Transformers: Drabbles

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Title: His and Her circumstances
Character Pairings: TF:Prime Optimus Prime x OCF-Blitz (property of Pixel)
Prompt: Kiss

Location: Cybertron

Time: During the battle in the city of Iacon

Screams and gunfire echoed throughout the city as Autobots and Decepticons took positions behind fallen debris in an attempts to claim victory in this latest battle.

Blitz, a young Decepticon medic, was pinned down in the cross fire, unable to move back to her side without getting hit by both.

"UGH! Why couldn't I have just gone to work in a clinic? But no~ I had to go with the underdogs!" she hissed, brandishing a standard pistol as she peaked over her hide. Weapons fire flew across what was once one of Iacon's many courtyards. The Autobots were gaining the upper hand over the many vehicon drones that made the bulk of the Decepticon forces.

She could make out Knock Out, her mentor and unwanted stalker; taking out hordes of bots in a fury she could only guess was caused by one of their enemies mucking up his finish. Breakdown, his assistant, looked like he was having a ball as he swung his hammer arm wildly and crushing every bot that got too close. Overhead, Starscream and the aerialcons took the battle to the skies but heavy turrets were causing them as much grief as they were for the ground forces.

Finally, she saw an opening to move, she didn't hesitate to take it as she jumped form her cover to the next. But she had overlooked the drop and ended up in a ditch. Clearing the cover, she made her way through the ditch to the direction her side was stationed, but as she turned a corner a loud explosion rocked the ground and a large shape sailed over her helm before crashing into the trench with her.

Thinking it was one of her own, she raced to the crash site, only to find someone she thought she'd never meet. There before her, slumped against the trench wall covered in sparking injuries and his own energon, was Optimus Prime himself. Blitz froze and checked around encase someone had seen him land here.

Seeing no one around, she turned back to her present problem – what to do with Optimus Prime. She was a Decepticon after all so killing him would severely weaken the Autobots and she'd be praised for it. But he was Megatron's rival, would he be angered or pleased if she killed Optimus?

Conflicted between what she should do and what she would normally do, she had come to an impasse. She had only joined the Decepticons because a friend talked her into it. She wasn't a warrior class bot nor did she like fighting and conflict in general, that was why she became a medic.

That sprung an idea – Optimus was Megatron's rival so who was she to deny her master his rightful victory right? He was destined to kill Optimus, not her; she was a medic, a healer. She'd patch him up so he wouldn't succumb to what she deduced were fatal wounds and live another cycle while she had ensured her masters inevitable victory over him…right?

She had convinced herself that this was the best action to take so, without ado, she pulled out her tools-of-the-trade and set to work. She reattached severed wires and fuel lines, sealed leaking energon lines, removed scorched and damaged armor plating and replaced them with medical grade temporary coverings while injecting a serum of nanites to aid his internal repair systems to the minor injuries. Yep, just another standard field patch-up.

But, while she worked on her unconscious patient, she couldn't help stealing glances at Optimus' faceplates. Despite his injuries and pain his neural sensors were probably picking up from her delicate work, he almost seemed to be in a peaceful recharge, his handsome faceplates devoid of pain…

Wait! Handsome?

Blitz blushed in embarrassed, she shouldn't say or think things like that! He was the enemy, her Leader's mortal enemy, the Leader of the enemy faction for primus sake! But…then again he was a handsome mech. She looked back up at him and felt her spark swoon at the sight of his peaceful faceplates. Despite the strength he held, his faceplates as well as his imposing frame had softness to him. She felt the compelling need to touch his faceplates but she held back. What the hell was she doing? Taking advantage of an unconscious bot? That wasn't the kind of bot she was.

But the longer she stared, the more tempted she became. Biting her lower dermal plate, she checked back to the battle to ensure no one would come looking for her or Optimus and no one was close by to accidentally see what she was about to do. Her sire always told her if she wanted to do something, she should just do it or else regret not doing it for the rest of her life cycle.

Cycling a deep intake, she came to a resolve. This was going to be a one-time thing, 1 kiss and that was it. What was done in this trench will stay in this trench. Swallowing her fear, she moved forward; she was shorter than the Prime by about a third of his size since she was a ground vehicle, she moved closer to Optimus' faceplates but hesitated a moment before she took the brave leap.

Pressing her lip plates to his, it was an experience she had never felt before. Regardless of the fact this was her first kiss, she didn't think much of it but the spark and jolts she received from this single kiss was an encounter she would never forget. His plates were warm, soft and definitely welcoming. She pushed a little closer just to the point where their chassis nearly touched. The world and war seemed to have melted away as she shared a kiss with this unconscious mech.

… Or was he?

Optimus had struggled to cope with his injuries once he had landed after being flung across the battlefield thanks to one of Oilslick's shatter bombs. He had gone into a temporary stasis lock and feared the worst. But, as if Primus had seen what had occurred, he could feel someone's servos tending to his wounds. He relaxed when their skilled servos treated his wounds and allowed him to snap out of stasis. What he had noticed was these servos were too small to be Ratchet's or any of the other medics the Autobots had. They must've belonged to a femme, maybe she was a neutral caught in the crossfire?

