Summary: Sequel to my "Back to Base", KendraC's "Eyes Forced Open" and a companion piece to her "Return to Base" chapter 1, so you'll need to read that first. Jenny plots against Rose, the Doctor helps Donna deliver, and a surprise hits them all...

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A/N: Here it is… part of the sequel I said I would avoid. Blame KendraC (I've used a couple of her lines here) and my muse.

Return to Base – a DVD extra


Jean's scene:


"Bye girls!" Andy called out as he left for work, having kissed both Donna and Jenny on the cheek. Jenny felt herself like him even more as a dad. Smiling happily to herself she set about helping Mikey choose which cereal he wanted for breakfast while Donna sorted out the dirty laundry. Jenny eyed the underwear in the basket with some caution, and was glad she didn't have to deal with it… yet.

Living with a man, any man, was still new territory for Jenny, and certain aspects of it were harder to accept than others. Like Pop's used underpants. She shuddered as she thought about it. As soon as she could she would encourage Mikey to apply toilet paper effectively, Jenny decided.

The doorbell chimed. Ooh, she knew what that meant; it might be the postman. Nan had explained that such musical door accessories were used to draw your attention to somebody's presence at the door. Sylvia had even tolerated Jenny pushing her doorbell several times, that is, until she had lost patience and grabbed hold of Jenny's finger before she could amuse Mikey by pressing the button again. Mikey had silently grinned back at her knowingly. Jenny funny! Make Nanny angry again, please! he had giggled in her mind.

Now I know why you are Mum's monkey! Jenny had laughed back at him.

"I'll get it," Jenny readily offered, and she raced to open the front door. Standing there was a woman similar in age to Sylvia, looking very owlish in her large glasses.

"Oh! Hello dear. Is Donna about, please?" the woman said, smiling sweetly at Jenny. "Is everything okay?"

"Yes," Jenny answered, clearly puzzled by what the woman was asking. "Mum! There's a woman at the door asking for you!" she yelled towards the kitchen.

"Mum?" the woman queried, just before Donna appeared.

"Hello Jean! Come on in; I've just put the kettle on." Donna invited Jean into the kitchen, and indicated a seat next to Mikey.

He bounced up and down, waving madly at Jean. Jean! Hello Jean, he happily squealed; but all Jean heard was some babbling sounds.

Jean waved back at him, and then sat down. "Who's this young lady, Donna?" Jean asked with a nod towards Jenny.

"Oh, of course! You haven't met our Jenny yet, have you? Jean, meet Jenny Noble. She's the Doctor… John's daughter, but I've always considered her as mine. She's just come back from university to live with us," Donna explained as she sat with Jean and watched Jenny take over making the tea with a proud grin. It had been agreed that Jenny's covering story would involve university.

Jean watched Jenny with keen interest. "That's nice," Jean commented distractedly; and Donna instantly sensed that Jean was going to ask more pertinent questions.

"Jenny, love! Would you go up and fetch some more of the dirty laundry for me, please?" Donna asked, hoping to remove Jenny from the field of attack.

"Okay, Mum!" Jenny beamed brightly and bounded away enthusiastically. She liked being helpful.

Jean eyed her departure, and fortunately waited until she was out of sight. "Has she been with you long?" she half-whispered to Donna.

"I've known her right from birth, but she's spent some time away from us," Donna answered honestly. "She's always been a delightful child. I don't know what I'd do without her."

"But why doesn't she live with her father?" Jean wondered.

Donna shot a cautious glance at the door in case Jenny reappeared. "He's got himself a new bit of stuff; and Jenny and her clash, if you see what I mean."

"Oh!" Jean drew out the syllable with understanding. Jenny chose that moment to barge into the kitchen holding a full basket of laundry, and plopped it down in front of the washing machine before pouring out the tea. "Good job Donna will have you from now on, eh Jenny?" Jean kindly said to Jenny.

