As we headed for Paris, Glinda asked, "What did you say to Rasputin?"

"Dasvidanya," I repeated myself.

"I think she meant 'what does it mean?'" Fiyero said, from my left.

I nodded and said, "It's a Russian word meaning bye or it's used as an interjection that also means goodbye, good bye to, good bye, au revoir, farewell, so long, good day, good afternoon, and tata."

"So, you basically told him bye?" Glinda asked, confused.

I nodded, smiling, and then said, "I'm glad he's gone."

Glinda and Fiyero stared—shocked—at me and I defensively said, "Well, it's true. Now that he's gone, I can live in peace."

They looked at each other and then nodded, realizing I was right.

"So, what's the plan for when we reach Paris?" Glinda asked, to change the subject.

"We get to Paris," I said. "I will escort the two of you to Aunt Sophie's, where you will be questioned. I'll prep you guys to the best of my ability. Then we'll go to the palace, where rooming will be assigned. Glinda, you'll stay with me, like you did last time, and I'll have Fiyero put in the nearest guest room."

"Last time?" Fiyero repeated.

"Glinda has already been to Paris," I explained. "She came with me for Grandma's funeral."

Fiyero nodded and said, "Thanks for clearing that up, Elphaba."

I grinned and said, "No problem, Yero."