All My Life by KC & Jojo

And all my life
I've prayed for someone like you
And I thank God that I, that I finally found you
All my life
I've prayed for someone like you
And I hope that you feel the same way too
Yes, I pray that you do love me too

He walked up to her silently as she hummed in front of the stove. Making breakfast for both of them in a Saturday New York morning has always been her favorite. So does he. He loved spending time with his girlfriend of five years and not once has he grown tired of her. It's like everyday, she gives him a reason for him to fall in love with her more than before. It's the little things he loves the most. The small notes on his coffee cup whenever he's up late finishing some design works due in a couple of hours, or doing his tie for him as he rushes to fix his hair and he's running late, or when he goes home from work and she gives him a massage. He's gotta admit, he's a lucky guy but it seems as if she's been taking on more household duties. He knows she's just waiting for him to pop the question just like all their friends are. Hell, even he is waiting for himself to pop the question. He just couldn't bring his blonde ass to do so because money's been tight and he wants to be able to provide to her without worrying. His parents had given him the talk on this step of his relationship with the blonde girl one time when they visited for Thanksgiving and he answered them the hard life in New York. How money is hard and how he wants to give her everything but his dad talked him out of comfort.

She might get tired of waiting, son. It echoes inside his head everyday. He fears that maybe one day, she might get tired. That even though they're both in the beginning of their blossoming careers, she may not understand that as a man, he still has his ego to protect. She's a wonderful pre-school teacher and sometimes, he can't help but think if maybe she sometimes sighs whenever parents picked up their little ones from school. Sometimes, he hates himself for being unable to provide her that kind of joy. She's once lost a child and it's up to him to make her happy as if she's never lost one. Although her kid's adoptive mom, their Glee diva's biological mom, has stayed in touch for her sake and for her not to feel the same way she did about their diva, it wasn't enough for her and he knows it. He also knows that no matter how in love they are, there's still that chance that things might fall over. He knows she's perfect for him. She's the one for him and he had no doubts about that. All he needed was the legal assurance.

He hugs her from behind, his hands around her petite waist as he moves in to kiss her neck. "Good morning, beautiful," he says in his minty fresh breath with only his boxers on. She smiles and finishes making the bacons and shuts the stove off before turning in his arms to kiss him. He looks at her lovingly as she does back to him and then she playfully ruffles his bed head. He scoops her up by the hips and she playfully resists but with a God-given body like his, she has nothing against him. He sits her down the counter.

"Since you made me breakfast, I've decided you're one of the lucky people who gets to be served by your hotness," he proudly says as she chuckles at his silliness. He sets her down and she sits on one of the stools as he sets up their breakfast. He sets her bacon into the typical smiley face with 2 sunny side ups for eyes. He also takes out the cereal for his much needed carbs.

They eat in silence as the radio plays some random music and she reads the morning paper. He fiddles with his food before tapping her arm.

"Hey, Q?" he says and the blonde turns to look up at her boyfriend with a questioning look. "I love you, you know that, right?"

She smiles at him with her thousand-watt smile that never fails to send some kind of butterflies beneath his abs. "Yes, I love you too," she replies at him as she touches her rough cheek. He kisses her on the nose before he resumes their breakfast and pours himself more cereal and her with her reading. "You know, you'll finish that box of cereal before this weekend ends," she jokes and they both snicker.

"I have my needs, Q. It's called sugar and it's to keep me hyped for our nightly activities," he tries to seductively imply but fails because she just laughed at him. A couple of minutes passed by and they're just doing their breakfast routines until he slowly pushes his bowl of cereal towards his girlfriend, enough to push forward the paper.

Spelled out in cereals letters were words that put a Lucida on her ring finger – that is of course when shock etched her face and she put the newspaper down only to see him with an open navy velvet box in front of her.

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