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The sky shone dark blue as Change, in her crescent form hovered serenely above an empty town. Darkness had claimed every corner of the street where the frail arms of moonlight couldn't penetrate. Often, the pitiful whining of starved dogs was heard. Beggars retreated into their pitiful excuse for blankets as midnight wind blew colder.

As the night carried on the faint sound of a sole tapping against asphalt echoed like an odd and eerie metronome in the deserted street. A figure, tall, lithe and muscular appeared humming to the beat of his footsteps. His bright blonde hair danced under the light of the moon, contrasting with his all-black outfit.

Once in a while, he'd stop, sniffing the air. When he'd paused in his step, a beggar awoke, hoping to get some coins from the man. Their eyes met. Confident blue orbs stared coolly into the beggar's dark brown. Without anything being said, the beggar retreated back into his sleep area, knowing the look in the man's eyes. He wouldn't get even a cent from the beautiful blonde.

The tall blonde resumed his walk, nose still was sniffling the air. Once again, he stopped, but this time, abruptly.

"Blood," said him, catching metallic smell of the red fluid that hug heavily in the air.

His baritone voice was gracefully beautiful like a song in the lonely night. The urgency in that tone, however, was the only important thing to be noted at the time.

The man snapped his head toward a nearby building, eyes gleaming hungrily like a predator.

On the rooftop of the building where the black-clad blonde man had his eyes, a boy, roughly fourteen or fifteen stood. His green eyes gleamed against plaster smooth skin, a pale ray of moon lighting up his form as he watched the man at his feet writhe in the grasp of death's dance.

The boy stood so still, almost like a statue. His soft brown hair was flapping wildly behind, unable to fight the strong current of wind. His eyes were fixed on the bloodied body near his feet. A pair of pale hands clenched tightly beside his trembling body.

Clamping his eyes shut, the boy murmured a soft prayer to the dead man. He opened his eyes, glancing one more time at the body then put a white flower on top of the dead man's chest, whispering an unheard apology, then swiftly ran toward the fence and jumped down into the darkness.

Right that second after the boy was gone; the blonde man arrived, finding only the soulless body of a mid-thirty raven man. On his chest, a white flower had turned half-red from the blood. From all this darkness, the blonde could only see black stained white, but he had been in this kind of world for far too long to know that it was blood.

Picking up the flower, he absentmindedly fiddled with the crown, inspecting a small red footprint leaving body.

Smiling, he crushed the flower in his palm.

"I will find you, wherever you are my smart little mouse."

Morning came like a painful revelation to Teito. He was dead tired from his night job and the morning light hurt his eyes like hell. The sound of chirping birds didn't help either. It made his head pounded like a beaten old drum.

Suppressing a yawn, Teito stretched his sore muscles, thinking how he regretted last night's careless action. He shouldn't have jumped down from the roof. His legs were all wobbly and the jolt from the landing affected his body to the brain.

Regretful he might be, but he knew he had no choice at the time. He sensed someone's presence, a dangerous one, probably a hunter. Being in this line of work, Teito often faced dangers. The dangers varied, but the most dangerous one was the 'hunter'. As the name stated, they hunted assassins like him.

Honestly, Teito wasn't too fond of his current job but he wasn't stupid enough to cross Ayanami. To the brunette, Ayanami was both his savior and a man he must never defy. On the outside, Ayanami may appear like your normal beautiful man. However, the darkness in that man was deeper even than hell.

Shaking the thought, the boy climbed down lazily from his bed. His brown hair was sticking out in an unruly mess. Looking up to the mirror, he noticed a purplish bruise on his left shoulder, near the collarbone. He jumped down the roof to avoid getting caught, but hit his shoulder to a thick branch before landing. Now it swelled a little.

It's a good thing it wasn't my right, he thought sourly. If the bruise was on his right, it would be hard to do his night job.

Actually, from the stabbing pain he felt after curiously poking the bruise, he might not be able to properly lift a weapon. Worst of all, his favorite weapon of choice was a gun. He never choose a big one, preferring a smaller for easier hiding, but the impact from firing it might deepen hurt the wound.

Teito reached up to the medicine cabinet above with his good arm and took a white box with 'first aid' letter on the front. He opened the lid, carelessly dug the piles of unknown medicines until his hand found what he was searching for: a yellow, transparent bottle with black liquid inside.

When he opened the bottle, the smell of disinfectant filled the small bathroom. Teito had never liked that smell. It was ranked two after blood's metallic smell.

Carefully, the brunette draped a wet towel to the bruise. The cool towel felt comfortable against his heated skin.

