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Teito woke up feeling his head snuggled against warm wall of muscle. At first he was confused, but hectic images of yesterday's event quickly re-entered his aware mind. Instantly, he jolted to sit. His green eyes widen and then narrowed in frown. Had he just slept on top of Frau? A blush quickly colored his porcelain skin pink. Slowly, Teito moved to leave the bed, hoping he wouldn't wake the blonde man up.

The poorly made floor creaked loudly when Teito put his weight to his left foot. The boy cringed. Hesitantly, he looked back. Frau was still snoring softly. His chest heaved up and down in slow breathing. Releasing the breath he was holding, Teito turned his head back to the floor.

His right foot landed soundlessly on the floor. For a minute, he stayed like that. His ears picked up any sign of Frau waking up. When he still heard the soft snore, he sighed softly and walked stealthily to the bathroom.

Shutting the door with a soft click, Teito turned the water tap to fill the bathtub with hot water. Raggs was not as wealthy country it once was. But as it was located near the volcano, hot water was the only luxury he could ever have here.

Steam soon filled the room as water filled nearly half of the small tub. Teito took his toothbrush and efficiently brushed his teeth. After finishing with the brushing of his teeth, he filled his glass with water and gargled his mouth clean. Finally, he stripped off the clothes in no time to enter the steaming hot water.

At first the water was hurting his skin. It was not boiling hot, but enough to turn his skin red. He gave a moment until he felt accustomed to the heat and rested his head on the side. The water finally felt good on his body and he felt his tiredness was lifted slightly.

Teito turned his head to face the ceiling. His eyes were staring unfocused at a tiny hole right above his head as his mind started to wander.

Kreuz's sudden coming surprised him. More than that, he felt somehow agitated upon seeing Frau. It was true that the man had been occupying his mind for every single minute ever since their separation, but seeing him in flesh made him nervous.

Teito could still see so clearly how his lifeless blue eyes sparkled back to life upon seeing him. His hands on his arms burned through the sleeves. His gaze burned into his soul. His kiss; so passionate and loving as he devoured Teito's mouth…

The brunette shivered. Thinking about the kiss made his stomach fluttered and giddy. Red returned to his cheek and he felt a certain part grew hard as well.

"Oh shit…" the boy muttered under his breath. There was no one there to see his growing desire, but it felt shameful to lose control of his body. Guiltily, he pulled his legs to his chest.

Steam from the water fogged the small bathroom. Somehow it made Teito felt more hidden, more secure. As he felt calm began to wash over him, his lower part softened. With a sigh, he relaxed his body and enjoyed the burning caress against his skin.

It wasn't too long when Teito decided to step out from the bathtub. The moment his body left the water, chilling wind brushed his skin. Soft hiss escaped his lips as he felt shiver shook his entire body weak. Hastily, he dried his body with a large towel he brought in. With a few efficient moves, warm clothing had warped his lithe body.

Teito opened the door carefully, afraid of waking the sleeping blonde. However, his effort was wasted because the very blonde was currently sitting on the bed, looking dazed. Teito froze immediately. He was torn between wanting to worm his way back into the bed and cuddled at the sleepy man, or ran back inside the bathroom. The man's beauty is sin for Teito's heart.


The man's sudden call jerked Teito back. Startled, the boy gave a sheepish half-smile. It was too late now to run or hide. So the boy walked toward the bed where Frau was waiting with his hand extended. Frau's haze held him like magic. Teito was bewitched by the clear blue pool and before he knew it, he had placed his hand on Frau's. Warmth seeped into his very being. Teito felt his body shivered uncontrollable upon the contact.

"Are you cold?" Teito looked up to meet the most brilliant blue ever. Instead of answering, he smiled and shook his head. The man smiled back and pulled Teito closer. With a swift move, he slipped one hand to the boy's waist and another to the back of his neck.

Teito couldn't be more surprised. His surprised yelp was drowned out when Frau's lips once again sealed his. The man nibbled at Teito's lower lip, earning the man satisfied moan from the boy. Taking the chance, Frau pushed his tongue inside the wet cave and explored eagerly. Teito felt his body melted.

A few minutes of an intimate kiss lasted like hours in his head. Teito panted heavily when their lips parted. He felt his body grew hot and desire ran amok within him. Damn this beautiful blonde and his kiss.

"Now, you don't feel cold anymore, do you?" the man teased.


Frau flashed him another grin at the pout. But it was immediately replaced by serious look.

"What's your plan now?"

"Honestly, I don't know," Teito sighed. "I plan to visit Father and discuss about this. This might be the place of my birth, but I know I have to go back to the Church sooner or later. I have explanation to be made there."

Frau grinned playfully, remembering the boy's two angry friends. He could imagine the two's red-beat face as they scolded this beautiful brunette in his arms. Though, no matter how mad they were, no one could stay angry at Teito for long. It only showed how amazing this boy was.

"That's right," Frau said finally. "You have to face those two's wrath." He laughed, seeing Teito's terrified look.

"I'm alright with any of your decision, Tiashe. As long as they don't involve hurting you or having you went missing on us again."

