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"You want a C rank mission?" asked Sarutobi as he sat at his desk, Iruka by his side. Standing in front of him were the members of Kakashi's team, the only team Kakashi had ever allowed to pass. With the amount of talent within the squad it was little surprise. They had the last Uchiha, a man whose name alone made him one of the most famous genin to ever come out of the academy. Then there had been Sakura, the girl whose smarts had gotten her through the academy without much hassle. However she seemed to be lacking in the practicality department at the moment but the third was certain that that would eventually change. Then there was Kiba Inuzuka who was proud, boastful and the dead last of the academy. Yet according to Kakashi's report it had been due to his belief in teamwork that the team had been able to pass. A unique squad if there ever was one.

"Unacceptable, you guys are still fresh out of the academy and have only been in the field for two months," said Iruka as he got to his feet.

"How is weeding a garden and catching a cat 'in the field?'" asked Kiba, Akamaru ever faithful giving a yip of approval.

"They help build the fundamentals that a team needs to survive in larger scale missions," explained Iruka lightly slapping his forehead. "Honestly Kiba you think you would have realised this by now."

"Be that as it may, your team has done exceptionally well," said Sarutobi looking over some documents.

"Are you contemplating giving them a 'C' rank?" asked Iruka bewildered.

"Remember who wears the hat in this building," chuckled the third Hokage. "There are a couple of people who wish to travel to Wave in two days, one of whom is going to need protection while he builds a bridge. If we team you up with another rookie squad so that there are two clients for two squads there will be more than enough people. I'm sure that will be satisfactory and a good experience for the new genin."

"I guess that works," admitted Iruka rubbing the back of his nervously. "I'll let Kurenai's team know that they'll need to get ready for a 'C' rank mission which by the looks of this may last up to two weeks."

"Hear that boy, we're going up in the world," said Kiba grinning broadly as Sakura pumped her fist in success despite having not done anything herself.

"Who's the second person we're escorting?" asked Sasuke, realising that that information hadn't been told as of yet. The team became confused however as a solemn look passed over Sarutobi's face, a look that wasn't like anything they had seen before.


"He's a prodigy if there ever was one, he's almost like a miniature Kakashi," exclaimed Hiashi Hyūga, not one to usually give praise.

"Still, the villagers still see him as nothing more than the creature he contains," said Sarutobi in a sad tone.

"Well the Jōnin exams are coming up in two weeks, you'd almost think he would be a shoe in for that," said Hiashi taking a sip of the tea within his hand.

"He's not a boy to chase titles, I'm sure you know that," said Sarutobi. "All he is after is recognition, something he believes he will get once he becomes the Hokage." Hiashi was about to open his mouth to respond when the door to the office opened. Turning to see who it was, the two elder men were surprised to find the person they were talking about standing there, a grim expression on his face.

"I'm surprised you're back so soon, the mission should have lasted another four days at least," exclaimed the third Hokage. The next words that were spoken however were shocking enough to force Hiashi to drop the cup he was holding.

"Gramps, I quit."


"Kakashi, why don't you take your students to get something to eat and tell him to put it on my tab," said Sarutobi making eye contact. Although it was subtle, the students could pick up the fact that there was something hidden within the words that were spoken.

"I think I will, come on you three, no missions today, team bonding," he said with a cheery attitude, his favourite orange book having somehow appeared in his hand. Team seven knew better than to argue with Kakashi, apart from the side it was a free meal they hadn't really done much as a team apart from missions.

"So where are we going Kakashi sensei?" asked Sakura shielding her eyes momentarily from the midday sun.

"We are going somewhere exclusive," explained Kakashi as he led his teams through the streets. However, as they started walking through back alleys their thoughts of how 'exclusive' this place was begun to scare them. They brushed past several men who licked their lips appetisingly at Sakura, chuckling menacingly. As she walked past she felt a thick hand caress her left butt cheek, causing her to leap forward slightly. Anger suddenly swelled through her as her fist clenched.

"You bastard!" she shouted as she turned around ready to knock the man's teeth in. She was slow however as somebody had beaten her to it. To her heart's content Sasuke had driven his elbow deep into the man's stomach while Kiba had knocked another man to the ground and stood over him threateningly.

"It's good to see that you three are prepared to protect one another," said Kakashi nonchalantly.