That's when he felt something touch his face, something soft and warm. Was someone…kissing him? In the middle of a battle? He hadn't been kissed by anyone since he had lost his precious Elita at the beginning of this hated war. So, who would be kissing him?

He managed to online his optics to find a smaller, grey and violet femme leaning close to him and gently kissing him. As strange and inappropriate as this was, he couldn't deny the feeling coursing through his spark, pained at the lose of his love and denying himself any sort of contact and intimacy, he spark was screaming at him to reciprocate this femme's actions.

Without a fight, he tentatively began to kiss back. In this position, he could say with fair confidence that this femme wasn't hard on the optics, a welcomed sight from the war-hardened and armored femmes he was used to.

She didn't seem to notice him returning her kiss, almost responding to it on her own accord. Hesitantly, he moved a larger servo up to cup her faceplates only for her to online her optics a millicycle later to find him online. A deep crimson blush flushed across her faceplates as she jerked back and stood away from him. This gave him an opertunity to assess her as a threat or a victim of a 'wrong-place-wrong-time' scenario. She was dainty, definitely not a warrior-class mold but more-so that suited to a medic or medic assistant. That's when he noticed the darker purple marking on her hip pads,

"A decepticon?" he asked, but she took his tone of voice the wrong way. Embarrassed and ashamed of herself, she quickly snatched up her tools and was off before he could even consider opening fire on her retreating form. Stunned by her abrupt departure, he noticed she had dropped something – she had left a small ringlet that appeared to have fitted on her wrist. On closer inspection, it had a name insribbed on the inside of it.

"Blitz," he tested, the names suited her. But to think she was a Decepticon, he pondered what possible reason she had to join them?

****Centuries later****

Location: Earth

It had been sometime since their little encounter. Optimus wondered what had became of the young femme, hoping she hadn't succumbed to the evil that hung over the Decepticon regime.

While driving down a dirt road on patrol, he heard a loud string of Cybertronian curses. Pulling to a stop and transforming, while scanning the area for spectators, he moved into the dense underbrush to find the source of the curses. Once he reached the source, he was surprised to see what he had found. There, sitting by a large boulder and tending to a damaged leg strut was the same femme who had saved his life so many cycles ago.

"Blitz?" he asked, catching her attention, and becoming a target for her pistol. She held it up in defense and tensed as he got closer, "Are you alright? What happened?"

"Get away Autobot! I meant it!" she snapped, her weapon quivering as she held it at him, "I'll shoot!"

Optimus looked over her injuries and it looked like she had been shot by the way she was clutching her leg strut.

"What happened?" he asked again, no longer advancing on the distressed femme,

"Why should you care bot? I'm your enemy! You should…leave me to…to," tears began to fall from her optics as he weapon faultered. Optimus took this opertunity to gently push her weapon away and tilt her helm up to look him in the optics,

"You are in distress and injured, I couldn't leave you in such a state, now please, what happened to you Blitz?" he asked, Blitz could feel her spark swell and swoon by how his voice rolled her name out like it did, pulling shivers up and down her back struts. While she gathered the courage to answer him, Optimus looked over her injury – he was right, it was as if someone had shot her but also appeared to have been crushed by the look of the dents in her armor…like someone had harshly grabbed her leg,

"Out so-called Lord Starscream," she spat, her voice dripping with venom at mentioning the seekers name, "Thought he had claim over me…when I refused he called me a traitor, severed a few major energon lines and threw me out of the nemesis like a pile of scrap," she cursed, "I managed to soften my fall as well as patch up my severed lines but I don't have the necessary supplies to repair my leg," tears were now flowing freely down her faceplates as Optimus listened intently.

Giving a curt nod, he offered her a servo. She was confused at first as to why Optimus Prime, her faction's enemy, would want to help her…then it came back to her,

"If you're repaying me for that kiss you can forget it. It was a mistake. I shouldn't have done that," she was stubborn, and a bad liar. The same blush she had on her faceplates all those cycles ago was painted across her face like a new coat of pain. Her curt and sassy comment caused Optimus to chuckle wholeheartedly. And, without warning, he took his servo back but instead picked her up and carried her bridal style. She initialy kicked up a fuss about it but with the pain and damage to her leg, she dropped her attempts quickly and just sat in his arms as he called his team to open a ground bridge.

"By the way…" she began, refusing to look at him, "How did you know my name?" Optimus wasn't surprised by her question so he answered it by revealing the ringlet she had dropped at their first encounter. He watched at she faceplates lit up and she snatched the ringlet back, bringing it close to her spark. Realising her actions, she immediately apologized.

"You are very welcome my dear," he replied as the ground bridge opened and he walked through. Perhaps she might even consider defecting to the Autobots since the Decepticons already consider her offline…strangely enough, Optimus hoped that would be the outcome of their reunion.

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