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Chapter 4: Confession and an Unexpected Arrival!

Ichigo slowly awoke and realized a strange weight on his chest. He looked down to see Yoruichi's body on top of his. Normally this position would have been embarrassing for Ichigo, although now he felt things for Yoruichi that he had never felt before, but then he realised he had them all time they just needed to surface. Except he still didn't know what the feeling was. Could it be love? He thought back to the day before, how her voice had given him strength! "Yes, it is definitely love," Ichigo thought as he smiled contentedly. Just then Yoruichi opened her eyes and when she saw there position she quickly jumped off. "I-I'm sorry Ichigo I..." Yoruichi was cut off by the feeling of warm lips against hers! Yoruichi took a minute to process what was happening. "Ichigo is kissing me? I-I can't believe it!" Yoruichi thought. She then snaked her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Her actions indicated that Ichigo was free to go all out and Ichigo poured all his love and affection into the kiss (which was a lot!). Ichigo wasn't good with words, but he was great at using physical language. Yoruichi let out a moan of pleasure."SHIKAMARU! STOP LISTENING INTO PEOPLE'S PRIVATE BUSINESS!" Yoshino's voice screamed. They quickly parted.

"AW MUM! YOU JUST BLEW MY COVER!" Shikamaru complained as they heard loud footsteps leaving the opposite side of the door.

"Remind me to kill him later," Ichigo said "So, where were we? Oh I remember now." Ichigo leaned down for another kiss but was interrupted by a knock, but strangely enough the knock wasn't coming from the door it was coming from the window. They both looked and saw Naruto peering over the edge! Ichigo rushed over to the window, opened it and yelled at the top his lungs "NARUTO YOU CREEP! CAN'T YOU GIVE US A BIT OF PRIVACY?" Naruto nearly fell, but luckily caught himself.

"This isn't what it looks like Ichigo!" Naruto assured him.

"Then what is it?" Ichigo asked.

"Granny Tsunade wants to meet you and Yoruichi at the Konoha Hospital. She says it's important so you better get there quick!" Naruto instructed. Ichigo nodded and left with Yoruichi close behind.

Konoha Hospital:Ichigo opened the door to the room that the nurse had indicated. Sure enough Tsunade was there, but the people sitting on beds made Ichigo and Yoruichi gasp. The first one was teen with snowy white hair and the second was a woman with blonde hair. Ichigo immediately recognized them as, Toshiro Hitsugaya and Rangiku Matsumoto. When Rangiku saw Ichigo her eyes became bigger and yelled "Ichigo!" as she ran to give him the biggest hug in the history of the world. Fortunately Toshiro held her back before she suffocated him to death.

"I apologize, she has had a very recent attraction to you," Toshiro said.

"A-attraction?" Ichigo asked.

"Of course Ichigo," Rangiku purred "you do know that you're the hottest guy in the Seireitei!"

"I-I am?" Ichigo enquired.

"Looks like I have a bit of competition!" Yoruichi teased as she pulled Ichigo in an embrace.

"Get off my man!" Rangiku shouted.

"That's enough!" Toshiro announced "We have more important business to tend to, like why the captains and lieutenants have been disappearing."

"Captains have been disappearing?" Ichigo enquired.

"It seems that captains have been sent to different worlds," Toshiro stated.

Some where very, very far away from Konoha:"Goku you shouldn't eat so fast," Unohana scolded.

"It's okay Unohana, this is my normal speed," Goku reassured with his mouthful.

Back to Konoha:Suddenly a phone rang (A/N: Don't ask me how they got a signal.) and Toshiro pulled out his soul pager. "Who is it?" Rangiku asked.

"It's Captain Zaraki, which means he's in the same world as us," Toshiro replied as he opened the phone and put it on loudspeaker.

"Captain Hitsugaya? This is Captain Zaraki, are you there?" Zaraki enquired.

"I'm here captain, I am in Konoha with Rangiku Matsumoto, Ichigo Kurosaki and Yoruichi Shihouin." Toshiro replied.

"I'm in a place called Sunagakure with-HEY WHERE THE HECK ARE THEY?" There was a pause. "IKKAKU, YUMICHIKA STOP HITTING ON THAT PRETTY GIRL!"

"Excuse me is that your pink headed child," a voice said.

"Yeah, you have a problem with that?" Zaraki asked.

"No, it's just that she stole candy from my store!" the voice yelled.

"What? Yachiru give the poor man his candy back!" Zaraki shouted.

"But Kenny I already ate all of it! Do you want me to throw it back up?" Yachiru's voice whined.

"What? How do you expect to pay?" the voice asked.

"Toshiro rendezvous at Sunagakure and please come quick!" Zaraki pleaded before the he hung up.

"It looks like they're having a crazier time than us," Ichigo concluded.

"Indeed," Toshiro answered "Hokage-sama how do we get to Sunagakure?"

"I can arrange a guide to lead you if you like?" Tsunade asked.

"That would be good," Toshiro responded.

"Meet me and the guide at the gate in 30 minutes," Tsunade ordered.

One hour later Ichigo, Yoruichi, Toshiro, Rangiku and Tsunade were waiting at the gate. "Man! Our guide is late!" Ichigo complained.

"Couldn't you have picked a guy who was more punctual?" Toshiro asked.

"Sorry I'm late, I'm afraid I got lost on the path of life," said a husky voice. The five looked up to see a man with white hair, a mask covering half of his face and his headband was covering his left eye.

"YOU'RE LATE!" Ichigo shouted.

"Thanks for pointing out the obvious," Toshiro retorted.

"You shouldn't be like that, you're a jounin," Tsunade scolded.

"Sorry Tsunade," the man replied.

"Anyways, This is Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi this is Ichigo, Yoruichi, Toshiro and Rangiku." Tsunade announced. Kakashi looked at Ichigo.

"So you're Ichigo. Naruto has told me all about you," Kakashi told him.

"Naruto's a great guy," Ichigo said.

"Yes he is," Kakashi answered "Well, why don't we head off!"

In Sunagakure: "Yachiru why!" Zaraki cried.

"Don't worry Kenny! It wasn't that bad," Yachiru assured him.

"Are you kidding me! It was humiliating!" Zaraki screamed "I HAD TO SING 'BABY' TEN TIMES FOR GOODNESS SAKE! NOT TO MENTION HE MADE ME WEAR A PINK BUNNY SUIT!" Ikkaku and Yumachika shuddered at the memory.

"But you were good!" Yachiru said.

"What am I going to do?" Zaraki complained "HISTUGAYA! YOU BETTER GET HERE SOON OR I'M GOING TO DIE!"

On a building over looking Zaraki's scene:"That's our target! You got to be kidding me Itachi," a voice complained.

"Never underestimate someone by there appearance Toby, besides it's Captain Aizen's orders" Itachi answered. (A/N: Kisame is on a vacation! Although I don't why Pein would let him go on vacation.)

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