"Don't ever come near us again," threatened Sasuke causing hearts to appear in Sakura's eyes. To emphasise the point, Akamaru growled threateningly having grown to like the pink haired girl. The remaining two men seemed to get the idea and backed away, leaving their comrades lying on the ground in agony.

"Why did you take us down here?" screamed Sakura at their instructor.

"Didn't think to take the roofs," said Kakashi as a man brushed past him, smoking something that looked like a cigarette. Kiba's sensitive nose however easily distinguished that it wasn't tobacco.

"What is that?" he asked the man as he walked past.

"Its weed man," the guy said slowly. "You should try some."

"Weed as in marijuana?" asked Kiba to which the guy nodded with a chuckle.

"What else would I mean man? Got this stuff from Iwa, some of the best around," he said with a toothy smile, many of which were missing. He offered the little white stick to Kiba who reached out to take it only for him to be pulled away by Sakura.

"We're going," she said pushing forward. "Where is this place Kakashi sensei? And isn't marijuana illegal?"

"We're almost there, don't worry," said Kakashi as he started moving again. "As for marijuana being illegal, not in this part of the city."

"What do you mean?" asked Kiba wondering if he could get his hands on some of that stuff the man had offered him.

"This is a really run down part of the city as you can tell," explained Kakashi as they walked along. "The council refuses to do anything with it and with no real governing body in this area it becomes a free for all. That's not to mean that everybody here doesn't abide by rules, they're simply unwritten laws like you can injure but not cripple or kill. You'll find things like prostitutes, gamblers, thieves, drunks, drug dealers and the occasional brawler."

It was at that moment a man was tossed halfway across the street, skidding across the cobblestones before coming to a stop. Walking up to him purposefully was a purple haired woman wearing a mesh body suit with a tatty coat over the top alongside a very short skirt. As the man began to get back up he found a foot atop the back of his head before his face was buried into the ground in front. "For the last time," said the woman as she continued to rub the man's face into the earth below, "I'm not a fucking hooker!"

"You see," said Kakashi pointing to the woman to which Sakura and Kiba nodded in understanding.

"Hey Kakashi, how's it going?" asked the woman as she bounced towards the Jōnin, scaring the two genin slightly.

"Not too bad, just taking my team out for some lunch," explained Kakashi.

"Well isn't a team meant to have three of the kids?" asked Anko prompting the team to look once again amongst themselves to find that Sasuke had gone missing.

"Come on another hundred," came the Uchiha's voice from nearby, causing them to look and find him crouching next to a man who had three cups in front of him. Pulling one cup up he revealed a small ball before placing the cup down and rotating the cups in random directions, mixing them within one another. Sasuke's eyes remained focused on the one that it was under and when he was asked to pick the right one he chose the left cup, only to find that there was nothing underneath it. The man pulled the right cup up to show the ball there safe and sound, causing the young genin to scowl as he paid the money owed.

"Double or nothing," enticed the salesman causing Sasuke's eyes to light up. Before he could reach his wallet however he felt himself being picked up and put on his feet by his sensei.

"Another time Sasuke," said Kakashi not really caring about how his student lost his money.

"I was going to get it that time," brooded the last Uchiha as he was lead back to where his team was waiting with Anko.

"And that makes three," said the snake mistress. "Now are you guys going somewhere to eat?"

"We're heading 'there,'" said Kakashi causing the woman to nod in understanding.

"Ah, the pork's fresh today but you never get that do you, you don't even have a choice in the matter," said Anko. "I'd join you but I've got places to go, people to scare."

"I'll see you around Anko," said Kakashi as the woman leapt onto the roofs and out of sight. "Nice woman that one."

"She's psychotic!" exclaimed Sakura causing Kakashi's eyebrow to rise in confusion.

"The things she said while you got Sasuke, Akamaru's not going to be able to sleep for a week," said Kiba as his face resumed a non shocked state.

"Well that's Anko for you," said Kakashi as they started to walk again.

"You sure this place is a place where we should be sensei?" asked Sakura nervously.

"Is there anything wrong with it?" asked Kakashi with his nose buried in his favourite book.

"Shouldn't the Hokage have this place destroyed or something like that?" asked Kiba.

"This is actually one of the Hokage's favourite places," said the one eyed ninja causing the genin to gasp in shock.

"Why would he come here?" asked Sakura.

"Because it is here where he doesn't bare the title of Hokage, when he comes here he is treated as everybody else is treated, something which he actually misses," said Kakashi as they came to a stop.

