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This first chapter is somewhat sort for me (only 6,161 words), but I attribute that to it being the first chapter of a new series. I do expect that, compared to my other stories (which may have as ten thousand words a chapter) these chapter will be rather sort by simple comparison. However, I don't think that that will hurt the content any. That said, if this goes well (and I have no reason to believe it won't) I do have quite a few chapters planned out (or at least, major events at certain points in the series). So, please, for your old buddy Scarecrow's sake, give it a chance. I promise you'll like it (probably). It's a good mix of action and comedy, and I feel all characters are in proper character.

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Naruto: Card Captor

Chapter One: Enter: Naruto and the Book of Clow

Naruto frowned at the object he had in his lap. It seemed like the fates were mocking him when they had presented said object to him, just because they enjoyed watching him suffer.

Now what was this object you ask? Well, first one must know how we got to this point: Naruto had failed his ninja test (what a shock!). Luckily for him, his favorite teacher Mizuki had offered him a make up test. All he had to do was break into the office of the Hokage and steal a certain scroll. Then, all he had to do was learn a single technique from said scroll. Easy right?

Well it was actually. He'd taken the scroll, brought it to the designated spot, and had started reading. Despite his hatred for the regular clone technique, Naruto had to admit; the shadow clone jutsu kicked ass. Now though, with time left on his hands, Naruto got to thinking. A dangerous thing in even the best of circumstances. If one technique got him promoted to genin… what would two get him?

Thus, with a vague thought in mind, Naruto had scanned the scroll for another cool technique to learn. Most of the stuff was way over his head though, or simply to gag nasty to attempt (seriously, whoever invented the 'Rectal Implosion' technique was a fucking psycho!). So, after many minutes of searching, our orange wearing protagonist was starting to lose hope. Then, it happened: he saw a seal with a small inscription under it. It said:

"Ultimate power goes to whoever can master the power of the Clow. But take heed! Lest you bring a terrible calamity upon this earth…"

Huh. Well… Naruto didn't even know what the words calamity, lest, or heed meant, but he did understand 'Ultimate Power'. Something like that would surely get him some bonus points. And if it was as cool as it said… maybe he could be promoted to Hokage right then!

So, with visions of the Hokage's hat dancing in his head, Naruto quickly undid the seal. It was a basic storage seal, and something even he knew who to use. In a burst of smoke, he had his prize.

It was a book.

Granted, it was a cool looking book; with a badass lion with wings on the cover, but it was still a book. Naruto had never really been fond of books. They tended to contain big words that made his head hurt, and were filled with boring information that he couldn't see being applied to the real world.

Still… the scroll had said that this book would lead to 'Ultimate power', so he'd at least give it a shot. Flipping it over, he saw the back was completely blank, giving no further clues as to what the book contained exactly. Noticing the clasp which held the book closed, Naruto made to unclip it. But as he did, he his ears picked up the sounds of footsteps in the distance. Figuring it was probably Mizuki come to administer the rest of the test Naruto shrugged, realizing he wouldn't be able to solve the books mysteries right now.

Just as he made to put the book down though, it started to glow. Then, in a puff of smoke, it was gone. Naruto blinked in confusion, before he felt some strange warmth around his hand. Looking down, he saw to his surprise a faint image on his palm. It was an exact match to the cover of the book. Somehow the book had sealed itself into a mark on his hand.

All thoughts on the self-sealing book were dismissed when Naruto felt a hand on his shoulder. The hand spun him around, causing Naruto to face a rather irate looking Iruka.

"NARUTO! What the HELL do you you think you're DOING!"

From there, thoughts on the mysterious book would take a backseat to events currently transpiring.

-Naruto; Card Captor-

Naruto sighed, falling backwards on his bed. Things had quickly escalated from the moment Iruka had found him. Turns out that breaking into the village leader's office to steal the most valuable object in said village was in fact, not an actual make up test. He had been tricked by one of the few people he had thought he could trust, Mizuki -sensei.

And if that wasn't bad enough, Mizuki had told him something that had rocked his world: The Fourth Hokage, his idol, hadn't killed the Kyuubi, but only sealed it. Not only that, but he had sealed into him! That was the reason everyone of the adults seemed to dislike him, they all saw him as the demon, and they were afraid.

