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Hearts cannot live if they do not beat.

Hearts cannot survive if they are alone.

Hearts cannot endure if they are wounded.

Hearts cannot continue if they are tired.

Hearts cannot exist without one another.

Oh sweet petunias, was that blood? Indeed, the sticky red substance sliding down a particular young woman's arm was dark crimson blood. The effort on Khalen's part verses Alex's fumble was a scale-tipping difference for sure. Honestly, when was the last time a bone-fide city street girl ever picked up a medieval sword? Most guesses would amount to... never. Dirty brawling was more her style. "Ugh. Oh for the love of Pete." A punch was thrown, sword still gripped in her hand. That single punch proved to be immensely more useful than the reckless swinging of her arms. Alex threw a combination, twisting her body around to let her opponent taste her elbow, then hard knee shortly after. Sword dangling uselessly from her hands, Alex spun with a dancer-like grace as she floored another guard with the use of her iron fists and fancy footwork.

The golden haired woman watched in mild horror at the scene unfolding before her, having scooted to the safety of the corner of the room. Frantically, as an effort to not be seen as useless, her head whipped around in search of something she could grab as a makeshift weapon. "A-Alex?" Her meek call was greeted with a predatory gaze from the young woman. "Surely you can't be..." Avalon pressed her back against the wall as Alex changed her course of battle and headed straight for the white-clad girl.

"I don't have time for your mumbling. Get over here." Scarier than the undertaker himself stomping over, Alex swooped down upon her, frightening the fragile girl beyond all reason.

Draco slowed his breathing, turning his side to face his opponent. If the other Dragon was aiming for his heart, there was no way he was giving him an open shot. Though, his vision wasn't allowing for much free and agile movement. Lomere's enormous frame smashed into Draco's side, claws digging into his wings. The elder dragon held back a sound of pain as he hit the ground in the worst position imaginable. One, he'd lost the use of one of his claws, seeing has it was pinned beneath him. The yellow-scaled dragon's hot breath steamed against the older dragon's face. He'd been unprepared for this fight and for that, he mentally slapped himself. But the method in which his attacker chose to achieve triumph was sneaky and lower than the lowest scum could cook up.

Then again, perhaps he was out of touch. After all, how long had he been away? Everything had drastically changed. Draco struggled against the golden-white dragon's hold, dirt and grass flying up amidst the skirmish. With the weight pressing him into the ground, the older dragon was running out of ideas as to how he'd be able to pluck himself from this predicament. He'd taken on hostile dragons twice this size with no difficulty. Perhaps he really was getting old.

"You're a worthy foe." His opponent taunted, sensing victory was secured in his claws, "Shame I must eliminate you." Snarling at the words, Draco lashed out with his tail, feeling the curved blades of his ingeniously crafted tail edge slice into the colossal creature's unfolded wing. A tortured screech shook the earth as Lomere threw his head back and let loose a current of blazing fire to the heavens.

Now he'd done it.

Without any prior warning, a hazy green blur rocketed through the sky and before either of the two dragons, locked in fierce battle, could process anything, Lomere was thrown from his dominant position and straight to the ground. Draco gasped lightly from the relieved pressure. Hastily, he returned to a standing position, eager to assess the situation.

"Drake!" Flooded with joy an excitement at the smaller, lighter hued, dragon defensively crouched beside him, Draco almost let the golden dragon slip from his mind. "Stand aside." Immediately, Drake obeyed just as a swirling fountain of hellfire shot forth, swallowing up the yellow dragon as if it were nothing. The older dragon wasted no time with a follow-up, leaping forward with ease and slamming his tail into the dazed opponent. A ferocious swipe of his sharp talons knocked the light-winged dragon back once more, Lomere stumbled, tumbling over the small knoll.

What he failed to notice was the wooden pikes rooted into the ground. And with alarming accuracy, the heavily muscled dragon fell upon the spikes. The realization ignited within him a moment too late. Five pikes in total impaled the dragon's body; one of them had managed to pierce his ever-so-fragile heart. Its final cry broke the atmosphere, a sorrowful scream of a thing damned beyond all redemption. There wouldn't be any information at all from the now deceased dragon.

"The tower." Draco's head spun, so all he could do for now was relay the information to the younger dragon as he tested his balance. He then saw Geoff's form sprinting over with a bow and arrow in hand. More soldiers had been called for.

"You're late." Drake almost shrank back from the window, much less confident about conducting the rescue mission. Scratch that—much less confident about saving Alex... just Alex.

"But I wasn't even—." Cutting his friend off, Geoff came to his defense instantly.

