As the dress maker made one last stitching to the bottom lace of my monochrome bridesmaid dress I twirled around feeling like quite the lady.
"Go easy, you don't want to pull the threading-"
"Relax, Tracy. You don't want to be getting frown lines the day before your big day" Knowing that fighting with me would only make way for my fiery comebacks, she held back.
"Oh look at you..." I spoke, amazed by the sight of my long term best friend finally in a wedding gown "Girl scout getting in mud fights one minute, transforms into a princess the next." I joked and she nudged me.
"I kid! But I do have a point. You look beautiful." I said as I began fitting her corset.
"I can't believe I'm getting married first though. I always thought it would be you first." She wondered.
"Of course it's you first. Have you seen yourself? You're beautiful" I smiled.
"No... you're still waiting for Phil to come around" she said with a smirk. I jumped at her comment. "I am so over him okay." I said brushing her off.
"Oh please, you made it so obvious when he called to ask about the suits yesterday"
"Are you kidding! I acted so chill."
"Yeah, and as soon as you hung up you slid down the wall clutching the phone to your heart"
"Hah, I hate that guy now. That crush was so last year... month... week. Yesterday?"
Tracy laughed to herself. "All I'm saying is try not to get hurt, we all know what he's like"
"Oh I know. He's a bastard, a tool, a douche, a jerk..." I continued listing names that summed up my hatred for Phil, tightening Tracy's corset with every word I blasted.
"Demi... I-I can't b-br" Tracy stammered. "Oh, shit sorry!" I said, releasing her corset. We got changed back into our regular attire and headed out side to the front porch.

- -

"Hey!" Doug shouted to us. "Hey douche bag" I shot back at my brother.
"I wasn't talking to you" he said as he slightly punched my arm. "I was talking to my beautiful wife to be" he smiled as he spun Tracy around.
"Pathetic" I said as I scoffed in disgust.
Ew, now they're tongue kissing in front of me. They just love to tease me, it's filthy. I have nothing against Doug. We have a typical brother-sister relationship. All the hate is just playful teasing, other than that; I really love having Doug as a brother. I'm really happy that he's with Tracy and not some loser off the street. The bonus? Doug marrying my best friend means she's going to be my sister in law therefore we can spend even more time together. Score! I don't know why their publicly open romance grosses me out so much. Maybe it's because I can't imagine anybody kissing my brother... but in my heart I know it's because I wish it were me with Phil, but we all know he's so not into commitment so I shouldn't even bother trying.
"DEMI!" A voice squealed behind me when suddenly two big hairy arms hugged my neck from behind. Alan.
"Oh, hey Alan" I said with a chuckle.
"Mmm, I missed you! You smell like corn chips. Yum." He said as he inhaled the scent of corn chips that arose from my neck.
I don't even know how he picked up a scent of something I ate four hours ago. Tracy's parents feel that there's something mentally abnormal with Alan and I do admit that he's kind of weird, but it honestly wouldn't be the same without him. I don't know whether it's the funny comments he makes without being in on the joke, or his natural mannerisms but either way he was definitely entertaining to watch and be around.
"Alan, are you trying to eat Demi's neck?" Doug said in disbelief.
"No, she's wearing corn chip perfume!" Alan innocently explained.
"I can't even" I said as I lifted my palm to my forehead. Doug laughed.
"Have you told her the news yet?"
"What news?" I queried.
"What are you waiting for Doug! Tell her, tell her, tell her!"
"Alright, alright, calm down big guy I was getting to it"
"Doug, are you gonna tell me or not?" I asked.
"I was wondering if you wanted to come on the bachelor party with us." Doug asked.
Surprised, I was taken aback at this offer. "You mean, go to Vegas? With you and your friends?"
"Yeah, why not? If you weren't my sister I'd consider you as one of my closest friends. It'll be fun" He smiled.
"That sounds awesome, Doug! I... Tracy might need me for assistance though." I said as I looked at my best friend.
"I have no problem with it. Go and have fun!" Tracy assured.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I squealed as I hugged Tracy. "And thank you" I smiled as I hugged the best brother a girl could have.
"You go inside and pack your things and I'll meet you out here in 20" Doug instructed.
"One thing" I said raising a finger, turning back to look at him. "Who's going?"
"Alan of course, Stu, and Phil"
I choked at his response.
"Whoa, you okay Demi?"
"Yeah I'm fine" I said, regaining my composure. "Who was that last guy again?"
"Phil? Phil Wenneck?"
My heart skipped a beat at the sound of his name. How pathetic of me.
"Why him!"
"Uh... he's only been my best friend since I was ten years old. You see him like all the time."
"Oh yeah. Haha, sorry." I said.
"Now you can stop kissing his picture on social networking sites and make out with him in real life."
"Wait what?" I stammered.
"I'm just playing around! I know you don't like him that way. You're smarter than that."
"Haha, right." I said with a sigh of relief.