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"I don't know what you're talking about!" Hermione Granger yelled, as Ron Weasley took a step back from the screaming girl. "'Mione, we all know that you've been having nightmares since that night at the—"Ron stopped when Harry elbowed him in the ribs. "I mean, we all know you've haven't been sleeping. Maybe if you talked about it, you'd-," Hermione cut him off with a harsh tone. "I do not want to talk about it, because there is nothing to talk about!"

"Forget it," Ron murmured as he bowed his head. He wasn't going to win this fight and he knew it. "I'm just trying to help you, that's all. Keep having nightmares then, see if I care." With that, Ron turned around and headed up the stairs to the boy's dormitory. Harry sighed. Ron could be a real git sometimes.

"He means well," Hermione nodded and bit her lip as she tried not to let her lip tremble from the tears that was forming in her eyes. "You know if you want to talk about, I'm here for you. You don't have to through this alone." He placed his hand on her shoulder and smiled sadly at her. "Try to get some sleep, okay?" He dropped his arm from her shoulder and headed up the stairs.

Hermione listened to his footsteps until they faded away into nothingness. She reached up and touch her face, and felt the scar that Bellatrix left with the razor blade she used on her to get information she did not have. Her hand slowly made it away down to her left arm where mudblood was forever scarred into her skin. "I don't need help," She whispered to herself as she headed to her head girl dormitory.

Severus Snape rested his head into his hands as his mind went on a roller coaster ride. After He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was defeated, Severus had reclaimed his teaching job as the potions teacher, giving Minerva the title of Headmistress. Only a half a year had past since that night, Potter won against the dark and brought the light back into power.

"It's nice to have them back at Hogwarts," Minerva said as she paced Severus office. She was talking about the Golden trio, "Like a paper cut to the eyeball," Severus muttered. "Oh hush," Minerva agitated at him. "I am worried about, Miss Granger though. Did you see her eyes at the feast tonight? She lost her glow she used to have in them.

"Unbelievable as it may seem, I could care less if Miss. Granger as a glow in her eyes or not. She's not the only one who's having a hard time. The annoying know-it-all isn't special." He hissed at the Headmistress. "Now if all you are going to do is talk about Miss. Granger, I'm going to have to ask to leave. I have papers that I need to grade." Snape said icily as he grabbed his quill and dripped it into red ink.

"One day Severus, you might grow a heart." The headmistress said firmly as she fled from the Potion master office. As soon as he heard the click of the door shutting, he dropped the quill and reached into his robe pulling out a bottle. Dreamless Sleep Potion.