Noah Harmonia Gets In Trouble

Oh shit.

AN: Yep, I'm taking 'stupid' to another level. I was talking to my best friend, Lady Midnight Sage, about N and how innocent and uncorrupted his mind is. In my mind, he's living with Black and White (my chosen names for Touya and Touko - I REFUSE to use the names Hilbert and Hilda) and his mother, Catherine Harmonia. You may know her from my fanfic Secrets of Harmonia which I will be continuing. I'm nearing the end of it and ends always make me nervous. So writing it's going to take time.

In this mini series, I'm going to put N in every imaginable awkward moment possible, in which he learns the existence of hormones, erotica, boners and other very awkward things that make his three companions very nervous. XD

This contains Monochromeshipping (BlackxNxWhite threesome).

Also, this is my 100th story on this site. Holy crap, I finally hit the milestone!


Chapter One: Noah Harmonia discovers Playboy

"Bye! I've gotta go out for a while!" Catherine called.

"Where are you going, Mom?" Noah asked, glancing up from the TV. His attention was on the latest episode of The Desperate Gardevoir and he was dying to see the end of it.

"I've got to pick up dinner and I'm suppose to meet Looker for a while," Catherine said. "I told you this earlier. Weren't you listening?"

"Uh, yeah..."

"Good! By the way, Black said he was meeting White later after her Champion battles. They don't expect to be home for a while so watch the house, Noah. We'll be back around nine," Catherine instructed.

"Okay, Mom," Noah said, looking at the TV again. Catherine shook her head and rushed out. Noah sat on the couch with his pillow on his lap and mashed in his arms, biting and squeezing it in anticipation of the ending. The Gardevoir was in torment about her Swampert lover having to leave her to fight in a war against his own father and his people just for being with her. The Gardevoir was left with her mistress and her mistress's lover, who didn't know his Excadrill was trying to steal a kiss from his Raichu and was in competition with a Braviary and a Hydreigon, even though it was obvious that the woman's Emolga was stealing the Raichu's heart.

Noah sighed. Those male pokemon were such idiots. Why bother pursuing a girl that was obviously infatuated already?

The episode ended with it's typical cliffhanger ending. The Swampert's father had launched a huge attack against him with the outcome still in the air. Would he live? Would he die? Noah would know next week.

Noah flipped the TV off and groaned. He hated suspense. It was annoying and seemingly pointless. Not to mention now that the episode had ended, what was left for him to do? No one was home. Normally he had Black and White to fool around with (especially when they thought Catherine wasn't looking), but this time they were busy. And now his mom was gone too. What was he suppose to do by himself?

Vaguely, he remembered the box that Black had marked Private! in his room. When he asked Black what was inside, Black had turned red and told him he was never to look in there. What was in there was not meant to be shared with anyone, especially White and Catherine.

Well now they weren't home. Maybe now was the right time to see what was inside. He went up the stairs and past the sign on the door that said, "NO TRESPASSING. VIOLATORS WILL BE SHOT, SURVIVORS WILL BE SHOT AGAIN." When he asked Black what that meant, Black said, "It means anyone who's not suppose to be in there dies. If they survive, they get another chance at death."

Sometimes Black scared him, even though he was his and White's boyfriend.

The box that Black had specially marked as private was still on his desk. And even better, it was open. Black must have been leafing through it before he left. Perfect! Noah crept closer, wondering what he would find inside. Was it something he was planning on surprising White with? Like a cute pokemon? Or something else...?

He peeked inside and his eyes widened. Staring up at him from the bottom of the box was a pair of big boobs.

...well, not quite. They weren't real. They were on a magazine.

Noah reached in and picked up the magazine. The cover was entirely made up of a big naked woman with the words PLAYBOY etched on the top. What was a play boy?

He started flipping through the magazine, surprised at what he was seeing. There were articles after articles about women, women's bodies, something called sex, sex toys and 'how to have earth-shattering orgasms', whatever THAT meant.

It was say the LEAST.

But what was Black doing with all this? He decided to ask him when he got home.

Meanwhile, there were more magazines to read.

When Black and White walked through the door, they were surprised to not find Noah in front of the TV. The house was also eerily quiet. From prior discussion, they knew Catherine had to go out and Noah did not. That meant Noah was home alone.

Quiet home plus Noah being here alone equals not sure if good.

"Noah?" White called. There was no answer. She tried again, this time getting a muffled laugh coming from upstairs. "What the hell?"

Black was already at the stairs. "NOAH!" he yelled. "What are you doing?"


Black narrowed his eyes. It sounded like he was in HIS room. HIS private 'cave' that White was only allowed in when he said so...

...wait a sec.

He just remembered the carton of Playboy magazines he left in plain sight on his desk.

His OPEN carton.

"SHIT! NOAH, YOU BETTER NOT BE READING MY MAGAZINES!" Black yelled, running up the stairs two at a time with White in hot pursuit.

"What magazines?" White asked but Black ignored her. He threw open the door to his room to find Noah sitting at his desk and flipping through the fiftieth Playboy magazine of the day. White's jaw dropped and Black looked ready to flip his lid.

"This is really interesting, Black!"

"Black..." White's voice was dangerously low and angry sounding. "Why...the you have Playboy magazines?"


XDDD. This is going to be very amusing indeed.

I'll be updating this whenever the heck I feel like it. :3