Title: Return to Base – a DVD extra 2
Author: Basmathgirl as an addition to KendraC's story
Characters:TenII(Andy)/Donna, Jenny, OC, Martha/Mickey

A/N: Here it is… more of the sequel I said I would avoid. I've written this part at the request of KendraC.

Martha's shopping scene:


Donna sorted through the dirty laundry and eyed Jenny's clothing with despair. That girl needed some decent clothing, and she needed it fast! With that thought in mind, she picked up the phone and dialled a well-known number. "Hello! Martha? It's Donna… I need to ask a favour… Quite a big one… No, I'm fine, and the baby is behaving itself so far… It's to do with Jenny… Nothing serious, just the fact the girl hardly owns any clothes and I'm in no fit state to traipse around the shops… Ooh, would you? Thanks Martha! When can you…? Will do! See you both then. Bye!"

She grinned to herself, almost hugging herself with glee. Hopefully Jenny will enjoy a clothes shopping trip with Martha and without Andy to scowl at her choices. Honestly, he was such a bloke at times! For some reason he didn't mind Donna wearing a low-cut dress that showed off all her curves, but he'd put his foot down when Jenny had tried it on, and had insisted no daughter of his was going to go out wearing something like that! Donna had had a good laugh about it, but Jenny had looked mortified, poor girl. Still, Donna had rather liked his caring, masterful streak, and she had shown her encouragement that very evening. It turned out Andy liked being encouraged; very much so!

"What are you smirking at, Ms Noble?" Andy had asked, sidling up to crush her into a cuddle. "Do I detect some secret planning on your part?"

Donna eagerly returned his kiss. "As if I'd do that! No, I've just been on the phone to Martha; she's offered to take Jenny clothes shopping."

He thoughtfully considered that, and eventually answered, "I suppose Martha can be trusted with our girl in a boutique. Yeah, Martha will be a very good influence on her."

"Good! I'm glad you approve," Donna schmoozed him, wrapping her arms around his waist. "And you are not to stalk them, in any way whatsoever. Do you hear me? Jenny has got to make some choices on her own."

"But, Donna! She might choose something completely inappropriate," he argued.

"And she might not," she reasoned. "I trust Martha's judgement, so… no! You can go and sit drinking coffee somewhere, but you are not to interfere. Do you hear me?"

"Yes," he replied sulkily. "If she turns up dressed like an amazon warrior queen I shall get the blame from the Doctor, not you! You can do no wrong in his eyes."

Donna made a show of adjusting his tie and smoothing her hands over his chest. "Don't be daft! I'm nowhere near blonde enough to have that sort of sway. I'll take the blame no matter what happens, and you…," she said as she reached up to briefly kiss him, "…can have a clear conscience."

He grinned wolfishly at her. "Is there anything else I can have?"

She leered at him in return, and pulled his head down so that she could claim his lips.

Jenny and Mikey walked in moments later to find them hungrily trading kisses. 'Ew! No!' she immediately thought, and held up her hands to hide the view.

Yucky kissing, Mikey grouched. Make them stop, Jenny!

Will do, Jenny replied, and cleared her throat, noisily.

Donna and Andy broke apart without any sign of embarrassment. "Sorry Jenny. I have good news for you," Donna enthused. "Martha is coming to take you clothes shopping tomorrow at Westfield!"

"Er… Do I have to?" Jenny wondered.

"Are you mad?" Donna's eyes slightly narrowed at her. "I'd have killed for the opportunity at your age. You are seriously in need of some new clothing, and Martha has been kind enough to offer to take you for me." She then noticed Jenny's forlorn expression and reached out to hug her. "You can't stay around boring old me all the time. This will give you the chance to experience what every young girl does."

"I like being with you!" Jenny moaned, putting in a small pout.

Donna wanted to chuckle at how much like the Doctor she was in that moment, but she held it in. "And I like being with you, but I can't cope with trawling around every single clothes shop with you… How about Andy and I come to the mall with you, but leave you in the capable hands of Martha?" she tried to compromise.

"Yes!" Jenny readily agreed. "And can we have ice cream afterwards?"

Donna couldn't resist laughing at that point. "Yes, you can." She then turned her attention onto Mikey who was eagerly hanging onto Jenny's hand. "And you, young man, can help Daddy look at some gadgets."

Yippee! Mikey bounced enthusiastically, making Jenny's arm ache. Can I have ice cream too, Mummy?

"Oh, alright!" Donna agreed with pretend reluctance. "But if you mess me about at bedtime tonight you won't be getting anything."

Promise, Mummy!/i Mikey answered. Can Jenny read me a bedtime story?

Andy immediately scooped him up. "My turn tonight, monkey! And well you know it." Mikey merely squealed with delight in response.