Teito looked down, slightly hurt at Kreuz's unintended sarcasm. He knew his uncle didn't mean bad since it sounded sincere and laced with worry. Teito unconsciously flinched when his eyes met Kreuz's. His uncle was serious. And Teito had made a very big mistake by leaving them.

"I'm sorry, Father."

"You know I love you more than anything, Tiashe."

Teito raised his head with a smile plastered on his cherry red lips. "I know," he said.

Finally, the usual kind and understanding smile bloomed, forming dimples on his uncle's cheek. The sight made Frau nod in approval. The two had always put each other more than themselves. It was heart-warming to see them finally reunited properly. Frau knew how much they meant to each other. Although in a different sense from Frau needed Teito all together.

"When will you leave?"

Frau directed his gaze back at Kreuz. Lingering there for a few seconds, his attention returned to the boy. It seemed he couldn't control his reflexes to droll at the boy each and every time.

Force tearing his gaze away, Frau replied, "Today. Noon will be good since the next village is only a few hours away."

"So soon?"

"Yeah." Teito said with a slightly sad smile. As if he was sad to be apart from this place. Maybe he was. "I want to meet Mikage and Hakuren as soon as possible."

"I see. I won't hold you then. I need to remain in this town for a while. I hope you will keep him safe, won't you Frau?"

"Don't ask stupid thing, Kreuz. You know I won't let him do any stupid stunt again. If I must, I'll tie him up until we arrive at the Church."

Kreuz laughed at that. Imagining his stubborn prince being tied up sounded strangely appealing. Maybe that way the troublemaker boy would stop them from worrying about him day and night.

Smiling finally, Teito rose to his feet and hugged his uncle close. In response, Kreuz squeezed his nephew's arm and planted a kiss on his forehead. "May you be safe, my beloved."

"I will, uncle. And you be safe too."

Frau followed but instead of hugging, he took Kreuz's hand and squeezed them painfully tight. "Be safe, my friend." Said Kreuz which was replied the same by Frau.

It took nearly 6 days to reach the Church. Teito was excited when they saw the white building stood ever tall and proud from far distance. He was supposed to feel happy but as they got closer, dread gripped his heart almost painfully.

"Will they forgive me?" the boy looked up to search for answer inside Frau's sky-blue eyes. When he saw light gleamed warmly in that beautiful color of blue, Teito quickly unclenched his fists. He wasn't aware when he actually clenched them.

"I'll be right behind you," encouraged his lover. Teito smiled in gratitude.

The gate was as imposing as the one in his vivid memory. The same white stone wall was opened every day to greet people who sought forgiveness and protection. Once again, Teito walked through the thick gate. However this time, he didn't come to kill. Nor did he come to seek protection. He came for his friends. Teito had never believed in God anyway.

Stepping inside the gate, the two travellers entered the Church ground. They had a mere few seconds of peace before mercilessly surrounded almost immediately by worshippers. At the sudden crowd, Teito only frowned at Frau. The ex-bishop smiled apologetically and that drew a sigh from the boy.

It had always been a wonder why Frau was so popular with the worshippers. They knew he read porn and smoke despite being a supposedly-holy man. They were all attracted to him like bees to flowers. Then again, Teito probably had the worst attraction because he literally fall head over heel for him.

"Frau, I'll go ahead. You take your time," mischievous gleam crossed the brunette's eyes as he passed on the message. His grin told Frau to handle the mass himself and Teito was going to escape. From the corner of his eyes, Teito saw Frau extended his right hand in attempt to grab Teito's arm. "Sorry," said the boy as he slipped away, leaving Frau pouting at his leave.

Now alone, the boy slowed down on his steps. His eyes travelled around, taking every familiar scene.

It's really been a while.

Memories of the place quickly reappeared in his head. Throughout his miserable life, Teito was the happiest in this place. He made friends other than Mikage for the very first time. People cared and doted him every day. Though the latter made him cringed inwardly for a bit, he couldn't stop happiness from bubbling out. He felt loved for the first time in his life.

Teito made an automatic turn when he reached the fork and walked toward the park. It was Teito's favorite spot to spend his free time. In the far end of the small park stood a cherry-blossom tree. Teito had been eager to see it bloomed but it never did, unfortunately. Until today.

Strong gush of wind blinded him temporarily the moment his feet stepped out into the park. A storm of pink petals showered him. When Teito finally opened his eyes, everywhere was dotted by pink. It was breath-taking and the boy was flabbergasted.

For the first time he could finally see pink petals covered each part of the tree branches. Wind brought about the flowers and they rained down upon him like pink-colored snow. The world was suddenly seemed so bright and colorful in his eyes; something he had never truly appreciated until now.

Snapping out from his mesmerized state, Teito walked closer to the tree. The distance wasn't far at all, but obstructed by flying petals, the boy failed to notice a blonde figure who sat comfortably under the tree. A few steps away from the tree then, he finally noticed the other.

The other's long blonde hair, as usual, was tied to the side. His dark purple eyes were deeply engrossed in the book on his lap. Raining flowers never seemed not to bother the boy. Wavering smile nearly graced Teito's lips when he took a step closer and made his presence known.