"Not even a thank you?" Holding his hand out to the girl, the man held onto one of Drake's horns as the dragon hovered by the window. "You realize we weren't even planning on co—." Throwing a small blonde young woman at the guy shut him up right away.

Shortly after, Alex did the same with Khalen.

"Ouch. Easy." Drake sighed, knowing full well that this was Alex's handiwork. Avalon then shrieked as a flurry of arrows flew at them. The dragon-riders ducked while the dragon shielded them, enduring the ones that lodged into his impenetrable scales. Finally, Alex herself hopped from the window and onto Drake's back. "Ugh." Drake flew painfully slower, and a touch sideways at the new weight. More arrows were launched, precisely angled to fell the dragon. Geoff, hoping to assist in way possible, scooted to the side, bow and arrow drawn. Though, one arrow against many wouldn't do much.

"Where's Draco?" A chorus of screams and no more arrows shot their way was a fair enough answer.

Even with the moderately smooth flight and flawless landing, Drake still frowned as he watched Alex roll sluggishly from his back and half die on the ground. "You don't like heights?" A sharp glance from eyes like the devil's dissolved any more questions Drake had on his tongue. Alex had her hands to her head, massaging lightly. Yes, she was absolutely mortified of high places. The only reason she mentally built up the strength to climb that tower was because she thought there would be answers waiting. As she was bringing her heart rate back to normal, a familiar shadow passed overhead, executing a less-than-graceful landing a few feet in front of her.

"...Draco?" The dragon hobbled away from her for a minute before leaning precariously to one side. "Hey!" The group jogged after him, all of them noticing that the dragon was visibly shrinking. Draco's wings folded back into a tunic as his horns retracted into his head. His hind legs shaped into human legs while his forelimbs straightened into arms. "Oh good, human again, now I can beat your ass too." Alex huffed, prepping to handle him as harshly as she did everyone else. But, her forward motions stopped as the male turned around, his bearded face twisted in pain, accenting his wrinkles. Draco's hand immediately flew to his heart as he doubled over. In a single bound, Alex rushed to his side, catching the man before he hit the hard ground. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I can't be sure." Draco's voice was still defiant, meaning the pain was bearable and he wasn't planning to succumb to it any time soon.

"No..." Avalon, who had hardly spoken before, shook her head softly, "It's my fault." Unable to hold the man up, Alex slowly sank to her knees, letting Draco sit. She glared at the slightly older woman, demanding an explanation. "My name is Avalon." Began the girl. Geoff and Drake listened intently, as did the other two. Khalen seemed the most uncomfortable of the group. "I am a witch." As much as Alex wanted to roll her eyes, she refrained, "It is clear to all of us, the danger we face from the tyrant's rule." Avalon's gentle eyes went from one dragon to the next. "As I had hoped, you were able to defeat one." Suddenly, she shook her head, "But I digress. I've heard tales of the Dragon with only half a heart and the brave warrior who stood up to a king whose rule was unjust." She took a breath, "With every ounce of my remaining power, I summoned those two here." Eyes full of dismay and bitterness, she sighed, "But my magic isn't strong." Avalon's gaze fell on Draco, his breathing a bit less ragged than before. "Draco, when you are weak, you will become a human. You cannot overexert yourself."

"Your magic does suck." Honestly, summoning a powerful dragon that couldn't 'overwork' himself in a fight? "So he can die?"

"Yes." Voice as soft as a mouse, she looked away, "But he isn't the only one like this. Many years ago, my mentor placed such a spell on all remaining dragons." She then stared at Drake, "But it seems your heart is pure. You are left unaffected" Drake half smiled in satisfaction. "Because of what happened with Einon..."

"Say no more. I understand." Draco then stood, his condition one hundred percent recovered.

"Excuse you." Alex interjected. "That doesn't explain why I'm here." Everyone tensed, turning to Avalon.

"As I said, the spell was meant to call upon Draco and Bowen." This close. She was this close to getting her pretty little neck wrung for these vague answers.

"Do I look like Bowen to you?" Hissed the irritated girl.

"If you are not him, you must be a... descendant." Everyone, with wide eyes, snapped their heads to stare at Alex in utter and complete disbelief. The girl herself inhaled sharply as if someone had stabbed her between the ribs with an incredible force. "Oh, what have I done?" Bringing her delicate fingers to her head, Avalon was unable to conceal her worry. Though, while the witch was ridden with dismay, an odd look had come over Draco's eyes.

"Stop looking at me like that." Alex commanded firmly.

"Like what?" He innocently blinked in response.

"Like I'm your lost dog or something."