Unsure what to do, he had fled, not knowing what to do. Eventually, he overheard Mizuki berating Iruka, who wondered why the scared teacher didn't hate him, given that the Kyuubi had killed his parents.

Then Iruka admitted he did hate the Kyubi, and for a moment, Naruto had felt his heart drop out of him. But that quickly stopped when Iruka proclaimed that Naruto was not the nine-tails, and that he thought of Naruto as a brother, not as a demon. Mizuki hadn't taken that statement too kindly, and was about to kill Iruka with one of his ridiculously large shuriken. Thankfully, he had been stopped by the orange wearing ninja, who had proceeded to summon an army of shadow clones, and then lay the smack down on Mizuki.

After that, Iruka had presented him with his own head band, saying that Naruto was now an official genin of Konoha!

In all the excitement, he had almost completely forgotten about the strange book sealed in his palm. But now that he had some quiet time to sit and go over everything, the book quickly came to the forefront of him mind. Sitting up, he looked at his palm while he channeled chakra to it. In a puff of smoke, the book was in his hands once more. Setting it down before him, he unclipped the book, opening it to see what it contained.

What he found was not at all what he was expecting. The inside of the book was nothing more then a slot, which was filled with what appeared to be a stack of cards. Popping said cards free from their bindings, Naruto looked the cards over. They were each decorated with an intricate image of an object or animal, but mostly they showed the image of a rather attractive woman. As Naruto spread the cards out before him, he took note that each one had a name. At least, he guessed it was their name. For at the bottom of each card was a label; the significance he didn't fully grasp just yet.

Looking at the card that had been at the top of the pile, and thus the first he'd seen, Naruto tried to figure out how these things were supposed to help him achieve his dream. The card didn't seem all that special, though even he would admit, it was very well drawn.

Wait! Maybe if he channeled chakra into it? So, channeling a bit of that oh so special 'Ninja-Energy' into it, Naruto waited for something to happen….

Sadly, it seemed like he was waiting in vain. Nothing at all had happened. Letting out a heavy sigh, Naruto got ready to throw the card back on the pile. "The Windy, huh? What a…"

Whatever words Naruto had hoped to use to finish that sentence died in his throat as the card began to glow gold. Then, just as the glow started to die down, it happened: A maelstrom sprung up out of nowhere in the middle of his room, blowing his things all over the place. Naruto found himself banged up against the headboard of his bed as the gale force winds pushed him back.

And as the winds blew, they picked up the other cards Naruto had left lying on his bed and spun them around and around. Then, like a chain reaction, each card began to glow just as the Windy had. But instead of activating, they shot off in a multitude of directions, phasing right through his ceiling and continuing to parts unknown. Luckily Naruto had kept a tight grip on the Windy card, or he might have lost it too.

Eventually, the winds died down, and Naruto collapsed forward onto his bed. Taking a deep, shuddering breath, Naruto tried to piece together just what the hell had just happened. Pushing himself up, his eyes landed on the book which had held the cards. Just like the cards had, it too was glowing brightly. Naruto almost whimpered as he prepared for the worst.

The book rose into the air slowly, the lion on the cover facing Naruto. Then, the surface of the book shimmered like it was made of water. Then, from the book emerged… something. Naruto wasn't sure what it was exactly. Though, looking at it closely, it didn't look as threatening as he had first assumed it would. With a snap, its eyes popped open, and they immediately locked with his.

"What's up" the creature said, instantly killing the tense vibe in the room. Now that he wasn't worried he was going to struck down, Naruto got a good chance to examine the creature.

It was small, really small; about the size of your average plush toy. It had golden yellow fur, with a tuff of white on the end of its long tail. It had large ears, and two black eyes the size of pinpricks. On its back were two white wings, though it didn't appear to be flapping them to keep hovering.

"My names Kerobos, but you can call me Kero. I am the sacred Guardian of the Seal" he proclaimed proudly.

"Uhh… My name is Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto said, not sure what to say to the flying plush toy. He had a hard time believing this thing was the Guardian of anything.

"Thanks for letting me out of there, man. I've been in there for ages." Kero said, stretching his limbs.

