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"You think they're done yet?" asked Kin throwing a nervous glance over her shoulder while her fingers held onto her glass tightly. As opposed to going to a nightclub or something along those lines the three girls had made their way back to Tenten's house to get dressed in some finer attire (when Kin had stripped Tenten had noticed that the girl was wearing her underwear she had left at Naruto's but didn't make any mention of it as of yet) before making their way to Sasuke's casino. The reason mainly being that if they were to go to a shinobi bar with somebody who was still potentially an enemy in some people's eyes it could be quite disastrous. While both Sakura and Tenten had toyed with the idea they had finally decided against it and made the decision to head to the casino instead.

"Considering how shy Hinata is, I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't started yet," said Sakura as her eyes scanned the casino wondering whether or not Ino was working tonight.

"Don't worry about it," said Tenten as she took a sip from her drink, the cocktail dress she was wearing fitting her attire like a glove. Likewise the dresses that both Kin and Sakura wore were exquisite dresses that nobody would really have thought would have been in the closet of the older kunoichi.

"Where did you get these outfits by the way, they're beautiful," asked Sakura as she pointed towards the blue dress that hugged her body. Kin meanwhile wore a black dress that had a split down the side that showed off her leg and considering the position she was in the split was giving her more attention than she wanted.

"Save a bit of money here and there and you can end up buying all sorts of things," said Tenten with a cheeky smirk as if she was boasting something without actually saying it. "I figured that at some stage I'd be invited somewhere fancy and planned accordingly."

"I think you just want to make a good impression for someone on the off chance they ask you out," said Kin, immediately regretting it as she felt Tenten's glare penetrate the side of her head. "Just saying."

"Well...it may have been..." said Tenten as she looked towards the glass in her hand as her fingers began to drum the side of the drink as a way of calming her nerves. While feelings had developed for Naruto she had never actually told anybody about them and the situation made her antsy to say the least. "If anything ever did arise...I'd want to look my best after all."

"Wow, you may be even more timid than Hinata," said Sakura cheekily and couldn't help but realise just how right she was when instead of Tenten responding like she usually would a small blush crept upon her cheeks as she did her best to sink into the stool she was sitting on. Before she could continue teasing however she spotted her teammate make his way through the entrance, several bandages covering his body. At least whoever beat the stuffing out of him was seemingly kind enough to patch him up afterwards. "Sasuke? What happened?"

The Uchiha paid her little attention for the moment as he made his way over to the Baccarat table where an older blonde haired woman had been gambling the entire time that had gone relatively unnoticed by everybody else. "Your apprentice is brutal," he commented getting the lady to turn around, a smile adorning her face.

"That's Lady Tsunade!" Tenten nearly shouted as she recognised her idol almost immediately.

Kin blinked a couple of times as the realisation that she had now effectively seen all three members of the Sannin and was currently still alive was something that very few people could lay credit to. She couldn't tell whether she was honoured to have done so though or if some God had put a curse on her when she was younger.

"Yea, she came here a little less than a week ago," said Sakura. "Ino and I were the only ones here at the time and we got to talk to her a bit, it was something surreal. Until she started gaming and while part of me struggled to believe that Ino's been trained to deal cards of all things, Tsunade must have the worst luck imaginable."

"I have to introduce myself!" declared Tenten as she got off of her stool, nearly spilling her drink in the process as she made her way over to the woman that inspired her.

"So that's the female member of the Sannin," said Kin as she watched Tenten do her best not to embarrass herself in front of such an important person. "I guess all of them have their vices then."

"In what way?" asked Sakura, happily able to talk with Kin provided the topic didn't return to the blonde they imagined was having sex with Hinata right about now. After the first fit of rage she had felt she had calmed down somewhat and considering that to the better part of her knowledge, both she and Kin were the only two to have slept with Naruto although she imagined she'd have to add Hinata to that list to. Even though Naruto technically hadn't been Naruto during the time that they had slept together, she still counted it as such.