Hakuren Oak was born a noble. He had everything one man could ever wish for: money, comfortable house, abundant food. But none of them were his true wishes. For all his life, Hakuren had always longed for two things: his freedom and true friends.

He had gotten the first by running away from home, but the second wish was the hardest. He thought having a true friend would never happen in this life of his, but he was wrong. He met Teito. Despite the differences and bad beginning, Hakuren had come to love the boy. Such innocence irked him often, but Hakuren simply couldn't hate the boy. He was probably the very first best friend he had ever made.

When Teito was presumed dead, Hakuren cried for the longest time ever. Both he and Mikage did. Teito was their precious brother, a jewel in their life. And he was gone, thought dead but they knew Teito was alive.

And so, when Hakuren raised his head to meet that emerald gaze, water blurred his eyes instantly. Knowing nothing needed to be said; Hakuren rose to his feet and crush the boy into his chest. The smaller boy flailed, but Hakuren smiled instead of letting him go.

Behind the boy, Mikage was staring, obviously not believing his eyes. He must be contemplating whether this Teito in Hakuren's arm was real or an illusion he created because he missed the boy too much.

"He's real, Mikage."

Mikage's frown turned into a gasp. And he ran toward the two, joining in with the hug. "Teito, you big moron," said the other blonde with a sob.

"I'm sorry."

"You should be." Hakuren released his hug and kissed Teito on his forehead. "Welcome back, Teito."

"Yeah," said Mikage, following in Hakuren's lead and kissed the boy's forehead. "Welcome back home."

Teito felt his body warmed up from inside. Butterflies pleasantly made his stomach flutter. His miserable life suddenly turned 360 and he felt cherished. He had too many people to care about and that made him afraid. But he couldn't help loving them. They were the best thing ever given to him by whomever God up above. And for that he was thankful.

"I'm back, Mikage, Hakuren," said the boy finally. A wide smile beautifully formed as once again they warped their arms around him.

3 years later

Snow rained down like it always was in Raggs. For the years he spent living in this town, Teito had grown accustomed with the skin-piercing cold. And unlike several years ago where he lived in small shack of wood, now he had a slightly better house. Better yet, together with Frau.

The blonde man had left his old occupation and decided to go with Teito since the latter refused to stay in the Church. The place was still one of his homes, but the boy felt the need to put a distance to his old life. And thus he came back to Raggs with Frau. Of course, the people were more than overjoyed. After all, he was their prince.

As for Frau, leaving his job was a blow to the Church. He was one of their best fighters. The best of the best, actually. He was a genius in combat and still is. Teito could see why the Archbishop – Jio-sama – would try to stop the man from leaving. Still, Teito felt nothing but happy as the man left for him.

When there is a light, there's a shadow. There's always a negative impact for everything. And this one was no exception.

With Frau's leave and his position empty, they had to find his replacement. Much to Teito's dismay, both Hakuren and Mikage applied. Worse, they were accepted quite warmly at that.

"Why are you sulking suddenly?" Frau slipped his arms from behind and easily circled Teito's lean waist. "Still mad at Hakuren and Mikage?"

"I'm not mad!" the boy pouted but didn't resist when Frau pulled him to sit on his lap. "I'm just…it's a very dangerous job. I don't want anything bad to happen to them."

"Teito, they're not children. Nor are you their mother. It is their lives they are living."

"I know, I know but still…"

But still he couldn't help but fear. They were truly precious for the boy. Teito had broken once. If something were to happen to them, he'd probably break down worse than ever before. At the gloomy thought, Teito unconsciously frown.

Sensing the boy's mood, one of Frau's hands moved away toward the boy's chin and forced him to look up. For the last three years, Teito had grown. His silky brunette lock had grown longer. His skin was still the same porcelain albeit darker just slightly. But he was still the beautiful boy Frau had grown to love.

And that pout was always so cute

Frau smiled lovingly as his head lowered down to kiss Teito's nose. "Stop fretting, okay. They'll be okay. Castor and Lab are with them."

"I guess," the boy sighed. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be."

Once again, Frau lowered down, but this time on Teito's slightly parting lips. He licked the boy's lips, earning a soft moan. Taking that as an encouragement, Frau pushed his tongue into the boy's mouth, exploring and massaging the wet cave. Frau began slowly but the tempo increased without knowing. When they parted, Teito was flushing bright red and panting quite heavily.

"I won't let you talk me into stopping this time, brat." The man smirked. Much as he wanted to do all sort of dirty stuff to the boy, the latter always managed to stop him. This time, Frau wouldn't allow him to talk his way out of this.

"I…I'm not…"

"Yeah, yeah." Once again Frau's mouth silenced him.

As for the rest, well, they live happily ever after. Sometimes, Teito would visit the graveyard near the entrance to the forest. It was where the people had buried his parents. But at the far end, there stood an empty tomb. Whether the intended person was already dead or alive somewhere, Teito put it as a marking of his past. It only had a stone marking, but the words engraved were clear…

I entrust to you my past...

Wind blew hard, blowing away dirt and dust. On the stone tomb without name, a black military hat fluttered as if caressed by the wind.

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