards the ship at an incredibly fast speed, threatening to strike without remorse.