Blinx 3: Prologue

A bright light shone on his face. A hospital Examination lamp came into focus. He tried to sit up but was restrained by straps on his arms and legs. He looked only to find a bleak empty room. A voice rung in his ears
"Do you know how long I've waited for this Barley?"
He gasped and looked over his shoulder. The outline of a figure stood in the shadows.
"Not going to answer me?" He snarled. "I'll tell you then. A, very, long, time!"
The barely visible outline then walked out into the light. His eyes were red and his fur was jet black. He grinned and then approached the chair.
"Do you like what I've done to the place? Look I even refurbished the operating table. "Barley, in fear slowly turned his head towards the darkness. The stranger flicked the lights on.
He gasped in horror as his eyes alighted on a mangled corpse.
"You bastard!" He yelled. Barley furiously shook the chair. But the straps wore him down.
"Now your little temper tantrum is over I will tell you what is going to happen to this shithole of a city" He grinned "East city was built for criminals and thugs like myself" He chuckled "But I or we Believe that west side in fact the entire city rightfully belongs to us. Therefore we will rise up against you and your shitty little corporation and make you suffer for the way you've treated us."
"We?" Barley Growled "Who the fuck is we?"
"Possibly the entire population of East side along with the Government who used to be in control of Oak city!"
"Jesus Christ that's-"
"A lot, I know" He interrupted "Oh dear it looks like we've run out of time. I would let you have the same death as the poor fellow on the table over there, but I think that's a little too nice. Let's make it quick and painless." He reached into his coat and pulled out a gun "I love colt peace makers. My father had one in the war, in -fact this is his one. We won't exactly be making peace though" He poked the barrel into his forehead.
"Wait I know what the time sweepers plans are, Trust me." Barley cried.
" I'm afraid it's a little too late for trust Barley. Goodbye."
He pulled the trigger. The gun cracked and Barley slanted over in heap. The bullet didn't kill him but he knew he was going to die. He watched the blood trickle down his hand and onto the floor as the last few seconds of his life ticked away.