The walk to the Penguin's office was always petrifying. Even at 15, Jake ,along with his brother Elwood, feared what was at the other end. Ever since they pretty much started staying at the orphanage, they had been going up to the penguin to be met by a ruler against their hands. Damn.

This time though, they hadn't tried to set fire to the Sunday school, sneak out of lessons to the arcade or just generally get on her nerves. They reached the door and Elwood raised a fist to knock

"WHO IS IT?" Sister Mary bellowed

"UH... Jake and Elwood"

The door swung open revealing the penguin at her desk

"I still don't know how she does that" Jake muttered to his brother

"Now boys... I trust you are behaving?" The penguin

"Listen, Sister, we didn't actually do it this time... honest" Elwood cried

"Elwood, please. I actually have something to ask of you boys. The church is having a fundraiser event for Christmas this year, and since Curtis has been telling all of the nuns about your bands incredible progress, we thought it would be fantastic if we held a concert for charity."

"A gig, just for our band! That would be awesome" Jake smiled

"Well, the choir will also do a performance and some local stores will be putting on a fashion show in the evening, but yes, your band has a performance"


"You have 2 weeks to get a few songs ready"

"No prob, sis, man elwood this is gonna rock" Elwood and jake ran towards the door

"Oh and Jake..."


"Nothing explicit should arise in these songs i hope..." The sister glanced a worried look towards jake

"Dont worry, we got it all covered" jake smiled as he left the room