Noah Harmonia Gets In Trouble

Chapter Two: Noah Harmonia discovers Bloodhound Gang

Needless to say, White was rather unamused to find out her boyfriend had been hoarding sex magazines and hadn't even bothered to get her a subscription to Playgirl. After promising he would do so and also explaining that Playboy taught him many tricks for pleasing White in bed, Black hastily hid his magazines in another part of his room and proceeded to make it up to White later on in the night. Noah went to bed around the same time after getting an idea of what an 'earth shattering orgasm' meant.

When he woke up the next morning, he was surprised the world was still intact.

At breakfast, Black announced he has a musical to go to and it was a very important one because a pokemon casting agent was going to be in the audience and it was a chance for his precious Leavanny to become a star. Catherine was interested in seeing the musical, but White wanted to go shopping and Noah immediately lit up at the idea. He really loved shopping and White loved having a boyfriend who didn't mind telling her his opinion of how she looked in clothes without getting bored.

So they all went their own separate ways. Black and Catherine went to Nimbasa City and White and Noah went to the Route 9 shopping mall. White's first destination was the music section, saying she really wanted to get some new CDs to listen to. Noah, of course, was confused. He didn't have much knowledge of what music was, so White was happy to show him.

"This is a CD," she said, showing Noah a round object with a small hole in the center. "It plays musical tracks from the band that made it in a studio. They play instruments and sing to make music. I love to listen to songs from my own favourite bands, so I try to get a lot of CDs when I can."

"What bands do you listen to?" Noah asked, starting to get it.

"Lots of different kinds. I like Rush, Three Days Grace, Eminem, Lifehouse, Nightwish, Dream Theater...I'm not too picky. I just can't listen to pop or country," White replied, making a face. "I hate boys who sound like girls. Like Justin Bieber."

"Did you say Beaver?" Noah asked. White laughed and led him over to the music store. She tried to explain how it could have been possible for a guy to sound so feminine but Noah didn't understand how that could have made him famous.

Inside the music store, White was busy picking up many different kinds of CDs from her favourite bands. She showed Noah a headset that allowed one to listen to music and get a hint of what it sounded like. The CD that was inside the player was called Hefty Fine and it didn't sound too bad. She left Noah alone while she went to find more music.

"I kind of like this. It sounds nice."

It did indeed sound quite upbeat and fun. Although some of the words didn't really make sense to him. For example, what's an uhn tiss? And what did making a pass to Mountbackass mean?

"Uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss baby~ Uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss."

"Hey, that kinda sounds like the noises White was making last night," Noah thought.

He listened to some more of the CD until White came back. She was carrying a shopping bag filled with plenty of music and had a happy look on her face.

"Ready to keep going, Noah?"

"Sure. Hey White, listen to this for a second. Can you tell me what it all means?" Noah asked. He was listening to one song he really didn't understand and was curious about it. White took the headset and started the song over again.

"Dear Chasey Lain
I wrote to explain
I'm your biggest fan."

"This isn't so bad. Maybe Noah's just confused who this Chasey Lain is," White thought.

"I just wanted to ask
could I eat your ass?
Write back as soon as you can."

"OH HOLY ZEKROM!" White took off the headset in horror as she realized that Noah was listening to Bloodhound Gang, one of the dirtiest bands in existence. The band was famous for its raunchy sexual songs and use of dirty words. How much did Noah hear?

"White, how does someone eat ass? Is it good? How does someone get a lot of dick? What is dick anyway? And what are titties?" Noah asked with a completely innocent expression.

"We're getting out of here," White deadpanned.



"Aw...I'll just ask Mom, then!"

Oh crap, White, look what happened when you turned your back. xD

The lyrics used were from Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss and The Ballad of Chasey Lain, both from the Bloodhound Gang. I love those guys. xD

Maybe Black and White oughta make Noah watch 'The Discovery Channel'. LOL.