"Yeah… what did you say you were the Guardian of again?" Naruto asked, wondering if this was all some sort of elaborate dream.

"The Seal" Kero said "You know, the one on the Book of Clow" he said as though it should be obvious. "It's my job to protect the Clow Cards, and make sure they don't fall into the wrong hands" he explained.

"Book of…Clow?" Naruto asked, a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. "Clow Cards?"

Kero sighed, looks like this guy wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. "Yes, the Clow Cards" he said, grabbing the book "Tho ones right… here?"he opened the book, planning on showing the kids the legendary cards, only to find; to his utter horror, nothing at all.

There was a pregnant pause before… "AHHHHHH! Where did the Clow Cards go! Kero'sscreamed looking at Naruto for an explanation.

Looking rightly embarrassed, Naruto scratched the back of his head, before presenting the Windy card to the irate plushy creature.

Snatching the card up, Kero looked it over intently, glad to see at least one of the cards safe. "Okay, good, that's one. What about the others" he asked expectantly.

"Umm… they kind of got… blown away" Naruto muttered quickly.

Kero just looked at him for a minute, before punching Naruto in the face. Now, despite his size, the little packed quite a punch; strong enough to send Naruto flying into the wall.

"Do you have any idea what you've unleashed on your world!" he roared. Naruto found himself suddenly very worried for his well being "Those Clow Cards, when unsealed, will bring disaster upon the world wherever they go! It was the great sorcerer Clow Reed who created these cards long ago, in a bygone age. Upon his death, he sealed them away in the Book of Clow. Knowing he could trust no one else not to abuse the power of the cards." he explained.

"But- But the book opened for me! It wasn't sealed at all!" Naruto exclaimed, trying to keep up with what was going on. If he had known those things were so powerful, he never would have unleashed them!

"I know" Kero said, crossing his arms over his chest, still holding onto the Windy. "Which means the book must have sensed something in you Clow Reed would have liked. This can only mean one thing" he said, dramatically.

"Wh-what?" Naruto asked, hating the stutter in his voice. He would not be intimidated by a freaking plush toy!

Kero cleared his throat, then said "Naruto Uzumaki! You have unleashed the Clow Cards from their slumber, and inflicted them upon the Earth! If you do not wish for catastrophe to befall your country, you must join me, and help me recapture the wayward Card Spirits. Do you accept this mission?" he asked with great seriousness.

Naruto hardly hesitated. While it certainly sounded like this would be difficult, he knew he had to do it. He had freed the Clow Cards, so it was his duty to reclaim them. Besides, what kind of future-kage would he be if let those things smash up his home?

So, giving his trademark grin, he nodded his head. "Your damn right I do. Don't worry, Naruto Uzumaki is on the case, Believe it!"

Kero internally winced; what a lame catchphrase. Shaking that off, he finished his speech "Then I Kerobos, hereby proclaim you Card Captor!" he declared. With a flash, something small floated between Naruto and Kero. It looked like a small key, which quickly floated towards Naruto, who instinctively raised his hand to touch it.

As he touched it, the 'Key' lengthened, turning into a full length staff. The head of the staff was shaped like a bird's head, with red gems for eyes and a beak and tiny wings on the back of the head. It might have been cool, but…

"It's pink" Naruto said, deadpanned. It was true, the whole staff did have a pink and white color pattern, which to Naruto, was pretty girly.

"This is the Sealing Wand. With it, you'll be able to revert the Clow Cards back into their card forms, and give you a bit of control over them afterwards."Keros explained, his voice one again its easy going tone.

"But it's Pink!" Naruto protested. Why couldn't it have been orange? Orange was badass, pink was… pink.

"It's also the only tool you have to keep the Clow Cards from wrecking your village"Keros said crossing his arms. Inside though, he had to admit he had always wondered why the Sealing Wand was pink. Green he could understand. Gold or purple would have been fine too. So why pink? It was like the wand was intended to be used by a prepubescent girl or something…

Naruto huffed "Fine" he grumbled. He could only hope nobody he knew saw him with this thing. Which made him think "Hey, shouldn't I tell the Old Man Hokage about this? He's the head of the village! With his help, surely we could-"

"NO! Nononononononono!"Keros shook his head violently in the negative. "We can't let anyone know about the Clow Cards! If we did, the results could be more disastrous then ever!"he told Naruto. Upon seeing the confused look he was getting, Keros felt he urge to smack his forehead. His new charge had better not be this dumb all the time "Look, trust me on this kid. This is not the kind of thing you want everyone knowing about. If the wrong kind of people got their hands on this power…"he trailed off, letting Naruto put it together himself.

