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Hermione restlessly turned over on to her side as she tried to sleep. Too many thoughts were racing through her head, images that felt all too real. The image of Fred dying played through her head as she watched the ghost of a smile leave his face as his soul left his body. She squeezed her eyes shut, but only to see the images of Bella - "No," She growled out loud, sitting up and getting out of bed and heading to the window and opened it to let some fresh air in the room. From the window, she could see the lake and the Quidditch pitch. Memories of her first year came back to her; when they thought Professor Snape tried to kill Harry. Thinking of how she lit his robes on fire brought a slight smile to her lips, but it was gone almost as quickly as it had appeared.

"I've got to push through this," She forced herself back to her bed to lie down and close her eyes as she murmured a silencing charm around her. At least she was going to get some sleep before the nightmares started, and when they did, no one could hear the screaming that came with it.

Snape twirled the potion phial in his hands for a moment, and then slipped it back into his robes. With a tired sigh, he stood up and made his way out of his office and through the pleasantly, deserted classroom. Quickly, he looked around before making his way through the dungeon and up the stairs toward the Great Hall when hushed whispers made their way to his ears. A quick smirk reached his face at the thought of catching a student out past curfew. The smirk quickly turned into a scowl when he realized whom the voices belong to.

"I'm telling you, Mate, something is different with Hermione," Ron said in hushed a tone as he and Harry made their way up the stairway.

"She's not the same Hermione," Harry nodded his head at his friend and ran one of his hands through his hair, which made it wilder than it already was "I know," he said in a tone not as quiet as Ron. "She's…just stressed about her NEWTs." Even Snape could tell the boy was lying and trying to make up an excuse for his friend.

"Maybe," Ron muttered, as he thought of how distant his girlfriend had been from him. "She's not sleeping, did you know that?" Ron asked him. Harry shook his head. "No, but I could have guessed." Snape heard Potter sigh and tell the Weasley boy that they should get back to their dorm before they were caught.

"Maybe you should have thought about that earlier," Snape drawled lazily as he stepped out of the shadows. Both boys jumped and started rambling, "Professor, we were—"

"Just losing points from your House?" Snape said, not letting them finish whatever dunderheaded excuse they were trying to come up with. Snape watched as Ron Weasley's face turned red, but he didn't say anything. "Now, ten points, each, from Gryffindor," sneered Snape, as he took a step closer towards the boys. "Now get out of my sight before I take more house points." Snape watched as Potter and Weasley shared a look and then took off toward the seventh floor.

"Greasy git," Ron growled, after they got out of ear shot. "What is he doing out of his dungeons, anyways? It's not even his night to patrol the halls." Harry just shrugged his shoulders.

"Who knows, let's just go to bed," Harry yawned as they made their way to the fat lady. "Fortis Animus," Harry told the portrait and watched as it opened for them.

Snape sighed as he walked out of the Castle and down the main walk way. He normally went on walks at night, but this one had a purpose, he had to think. He had to find a way into Miss Granger's rooms without anyone knowing it. He gritted his teeth and snapped at himself.

Why do I care so much? She's just another student, and a suffering know-it-all at that! But something reminded him of—he stopped. He was so stupid. He knew how he could get to her.

Taking out his wand, he tapped his head, closed his eyes, and felt his body changing forms. When he opened up his eyes, he was seeing through raven eyes.

Fortis Animus - Brave Hearted