"Well, by some horrendous patch of fate, I've managed to meet all three of the Sannin," started Kin as she took a sip of her drink. "While Tsunade here enjoys her gaming I know that Jiraiya is a pervert for lack of a better word."

"What about...the other one?" asked Sakura not wanting to say Orochimaru's name since after the invasion she imagined that nobody would really want to hear of the traitorous Sannin.

"...Experimentation," said Kin slowly. "The mark upon your teammates shoulder is one such 'blessing' he gives out to people he wishes to test."

"Wait, you know about the cursed seal?" asked Sakura.

"My friend, Tayuya, was given it a couple years ago and when she was one of the few to survive she was enlisted as one of 'his' personal guard. I don't know whether she was lucky or unlucky to have survived," said Kin as her head lowered. It had been so long since she had talked with her friend, she didn't even know if she was still alive.

"I'm...sorry to hear that," said Sakura unsure just what to say to her former enemy; well at least former in one regard.

Silence seemed to reign between the two as the awkwardness of the conversation settled in but was quickly blown apart as Tenten reappeared next to them, practically bouncing up and down in joy. "I shook her hand, I really shook her hand!" she said multiple times as the heels of her feet continued to leave the ground. This came to a sudden stop as her attention diverged directly onto Sakura. "How did your teammate become her newest student though?"

"Sasuke's actually being taught by Tsunade?" asked Sakura in response, not entirely sure if what she had heard earlier was merely a rumour that Ino had decided to spread.

"He's so bandaged now because his first test was to take on her other apprentice and he got his ass handed to him," explained Tenten which in turn explained why despite him being so injured he was already on the road to recovery.

"I'd bitch and moan about how everyone seems to have amazing teachers but I do have Kakashi who is almost a legend in his own right, I don't think I have too much to complain about," said Sakura as she downed the rest of her drink. "Anyways, I think it's time we go check on the other two, if we leave them alone too long who knows what'll happen."

The other two drinks barely lasted another handful of seconds before they were devoured without hesitation. Getting to their feet, Sakura and Kin joined Tenten as the three turned to leave but found their path blocked by Gaara, the sand wielder standing directly in the doorway. While the Suna ninja wasn't necessarily out for their blood, he was still an intimidating figure to stand before.

"Umm...hello," said Kin slowly as she lifted her hand the tiniest of fractions in a half attempt at a wave.

It was quite difficult for the three girls to read the expression on Gaara's face, of course that was under the impression that the boy even knew how to show emotions. "Evening," he said calmly.

"How's...your night been?" asked Sakura wanting the sand ninja to get out of their way.

"Well," replied Gaara which started to irk the girls, who seriously only replied with one worded answers.

"Could you step out of the way, we're kind of in a hurry," said Tenten trying to get the person in front of her to move. For most the thought of standing in the way of three girls who while were all formidable in their own right would be suicidal for most considering the goal they were trying to reach, Gaara simply stood there weighing up his options as if trying to figure out just what he would gain from stepping out of the way. Several seconds passed and Tenten could feel herself starting to get antsy before the sand wielder stepped out of the way much to the girl's delight.

"Thank you," said Kin as she started off in a sprint wanting desperately to catch up on those few seconds that had been wasted. She was quickly followed by Tenten and Sakura whilst Gaara simply stood there with a hint of confusion upon his features, trying to figure out why the three girls were going so fast. He really needed to get used to this human interaction thing.

Meanwhile it didn't take long for the three girls to get to Naruto's place making sure that they took the shortest route imaginable. They paused outside the door however, pressing their ear against the wooden board as if listening to make sure that the coast was clear. Upon the silence that they were given they twisted the doorknob and allowed themselves access to Naruto's house. The first thing they noticed was that the ropes that had bound Naruto were now free of any captor which either meant that Naruto had forced himself upon Hinata or the Hyūga heiress had simply not gone through with anything under the pretence that she'd want it to be more of a mutual thing.