Jenny smiled at her brightly as she placed Jean's tea in front of her. "Mum's the best!" she declared.

"Aw, ain't it nice she calls you 'Mum', Donna! I envy you," Jean admitted with a wistful sigh.

Jenny could feel the affection for Donna rolling off Jean, and she found herself liking Jean more and more. "I could call you 'Auntie Jean' if you like," Jenny offered as she placed biscuits in front of Jean.

Jean giggled with sheer delight. "Would you? I'd like that." She sipped her tea before asking Donna, "How do you get on with Jenny's dad and the fluff?"

"Ah… well…," Donna stammered, wondering how Jenny would react to the 'fluff' label for Rose. She needn't have worried, as Jenny delightfully chuckled; and Mikey laughed at her in turn. Donna smiled at them as Jenny sat before Mikey and practised helping him finish eating his cereal. "Do you remember Mum mentioning the bloke I was with before Andy?" She waited for Jean to nod in reply. "That was Jenny's dad, you see. I got sort of replaced, though technically I replaced her first and she came back… Anyway, she's not too keen on me now. But I got the best bit out of that relationship; I got Jenny."

"What happened to Jenny's real mother?" Jean blurted out, and then looked rather sheepish when Donna waved her hands about in warning.

YOU are my real mother, Jenny instantly flashed into Donna's mind.

Yes, but Jean wouldn't understand that, remember. I'll ward her off instead, Donna reminded her. What on earth is Mikey doing to you?

"Gone," was all Donna would say, and allowed Jean to think she had buggered off never to return again.

Jean smiled at Jenny now playing with Mikey as he tried to feed her the last part of his breakfast. "Yes, you are very lucky," Jean commented.

Mikey had a very determined face as he tried to squish cereal into Jenny's mouth. Jenny eat it! It's good! Mummy likes this one best, he told her.

I can't eat it all at once! You eat some more. Jenny offered him another spoonful.

He threw her the most mischievous grin she had ever seen, and wiped a cereal encrusted hand on her face. They all laughed at the triumphant gleam he gave Jenny.

"And to think her dad is missing out on all this," mused Jean compassionately. A thought obviously struck her at that point. "You said you were with Jenny's dad before… So, did you swop one brother for the other? That's a bit awkward."

"I didn't…" Donna blushed bright red. Yes, it was very awkward. "Andy is special; very special."

Jenny could sense Donna floundering under the unexpected questioning. "It wasn't quite like that, Auntie Jean," she said confidently. "Dad and Mum were best friends more than anything else. My uncle says he had always held a tendre for Mum for a long time, but kept quiet out of respect for what he thought was happening between her and Dad. When... the 'fluff' happened again, he was so angry that he stepped in to support us both, not expecting anything from it. And he and Mum slowly discovered that they were a good match."

"Oh you poor thing! It must be very weird for you dear to have your uncle become your father like that," Jean said in sympathy.

Jenny gave a small shrug of acceptance. "Pop has always done right by Mum. In fact, I thought they were a couple a long time ago. He's been there so much that I've always thought of him as a second dad, and not my uncle. Especially since Dad had to travel so much."

"He's part of the diplomatic corps," Donna added when she saw Jean's frown of confusion. "He travels about negotiating conflicts, and ending wars. He's quite a force to be reckoned with when you see him in full flow." She couldn't help smiling in remembrance of his deeds.

"So you've seen him facing war mongers?" Jean asked with unusual insight.

"Oh yes," Donna answered before she thought it through properly. "I went with him for a while. Had the odd gun pointed at my head; you know the sort of thing."

MUM! Jenny yelled in warning in her head, so she got up to put the kettle on again before she accidentally said too much.

"At least you're safe now, with Andy," Jean consoled her.

Donna looked from Mikey's cheekily grinning face as he happily wiped his sticky hands on Jenny's hair, to Jenny's concerned face watching her, and Jean's kind regard; and smiled broadly. "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else," she honestly declared.

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