Frowning slightly, Teito poured the black liquid to a clean cloth and then took off the towel. From the corner of his eyes, he could still see the swelling. Although it wasn't that big but hurt a lot more than it looked.

Despite his careful press on the bruise, Teito was unable to suppress hisses of pain slipping from his lips. It was like someone was poking his wound with needles. Tears formed on the corner of his eyes and fell involuntarily. Fortunately, the pain lasted only for a minute. After that, he already felt better. Though he still could not hold something heavy with his left arm, it wasn't as bad as before.

The brunette quickly but still cautiously put on his uniform. He never managed to like the black clothing, seeing it similar to funeral cloth. Chuckling at the thought, he realized how suitable it was to him. Teito was an assassin at night and during the day, he attended military school. For as long as he could remember, his life always revolved around death.

The idea of having to spend his whole life in this line of job scared him sometimes. It wasn't like he was scared of death. On the contrary, at times he welcomed it. However, this kind of life style often endangered him and those around him and he was scared of losing anyone.

Once, he thought he would never have that important 'somebody' but alas, he had.

Teito's world changed, from A to Z, all because of his best friend, Mikage. The cheerful and happy-go-lucky blonde classmate was the first to come to his aid whenever the other students came to spat their jealousy at him. Teito wasn't all that grateful at first. He found the blonde annoying. However, along with time, he grew to care about him.

Their personality was of the exact opposite. Mikage was like a bright sunshine, a day in the world. Teito, on the other hand was nothing but darkness, a night without moon. It was bizarre how Mikage ever put any attention to the brunette.

Teito glanced up to the mirror one last time to fix his bed hair, nodding as he finally put down a handful of stubborn hair. When he satisfied, he put back the first aid box to the top of the cabinet and grabbed his bag. Without a second look, he slipped out of from the door and locked it. Today was going to be a long day for him and he could already feel the coming of another headache.

Frau was annoyed, very, terribly annoyed. First, he lost his target last night, not that it mattered much to him. It would only make things interesting for him, but Bastien didn't think so. The raven gave him nearly an hour scolding and a few hard kicks. He was tired and ached but wasn't given chance to sleep a bit.

Next, when he thought he would finally escape the clutch of his foster father, he was caught by the swarm of screaming girls. They were loud and practically creating noise pollution around him. Frau liked women and vice verse, but only this time he truly wished they would all disappeared from his sight.

"Sorry girls, I'm already late," said him with concealed irritation.

Swiftly, he slipped away from the crowd and jogged to his working place: Barsburgh Military School. His long, black coat was flapping wildly along with his quick steps. Without glancing back even once, he arrived at the gate. Many of the students had arrived.

Smiling, he waved to some who greeted him. Then his eyes caught a flock of silky brown hair.

'Teito Klein', he smiled secretly.

Frau was always so fond of that boy for good reasons. The brunette, despite the small-built, was very quick and perceptive when it came to combat. Though not much could be said for his knowledge in theory, as long as he could excel his practical class, it was all mattered to the blonde.

Casually, the blonde walked toward the lonely brunette. Frau nearly always found him alone, except for a few times with Mikage. Apparently the brunette was hated by most students for being the teachers' pet. Worse, it appeared that Ayanami, commander of the elite force was interested at him.

"Good morning, Teito."

The sudden greeting stopped Frau in his track. Unruly mess of golden strands appeared from beside the brunette. Mikage, Teito Klein's one and only best friend came and always so cheerful. Sometimes he made Frau a bit jealous. That boy was always so happy and seemed to worry about nothing.

Playfully, he slung a hand to the shorter boy. It was his usual gesture but the other boy's response was a bit different from usual. For a short moment, Teito's countenance turned from the usual cool façade to a grimace of pain. It lasted for just a second but it didn't escape Frau's expert eyes. His job, the real job, required him to be attentive to his surroundings. He never let the smallest change escaped his eyes, especially when it came to the student he was interested in.

Frau held great attention toward the boy not for a reason many people often thought. It was true he found the boy greatly amusing at times, but rather than that, Frau suspected Teito. Frau was a teacher during day but his true profession was a hunter. As the name suggested, he hunted, not animal but human: assassins. The latter was also the reason he worked here. The group he was working with had decided that the school was most probably the hidden headquarter of the assassin group.

When he first met Teito Klein, when he first saw the boy fight, he immediately made a mental note. It was a military school so it was pretty common to see one fought well. However, Teito gave off a certain feeling Frau couldn't describe. To put it simply, Teito Klein reeked of death and blood.

"I see you two are energetic as usual." Frau greeted the two boys casually. He noted from the corner of his eyes, Teito's brief surprised look.

