Alex took a deep breath. It didn't matter how many times she did this, it never got any easier. Even though her working life revolved around going to see her clients in prison, everything was different when it was her own daughter.

She took another breath, and walked into the visitor's room. Josie walked in from another door at the other side of the room. Alex couldn't help noticing how much paler she looked, thinner, lost.

Alex walked straight over to her daughter and hugged her. Josie made a slight attempt at hugging her back. At a small cough from one of the prison officers, Alex let go and sat down.

"How are you?" She knew it was a stupid question, but it was something she always asked.

"Fine." Josie sounded defeated, but Alex wasn't going to give up.

"So, what's new then?" Josie stared at her.

"Nothing." Then she sighed. "What's new with you?"

"Well, we went for another scan last week, I brought you a picture." Alex held up a picture of her baby. Josie nodded. "We don't know if it's a boy or girl yet, we've decided to wait and see."

"Got a name?" Alex looked at her. Then realised that although she was trying to sound interested, she really wasn't. Josie was just trying to please her by asking questions. By doing this, they could almost pretend that everything was ok.

"We've thought of a few, but nothing definite yet. Have you thought of any?"

"What, do you want me to suggest names of people in here?"

"Well no-"

"Well they're the only ones I'm likely to come across!"

Another small cough from the prison officer, and the two of them fell silent. Alex took another long look at her daughter. No matter how hard she tried, Josie always seemed to push her away, even now, after everything that had happened.

Alex would often wonder what would happen when Josie got out of prison. The events of that day were still just as fresh in everyone's minds as they had been the day it had happened. She didn't see how her daughter would be able to carry on living in the same town as all of the people that had been affected by Peter's actions. After Peter's suicide, the town had still needed someone to blame. The blame had automatically fallen on Josie. No matter how much Alex didn't want to believe it, her daughter had still shot Matt. So few other people would see that it hadn't been her fault.

"I'm sorry." Alex said.

"I know." They looked at each other for a moment.

"I have to go." Alex began to stand up, Josie followed suit. Alex sadly watched her being led out of the room, and was about to leave, when, at the door, Josie turned.

"Matt." She said.

Alex blinked. "What?"

"For the baby."

"Oh Josie." Alex whispered.

"I loved him." Josie turned, and left the room.

Alex closed her eyes. "I know." She muttered. She turned and left.