Making their way further into the house they dared not make a sound unless they alerted any of the people that were there, provided that there was someone there to begin with. Coming towards the master bedroom they managed to find the couple, surprisingly with the clothes still on and in the company of Hinata's younger sister. As to why Hanabi was there none of them could tell but all three of them were sleeping silently upon the king sized mattress.

The three girls looked at each other as they weighed up their options and, even though Kin didn't really have anywhere else to go, they made their way onto the bed and made themselves comfortable. While the manufacturing company never proclaimed that the mattress could support six people they all managed to fit despite the awkward number of people.

Tenten was the first person to strike and found herself the best position she could by getting right behind Naruto with her chest practically resting against his back whilst he slept on his side. She didn't even bother to look where the other two had managed to place themselves, she finally had her Naruto back to cuddle up against but she knew that she needed to be a little more forward with her advances now because she was against some stiff competition. That was in the future however, with her arms wrapped around the young chef Tenten found sleep easy to come by for the first time in a month.

That morning while the six all continued to sleep they had two guests in the forms of Inoichi and Jiraiya, the sage having brought the head of the Yamanaka clan to perform the necessary tests to allow Kin to join the ranks of Konoha shinobi. Stepping into the room that housed all of the occupants sent Jiraiya's mind aflame while Inoichi simply blinked a handful of times before turning around and walking out of the house proclaiming that he would come back in a couple of hours. Jiraiya barely listened however as he was already doing his best to sketch the image before him. While the toad sage was well known for his writing skills he needed another way to etch this down in his memory for all eternity, he also imagined that if he made several reprints Ma and Pa would like to have a copy hanging on their wall.

Plus it would be great blackmail material.


"Hanabi, calm down," said Hinata slowly as the sister in her arms shook violently from side to side, the horrible memories having seemingly scarred her. All of them had seemingly woken up as a single group roughly an hour after Jiraiya had completed his 'masterpiece' and Naruto had done the sensible thing by bailing immediately by stating that he was going to get an early start on finishing his ramen stand.

"It was a genjutsu...right," said Hanabi trying to make sense of the whole thing as she looked around at the other females in the room for support. Kin was the only one not paying attention at the moment as her eyes were glued shut as Inoichi sat in front of her, his jutsu in effect as he scoured her mind for any information that would label her as an enemy. "Because there...there just can't be anyway..."

For Tenten and Sakura who hadn't been there to witness what had actually happened while they had been out of the house. Considering the time they had spent getting dressed up and drinking barely went past the hour mark they couldn't quite figure out what had happened during that time. Whatever it was though, for it to have had this effect on the young Hyūga it must have been something in its own right.

Hinata meanwhile had gone completely silent as her face lit up something chronic, the red on her cheeks able to make bulls go mad. "You were! You were going to suck Naruto's thing!" shouted Hanabi in disgust which in turn made several people in the room have different reactions.

Sakura turned red at the thought of doing such a thing, especially in the sober mood that Hinata had been in.

Tenten realised that Hanabi had said 'were' during her phrasing meaning that Hinata hadn't actually done anything during the time she had been given, although that was directly relatable to the fact that Hanabi had seemingly stepped in at that exact moment.

Inoichi was doing his best to stifle the nosebleed and making silent vows to never allow himself to get drunk around Hiashi lest the life of Naruto become forfeit.


A wondering caravan walked down the road, his business in Konoha done now that the Chūnin exams were over. During the festivities he had made a killing in sales and despite the carnage that had befallen the village during the final day he had somehow managed to make it out of their unscathed.

Lifting up his hand to block the sunlight infiltrating his eyes he managed to spot to figures in the distance walking towards him. Their steps seemed to be in complete synchronicity which was only made stranger by the fact that they wore identical clothing that covered them from head to toe.

Pulling his wagon to a stop, he saw no harm in trying to make a few extra coins from these travellers. What was the worst that could happen?


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