Anniversary Party

Pairing: Bloodshed/Thornstriker/Warpath

"Thornstriker…what are you doing?" Bloodshed and even Warpath looked at the smaller mech, confused as he had grabbed 2 boxes of High Grade Energon from the Market shelves. Both immediately ran to aid as the weight of the boxes was greater than the Green mech anticipated,

"Well, I though we could have a little celebration. Today is the 6 month anniversary since we got our new apartment," he smiled, moving further down the isle,

"You want to celebrate how long we've stayed at the apartment?" Warpath asked, still trying to grasp the reasoning behind his little friend.

"Well, it's certainly the longest we've held an apartment," looking back Thornstriker eyed his younger roommates,
"With you two going at each others throats, we're normally kicked out by 5 months. I say that is something worth celebrating," he smiled,

"Well, I'm not going to argue," Bloodshed smiled back,
"Great reason to have some High Grade," eyeing Warpath to hear his answer. He seemed to sit on the idea before his optics brightened,

"Fine by me," he beamed, walking up to Thornstriker to hug him when Bloodshed growled. Taking the challenge Warpath sized him up. It was a staring standoff, other customers seeing and immediately moved to the next isle to avoid a fight. Thornstriker just sighed, slapping both of them on the arm,

"Enough, both of you!" he snapped, glaring at both of them,
"Lets not add 'getting kick out of a supermarket' to your records," taking the cart, Thornstriker moved on to find the next item on the list, leaving the mechs to cool off and follow. Neither one looking at the other.

The day came and went, and night was well underway. Like he had suggested, the 3 mechs had a nice dinner and had downed almost both boxes of High Grade. Warpath and Bloodshed were even sharing a couch, the fine buzz from the High Grade easing their tensions and allowed for a normal, fight free night.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Thornstriker. He always had difficulty holding his energon, and the High Grade took him over. Over-energised, he sat happily next to Bloodshed, not so intently watching the movie. The tingle from the high grade was so strong his whole body was buzzing with delightful warmth. Feeling Bloodshed pet his side, he preened and took the touch as an invitation. Too energised to care, Bloodshed allowed Thornstriker to crawl onto his lap. The smaller mech purred as he rubbed his pelvic armour sensually against Bloodshed's, the red mech groaning at the sensation, only to grumble when Thornstriker was pulled away,

"Not while I'm around, Con," Warpath hissed, but was taken aback when Thornstriker turned his attention to him. Using his entire frame, Thornstriker groped and leaned closer to Warpath, trying to take as much of his heat as he could,
"Thornstriker, you're over energised, you need to calm down," Warpath was lucid enough to think clearly while he knew by his heated faceplates and glazed eyes. What he wasn't expecting was the torrent of tears streaming from his optics,

"You…hic…don't like me?" Thornstriker sobbed, sitting in Warpath's lap with the mech unsure of what to do. He looked to Bloodshed and only found the mech smirking, enjoying every moment,

"Of course I like you Thornstriker, even more than that," Warpath cooed, trying to sooth the drunk and upset mech. He wiped the tears from his optics, looking down on Thornstriker only to be pinned back; the mech's demeanour had changed so rapidly he missed Thornstriker shift from sobbing to horny. He again started rubbing himself against Warpath like he was in heat and was doing a good job of working Warpath into a frenzy.

He almost cursed the little mech for his strangely, newly acquired talent as he easily popped his pelvic plating, releasing a half pressurized spike from it's holding and began petting, pawing and sucking the tip. Warpath was livid, especially since Thornstriker's lover was watching them no less. Speaking on that, Warpath looked to Bloodshed only to see a content smirk plastering his smug faceplates,

"Little 'Striker seems to have had more High Grade than normal," he smirked, scooting a little closer to pet Thornstriker's helm. The little mech preened at the attention and doubled his efforts on Warpath, leaving the mech in question growling and purring from the attention,
"Better do as he says, or else he'll cry again…wouldn't that be aweful," Warpath knew he was enjoying every second of this, but the thought of upsetting Thornstriker again was not an option. He just hoped his friend would sober up before anything too drastic happened.

Looking down, he stiffened at the sight of Thornstriker, his spike disappearing into that small mouth. The smaller mech even had his own spike exposed, bouncing as he bobbed up and down the spike. Hitching his intakes, it was almost too much to take. Looking back to Bloodshed in the hopes he could give aid, if he were willing to, only to freeze at the sight next to him. Bloodshed had his own spike out, leisurely stroking it to full pressure as he watched Thornstriker work.

Thornstriker, having noticed Warpath's gaze more, noticed Bloodshed had his own spike out and made a dive for it. Moving from Warpath's spike, climbing onto the couch, he rested easily in front of Bloodshed's spike to begin work. It wasn't until now that Warpath noticed Thornstriker had no only released his spike, but his dripping wet port as well. The wiggling aft was too inviting and he fought any and all urges to grope and attack that…supple, firm, tantalising…he lost all notion of decency the moment Thornstriker looked back, his servo pawing at his dripping port, 2 fingers slipping in with ease.

Warpath grabbed Thornstriker's hips and devoured his port, causing the green mech to gasp and keen, resuming his suckling on Bloodshed's spike,

"Guess…it's only fair…mmmh…you get his port…this time round," Bloodshed hissed, Thornstriker became more fervent in his sucking, pumping what his servos couldn't,
"But…agh…if you hurt him…I'll gut you and string you up all over this city," glaring at Warpath; he knew the mech heard him and he intended on keeping that promise.

Warpath on the other hand had been dreaming of this for so long. He knew Thornstriker had feelings, but he loved Bloodshed and begrudgingly he accepted that. But with the little mech so willing and wanting; he pushed all thoughts aside as the feeling of Thornstriker's tight port wrapped around him. Gasping from the intensity, Warpath stalled a moment to allow his friend to adjust.

Thornstriker fidgeted a moment before pushing back further until he was seated completely on Warpath's cable. His actions sparking the Autobot to start a firm slow pace, jarring his movements into Bloodshed who helped guide the smaller mech, didn't want him choking too harshly though his gags were to die for.

"Thorn…so tight…so good!" Warpath was loosing himself too soon. Having Thornstriker so close was taking too much willpower not to take him harder; especially with the look Bloodshed was giving him. He was surprised the red mech wasn't tearing him a new one, though out of the 3 Warpath didn't consume that much high grade. He'd leave it as the High Grade lowed inhibitions enough to make this entire exchange happen.

"Oh scrap…close!" Bloodshed hissed, his servo on Thornstriker's helm pushed him down further while Warpath moved faster, his own overload coming up fast. Quickly, so not to leave him out, Warpath reached around and grabbed Thornstriker's cable, pumping in time with his thrusts. The little mech thrashed and bucked at the sensations, bringing them all closer to completion.

Unfortunately, their little activity lasted through the night until the wee hours of the morning did they all find satisfaction.

Thornstriker was the first to wake, his helm throbbing from the nasty processor ache his little binge left for him. Looking around he saw almost every high grade cube empty and scattered around the room. He jumped at the feeling of 2 pairs of arms wrapping around him; one around his shoulders while the other around his waist. Straining, he managed to look back and found Warpath using his back struts as a pillow. Looking up he saw Bloodshed with an all too familiar grin painting his faceplates, telling him only one thing.

His blush deepened when he finally noticed their spikes were out and his port felt sore. Sighing, resigning to the fact he couldn't move to begin with and there was no point in having a panic when this did happen before.

"From now on, no more High Grade."

This was an art trade with my dear friend xLosersRuleTheWorldx. Hope you like it dear!