"A ramen bar," stated Sasuke in disbelief. "We came all this way for a ramen bar." In all actuality he would have rather been back at the gambling corner trying to win his money back.

The team looked at the bar to find it was much larger than a normal street side vendor, nearly being the size of an actual restaurant. Customers inside could be heard chatting vividly with one another and it was the only place in the street which actually looked eccentric. "Tell me Sasuke, there's roughly thirty people in there now, how many of them look like active shinobi?" asked Kakashi.

The three students took their sensei's words in and observed the crowd to make a single discovery. "All of them," said Sasuke in confusion. "Of all the places why would they eat here?"

"Wait and see," said Kakashi as he walked forward and inside, slowly followed by his team.

"So this is your team Kakashi," boldly announced another man wearing a green spandex suit and having a black bowl haircut.

"Yes Gai, they're the first ones who managed to pass my test," said Kakashi.

"No way, somebody passed the unpassable test," shouted a random Chūnin having listened in on the conversation.

"Bullshit, I was in the first group to fail Kakashi's test, no way could somebody have done it," shouted another one.

"We must celebrate this my youthful rival," proclaimed Gai. "Make way for the newest genin of Konoha!" This was met with an audacious round of applause as they were lead to the bar where they found an almost identical image of Gai sitting there in the middle of an arm wrestling event. "Lee-san, how goes your contest?"

"Gai-sensei," said the student whipping his head over his shoulder to view the larger version of himself. This however allowed for his hand to be slapped against the table, splintering the wood underneath. This outcome had several members of the crowd cry out in agony, before parting ways with their money having had bet on the outcome of the match with other ninja.

"Don't lose your concentration next time Lee," said the man on the other side of the bar now gently caressing his hand. "I'll say though your grip only gets better and better."

"Chef-kun, such youthfulness is wonderful," exclaimed the spandex clad boy.

"That was wonderful Lee-san," said Gai with tears running down his face.

"Gai-sensei!" exclaimed Lee as tears swelled in his eyes.


"None of that crap in my bar!" shouted the man who had just wrestled with Lee, causing the two youthful men to break one of their horrendous genjutsu. No matter how one wished to dispel it, it wouldn't occur until they wished it so. Yet everyone had learnt that you needed to stop it before it happened, hence resolving the problem. "And Lee, haven't I told you to always call me, oh Kakashi!"

Kakashi beamed at having been noticed as Lee fell into a depressed state having been overlooked in the last instance. "Afternoon," said Kakashi pocketing his book before taking a seat. "The usual thanks."

"Easy done and who are these three, this the team you were given," said the chef looking at the three genin.

"Yes, hopefully it will be more fulfilling than I expect," said Kakashi causing his genin to scowl behind him.

"Nice to meet you guys," said the boy behind the bar, only now having been properly seen for the first time since they had gotten here. He was roughly their age but was short and had blonde spiky hair. Over his clothes he wore a chef's apron which surprised them greatly.

"Uchiha Sasuke," greeted the top of the class.

"Haruno Sakura," introduced the pink haired girl.

"Inuzuka Kiba and this is Akamaru," introduced the dog boy.

"Ah an Inuzuka, I think your mother was in here earlier, she talks about you a lot when she's had a few to drink."

"Mum was here!" exclaimed Kiba in fright.

"I think she's gone now so you don't have to worry. Anyway I'll get you guys something to eat so don't worry about it. First time is on the house."

"Don't we have to pick something?" asked Sakura as she took a seat.

"Nobody here has ever picked what they are going to have," said Kakashi causing his students to look at him strangely. "This boy here can tell exactly what you will have just by looking at you and your mood; it's as if he has a sixth sense."

"That's crazy, no way can you guess what each of us will eat," said Kiba disbelieving.

"Believe it because it's being made now," he said with a smile.

"But aren't you the chef?" asked Sakura.

"I am."

"Then who's making it?" she asked again.

"I am."

"I think you may have lost a couple of noodles in your head man," stated Kiba petting the top of Akamaru's head.

"Trust me, there is nothing wrong," said Kakashi causing the boy to smile.

"You're too kind Kakashi."

"Who are you?" asked Sasuke looking at the boy quizzically.

A broad smile crossed his face as he leant on the counter, brushing his hair out of his face in such a way that made Sakura's heart flutter a bit. "Name's Uzumaki Naruto, second best Ramen chef in Konoha," he introduced, the smile never leaving his face.


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