Naruto gulped. If what Keros said was true (And he had no reason to doubt him so far), then these Clow Cards could do anything from burn down the village to sinking the country! No… it was probably for the best if only he and Keros knew. That way, no one could use the cards against his precious village, and all his precious people.

At that moment, Keros snapped his head up, his tiny eyes squinting. He turned to Naruto, his voice now deadly serious "It's begun. The first Clow Card has manifested itself."

Naruto leapt up, Sealing Wand clutched tightly in his hand. So soon? He had hoped for a little more time to gather his wits. Oh well, he'd just have to get over it. "Where it is?" he asked.

Keros pointed to the northwest. Naruto nodded; that was the direction of the forest where this whole mess had started. He quickly checked his equipment (which now included the Windy Card that Keros handed back to him), before tightening his new headband. Keros landed lightly on his shoulder, ready to guide Naruto to the first of many challenges. Using the window as an exit, Naruto hopped across the roofs. Looks like sleep would have to wait a little longer.

-Naruto; Card Captor-

It didn't take Naruto long to get to the spot Keros indicated. The whole way there, Naruto had been mentally preparing himself for what he thought might be waiting for him. And even then, he was still surprised.

It was a giant bird. A very large, pure white bird flew the middle of the clearing. Each wing was at least as wide as ten Narutos standing side by side.

"That's the Fly card" Keros told him, getting a nod in response.

"Why is it only hanging around here?" Naruto asked. If he could fly, he wouldn't be hanging around one spot waiting for someone to come and get him.

"I think it's just stretching its wings. It's been sealed for a long time. But that's a good thing in our case, because if this was a full strength, it'd be a lot harder to catch." Keros explained.

Naruto just nodded. Then, before Keros could say another word, he dashed off, bouncing off trees to get to the Fly's level. Bouncing off one last tree, he saw that he would land squarely on Fly's back. But it seemed Fly had spotted him, and with a flap of its wings, it raised itself higher into the air, and left Naruto floating in space.

Thinking quickly, Naruto summoned a shadow clone, and had it toss him up the rest of the way. He was just barely able to snag onto Fly's wing feathers, but he did it.

But Fly didn't seem to like the extra passenger. With a snap of its wings, Naruto was flung even higher into the air. From his vantage point, he was almost level with the top of Hokage Mountain so far away. And as gravity started to take effect (as it annoying tends to do), Naruto started to panic.

"Quick! Use the Windy!" Keros screamed in his ear. Naruto nodded quickly, fumbling around before finally drawing what he hopped would be his salvation. Keros quickly told him what to do and say; and without much dramatic flourish, he hit the card with the head of the Sealing Wand.

"Windy Card, come forth and help me!" Naruto cried out.

With a flash of light, the Card dissolved into yellow smoke, which quickly formed the body of a rather attractive young woman. It was difficult to make out any specific details about her features, given that her smoky substance kept getting disrupted by the wind that was rushing passed them as Naruto plummeted to a rather nasty end.

Thankfully Windy was quick on the uptake. With a flick of her hand Naruto felt a cushion of air under him, slowing his fall to the point that it was like he was floating.

"Oh thank you thank you!" Naruto said enthusiastically to Windy, who giggled slightly at his antics. That done, Naruto turned and faced Fly, who was was turned away from him and slowly flying away from the Village. He couldn't let that happen, so thinking quickly (something he'd honed from years of pranks), he turned to face Windy. After giving her a few quick instructions, he prepared himself.

With another wave of her hand, Windy sent a powerful blast of wind under Naruto's feet, propelling him like a missile towards Fly. Her job done, she quickly flew towards her new Master.

As they neared Fly at breakneck speed, Keros took the time to tell Naruto something important: Only the Sealing Wand would work on the Clow Cards. His traditional kunai and shuriken just weren't going to cut it with the mystical spirits. Naruto was thankful though. This saved him from wasting valuable time and weapons trying to damage the bird.

