Another Series Of Unfortunate Events

Book, the Fifth

The Quarrelsome Quarry

Because of you Beatrice, our love was like the sand on the beach, unending yet easily washed away

Dear Reader,

A quarry is a site upon which intrepid individuals search for clues about the ancient past as a hobby to find out more about history and learn something from it in the process.

The Baudelaires' own time among the excavating group of another secret society however was not meant as a pastime and their striving to find out more about their parents' past will result in them learning a terrible truth about it. They will also encounter construction equipment, dynamite, misplaced car keys and sand in their shoes.

I must continue to investigate into their history so that I may learn something from it, but you can choose to do the opposite and wisely be like the ostrich and stick your head in the sand,

With All Due Respect,

Lemony Snicket

Another exciting chapter in the Baudelaires unbearable lives begins! r/r please