"Good morning, Frau – er – sir?"

"Frau's fine." The blonde waved off the formality. "And the first period is my combat class, right?"

The blonde boy nodded enthusiastically. He was always so excited during Frau's class. For one, no one dared to mess with the brunette under Frau's eyes and secondly, similar with Teito, Mikage was one of Frau's favorite.

Smiling, he gave the boy affectionate pat on the shoulder and then finally turned to look at the shorter boy.

"Teito, come with me for a sec, and Mikage, don't be late!"

Without waiting for their confirmation, Frau walked off toward a smaller gate to the side. It leaded to infirmary, teacher's office and lounge. Mikage waved and ran off to the main building which consisted of student's classrooms, combat field, and various training grounds.

Teito waited until his friend was gone from his sight before finally turned around and quietly followed the taller blonde. Frau didn't stop for him but he seemed to slow down to allow Teito to catch up. They walked in silent until they reached infirmary.

The place was silent and empty. The doctor was always gone somewhere, though Frau knew he would find the petite doctor in the garden. The blonde had known him for a long enough time to remember his hobby. They were both sent by group to investigate the school along with another man, and the three of them were best friends.

Motioning the boy to sit, he grabbed a bottle of disinfectant, water-proof bandage and clean cotton-ball. Pulling a chair, he sat down in front of the boy.

"Take off your shirt," ordered him shortly.

"Ex-excuse me?"

Frau groaned inwardly. Castor had often reminded him not to cut his words too short because it always caused misunderstanding, but sadly, he always forgot.

"I mean, let me inspect your shoulder. It's hurt, isn't it?"

The blonde saw Teito's fingers twitched but his expression betrayed nothing.

"There's nothing wrong with me."

"Would you rather have me stripped you down?"

This time the boy couldn't hide behind his mask. His cheek rapidly grew hotter as pink painted his face to the ear. Frau found the phenomenon so much amusing; he couldn't help but tease the boy now and then.

Still smirking, Frau motioned the boy to resign his fate to the man's hand. Frau really had to restrain himself from bursting out laughing, seeing the boy's involuntary pout.

"I won't eat you, so relax," assured him.

The boy obediently yet still hesitantly sat down and stripped half-naked. What greeted Frau behind the uniform wasn't the soft skin of a boy his age. Teito Klein's body was well built despite the lithe form. He might not have the most muscular body but it was visible he had trained his body well.

Frau took his sweet time, slow and careful, to inspect the boy. To say he was mesmerized was an understatement. Frau was known to many as a womanizer and this was his first time ever being captivated by a body without boobs. It hurt his pride a little.

Stupid pride being put aside, the blonde felt deep disappointment. It was such a pity for such beautiful skin to have cuts everywhere. Some had have healed, leaving only darkening scar, but many more was healing. The man had seen many student of this school fought and wounded, but none had cuts as many as this boy before him. Frau had long suspected this boy being one of the assassins he was looking for, but now his suspicion grew stronger.

Tearing his lustful gaze off the body, the blonde focused all his attention to the shoulder. It had been warped carelessly with clean bandage but Frau could still see the purplish skin underneath. Carefully, he tore off the bandage, inspecting the wound.

'The bone's safe'

The teacher took a clean cloth and wet it with warm water. Effortlessly, he wriggled the water from the cloth and carefully wiped the wound.

"Do you need painkiller?" asked the man when the boy hissed in pain. Teito shook his head weakly so Frau continued to clean the wound. When he was done, he expertly applied medicine to the skin and warped it neatly back with the bandage. When he was done, he finally asked the question that had been floating in his head like a disease. "What happen?"

There was silence. Frau almost thought he wouldn't be getting any answer. Yet he was wrong.

"…just some training."


"I often did that with my guardian. This time we had mock fight on the roof. I jumped down but the shoulder got hit by branch."

'Seems honest but smells like lies,'Frau mentally took a note of the boy's voice and countenance as he confessed. Teito was avoiding his scrutinizing gaze. That might be from uneasiness of Frau's stare or probably guilty conscience, but either way, Frau decided to drop it at that.

"I'm interested to know what kind of training you are having, but the bell has rung. I'll see you back in the field."

Frau gave him a brief ruffle before shooing the boy off. From the corner of his eyes, the blonde note how the boy's annoyed expression changed to his usual cold façade. The brunette turned away almost immediately and walked out of the room. However before he closed the door, he murmured a shy 'thanks' and ran off, leaving Frau frozen on his seat.

'Huh, that is one cute little mouse to hunt,' thought him with a smile.

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