Though it was after that that Naruto realized a small problem in his plan. He was going pretty fast towards Fly, and now that he thought about it, he didn't have any way to slow down, which meant-


A cry echoed through the forest, as Naruto's body slammed straight into Fly's back. Normal weapons may not hurt it, but Fly had certainly felt that. Turning it's long neck, it saw the boy had managed to get onto it after all. Glancing up, he saw Windy flying towards him. This might be harder then it thought. Time for evasive action.

Naruto hadn't been in this much pain in a long time. Perhaps firing himself like a cannonball into the magic spirit's back Hadn't been a good idea. Groaning, he was at least glad he had managed to get on the thing. Shrugging it off, Naruto managed to roll over and wrap his arms around Fly's neck. Not a moment too soon either. For right after he did, Fly picked up speed and began to do loops in the sky. Naruto felt his body ache as the wind fought to tear him from the spirit and hurl him into space. It wasn't until Fly started to do barrel rolls over the tops of the trees that he realized Keros was in his hair screaming at him to do something. But he wasn't sure what he could do! If only he… Duh!

Glancing to his right, Naruto was hardly surprised to see Windy flying nearby. She was looking right at him expectantly; as thought to say 'Hello! Powerful Magical Spirit over here! Use Me!'

"Windy! Help me bring Fly down!" he called. Windy nodded in acknowledgment, before zipping closer to Fly. She sent tendrils of wind to bind the bird, only for Fly to speed up and avoid them. Clearly, the feathered fiend was going to have to be slowed down.

Bracing himself, Naruto managed to form the proper hand-seal while clinging for his life. In a puff of smoke that was quickly blown away by the wind, forty Narutos had appeared on Fly's back. There had been a few more, but there wasn't enough space on the Fly's back, that, plus the high wind speeds, resulted in a few of the unfortunate Naruto's appearing only to find themselves falling through space. Ouch. Sucks to be those guys.

The important thing though, was that with the combined weight of forty-one Narutos weighing it down, Fly was straining to keep up its pace. It still hadn't recovered all of its energy, and it was quickly being used up just dealing with this kid! Seeing Windy making another pass, Fly realized that the jig was up.

Yellow ropes of wind energy began to ensnare the exhausted Fly, pulling it downward towards the earth. One by one, the Naruto clones popped away as they neared solid ground, something both Naruto and Keros were happy to see.

Resisting the urge to kiss the ground in thanks, Naruto turned to face the bound Fly. Turning to Keros he asked "So… just how do I seal it anyway?"

Keros just shook his head "Just repeat these words exactly" he quickly explained what Naruto needed to do. Naruto nodded, a sense of excitement rising in his chest as he faced the first card he had actually managed to defeat.

"I am the Card Captor, and I order you to return to your true form!" he cried, raising his Wand and brining it down like a hammer on the air crying "Fly Card!"

-Naruto; Card Captor-

Deep inside Naruto, a pair of red eyes gleamed. "So, Clow Reed's magic roams free does it?" it chuckled at the predicament its container had found himself in. "How… entertaining. After all these years, finally things are looking up." it pondered to itself, having no one to talk to since its container had yet to contact it. "Hmm… perhaps a slight modification… yes, that would do quite nicely" it chuckled as it channel a small portion beyond the seal to the magic surrounding the boy's wand. It wasn't much, after all he didn't want his demonic energy mixing with Clow's magic to much. That could be… very bad for all involved (which wouldn't be so bad if that didn't include him). Its job done, the massive demon lay back down, watching and waiting as it had done for the last twelve years, hoping something interesting would finally happen.

-Naruto; Card Captor-

From the point where Naruto's wand struck, gold energy formed the shape of a card similar to the one Windy had taken. Fly began to glow gold as wisps of magic flowed from it towards the outline. It was slow at first, then rapidly. The more energy was taken, the more Fly became insubstantial. The more Fly faded, the more details became clear on the card.