Jenny held up the flimsy garment in utter disgust. "You are kidding me!" she exclaimed to Martha.

"It's quite common for women to wear bikinis on the beach," Mickey commented, hoping to persuade Jenny that the item wasn't pervy. "Martha has a lovely cream coloured one."

"Not helping, darling," Martha mumbled to him.

"I'm NOT wearing THAT," Jenny told them in very clear tones. "If I have to go swimming I shall have to wear something else."

"They've got some nice Olympic-style swimming costumes over there," Mickey pointed out to her, denoting a particular display by the wall.

Martha shot him a grateful smile as Jenny strode over to contemplate the less glamorous but functional items. "What's the betting she chooses a khaki one?" she asked him with a laugh.

Martha slumped down next to Donna, and took a sip from the drink she was offered. "Don't ever ask me to do that again," she griped.

"What happened?" Donna asked with sympathy. "Was she awkward?"

"Awkward? Awkward doesn't begin to cover it. She treated every suggestion as though I was trying to pimp her out… How do you cope with it?" Martha asked with exasperation.

Donna merely shrugged. "I'm used to it, I suppose. The Doctor was like that, Andy is, and if I'm honest, I'm a bit that way. These Time Lord types are pretty repressed in their own way."

Jenny appeared from her trip to the rest rooms at that point, halting their conversation. "Do I have to clothes shop again, Mum?" Jenny cautiously asked.

"Not if you got everything on the list," Donna tried to brightly reply. "I take it you didn't enjoy the experience very much then."

Jenny plonked herself down too. "Sorry Aunt Martha, but no. All these bits of… nothing, held together with string that girls wear. What are they thinking half the time?" she asked with some disgust and a shudder. "Men must get totally the wrong idea."

Martha exchanged a look with Donna. "Yeah, they certainly get ideas," Donna agreed, patting Jenny's knee. "So where are all your purchases?"

"Mickey volunteered to take them out to the car. He was lovely! Everytime we couldn't decide on something, he acted as final judge for us," Jenny answered keenly.

"I bet he enjoyed that," Donna remarked to Martha.

Martha smirked. "I think he enjoyed certain aspects of it."

Jenny frowned in confusion as they giggled together. "Was it okay to show Mickey what underwear I chose, Mum? I didn't let him see it on me, but Martha said it was okay to let him see my choice," she pondered with some hesitation. "And he chose my swimsuit."

"That's okay," Donna consoled her. "But best not to tell your father or your Dad... you know, just in case. Men can get funny about these things."

"Okay," Jenny reluctantly agreed; and was relieved to see Andy walking towards them with Mikey bouncing beside him. "Hello Pop!" she greeted him.

"Hello, sweetheart," he replied, kissing her cheek. "How did it go?"

Mikey instantly climbed up onto Jenny's lap to give her a big hug. Missed you!

Missed you too, monkey! she answered him, returning his hug.

Andy kissed Donna and greeted Martha before he sat himself down. "Well? What did you buy?"

"I got everything on the list, but I refused to buy a bikini. I think that was what they were called! They were made of these itsy bitsy pieces of cloth, Pop; and you could almost see everything when I tried it on," she grumbled.

"Disgraceful!" he sympathised. "I'm glad you know better."

"I sure do! You wouldn't catch me wearing something like that," Jenny continued.

"Didn't you…?" Martha began to ask Donna.

"Shush you!" Donna quickly quietened her; the minx! Jenny didn't need to know that she owned such an item once. Had even worn it a few times when she thought the Doctor wasn't looking, and the temptation to use the pool in the TARDIS had overwhelmed her. Andy had remembered it too, judging by the look he was throwing in her direction. "Shall we get ice cream before we head for home?" she asked instead, hoping she had successfully changed the subject.

There was a chorus of agreement; so they headed towards the ice cream parlour.

Andy made a point of catching hold of Donna's arm as they walked along to whisper to her, "You looked absolutely gorgeous in it, by the way. Dead sexy!"

"You weren't supposed to be looking," she chided him.

"Ah, but I wasn't." He tapped his head in emphasis. "I inherited the memory."

"I suppose it's logical you got that from me," she reasoned.

He gave a cough. "Yeah, that's exactly what happened."

"He didn't!" Donna gasped in shock. "He swore…! Just you wait until I see him."

"Best not to bring that up in front of Rose," he snickered. "Might get him into all sorts of trouble. He wasn't supposed to be looking after all."

"You are wicked!" She laughed at him. "I can tell you're dying to mention it."

"Might be," he agreed, with a mischievous grin. "I think I might let Jenny drop that memory into the conversation."

She couldn't resist snaking her arms up and around his neck. "Have I ever told you how much I love you?"

"Never enough," he breathed against her mouth.

Neither of them noticed Jenny filing this piece of information away for future use as she fought to hide her delighted grin.

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