However, the Fly wasn't the only thing changing. The Sealing Wand Naruto held tight in his grip began to get warm. Looking down at it, he saw red energy flow upwards from under his shirt to touch the base of the Wand. From there, it spread upwards, changing the Wand as it went. Where once there was pink, suddenly was crimson red (which despite not being orange, was still a vast improvement in the young genin's eyes). The white trim stayed the same, which was fine; but the biggest change came towards the top of the staff.

Under the head of the staff, two small black squares appeared, though Naruto couldn't fathom their purpose. The bird head was engulfed by the red chakra, changing its form to something… else. When the red light died down, Naruto gasped. Where once was a bird, now was the head of the Kyubi! It's fangs bared, Naruto saw it's tiny ruby eyes glow faintly in the light.

He wasn't sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, it did make the Sealing Wand even more badass. On the other, people who saw it weren't likely to take to kindly to seeing the Kyubi's visage so prominently. He really wasn't sure what he could or should do. In the end, he guessed he'd just have to wing it.

Naruto was so caught up in these thoughts that he almost missed the end of the sealing. With a final flash, Fly's form; which had become all but invisible anyway, vanished into thin air. At that exact moment, the Card completed itself, and drifted on an unfelt breeze towards Naruto's awaiting hand. Looking down at it, Naruto saw Fly, its wings caught in mid-flap, and felt as thought the card was looking back up at him. Heck, he wouldn't be surprised if it was.

Turning, he was surprised to see Windy, her form only visible from the waist up, gliding toward him. When she got closer, Naruto felt a little uncomfortable with how closely she was examining him. Deciding to break the silence, he said "Thank you for your help. I don't think I could've done it without you".

Windy just looked at him, her head tilted curiously. Then, she broke into a kind smile "Your are welcome Naruto-sama." she said simply, bowing to him as she started to fade away "Feel free to call on me anytime." and just before she completely disappeared, Naruto was sure he heard her mutter "you're much better looking them my last master" though perhaps he was simply hearing things from being overwhelmed by all that had happened tonight.

Catching Windy's card as it reappeared before him, Naruto turned to Keros, who nodded in approval. Keros had to admit, Naruto may not be such a loser after all. His first instinct when confronted with Fly hadn't been to immediately use Windy. Instead, he'd tried to bring down the large bird with his own hands. Stupid in hindsight, but it was refreshing to see someone try without instantly deciding that magic was the only option. Master Clow Reed would have approved.

As he and Naruto made their way back to the kids place, he sighed heavily. Still… as of now they only had two Clow Cards. There were still so many out there, doing Kami knows what. He really hoped Naruto was able to catch them all quickly, because if not… they were in for quite the journey. And not just the two of them. The odds were good that the kids village, and perhaps the whole world; would never be the same again…

End of Chapter 1

So there you have it! What did you think? I will admit that the begining (at least the part before he opens the book) feels somewhat rushed, but that's only because everyone and their grandmother know what happens in that part. Admit it, you could practically recite it in your sleep! So why waste time on that when we can get to the better, more origanl parts?

If Naruto seems kind of.. dumb, then it's because this is pre-timeskip, pre-ninja life, pre-anything major Naruto. And, let's be honest with ourselves Naruto fans, Naruto has always been just a little... stupid. He's great when he flies by the seat of his pants, but outside that, he's a bit dull. Don't worry, he'll grow and learn as he faces more and more trials. Keros will help where he can, but somethings can only be learned by oneself.

A major piece of inspiration for me, and something I highly recommend reading, is Shadow Crystal Mage's story: Card Captor Harry. It's a fantasitc CC/Hary Potter crossover. It takes place in Harry's third year, with him trying to capture the cards (other stuff happens too, but you should really read it to find out). It has two sequals, one which takes place the next year, and one which takes place the summer in between. Like most sequals, they're... so-so. But the first one is really good.

You know, looking over it, the battle with Fly reminds me a lot of a battle from Shadow of the Colossus. Huh. Not every battle with the Clow Cards will be like this one (i.e following pretty close to what happened in the Manga / Anime). They also will not be in the same order. That said, I won't give you a big teaser for the next chapter; instead I'll only give you the title (which should be enough to let you get a basic idea of what'll happen). I really hoped you all like this chapter, and if you did, PLEASE tell me so. Click on that lovely Review button, and tell me what you thought.

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