Thankfully, the few words Matt said managed to fend off the old people. The swarm backed off, some with disappointment spread across their face because they weren't playing a genre they could enjoy. But it didn't matter. All that did was finishing this sound check so that they could sound awesome tomorrow night.

The set up of the equipment was quick and so was the run through, not just because they were good at setting up, it was their first time really, but so that Doris wouldn't come out of the dressing room to bore the band with her stories, or worse…

Anyway, the band place the equipment at the sides, or at the back of the stage, so the pensioners could still walk around showing off their tweed jackets and woolen hats to the general public. The gig wasn't for hours yet they were all excited, nervous and totally ready to perform. So, to get the boys away from the models and their constant moaning, Curtis finally approached the band

"Boys, who wants ice cream?"

The band jumped out of the plastic seats and ran towards the ice cream parlor down the road. Only to come back half an hour later to the shock they had never expected

"Guys look!" Matt pointed at the huge crowds of people sitting around the stage

"Oh my god, there's loads of them!" Elwood cried

"Now Elwood, don't panic, you'll all be great!" Curtis smiled

"C-Curtis" Alan stuttered "What have they done!"

The band turned to what Alan was glaring in anger at. The stage. Where's the amps? The drum kit? The microphones?

"Ah, boys!" Doris called from behind them

"Yes, we had to move the drums you see, they were in the way of the lift for ol' greg. And we need to use the microphones and amplifiers is that ok?"

"No! It's not ok! Why didn't you bring your own, we had it all ready you stupid old…" Alan was quickly gagged by Curtis huge hand

"No problem Doris, but we should have really been consulted before you did so, y'know?" Curtis forced a fake smile

"Oh, well, the show's starting now anyway, would you boys like some cranberry juice?"

"Don't change the subject damn it!" Jake screamed

"Dude, why didn't you use the microphone at the side of the stage we set out for you?"

Doris' usually chirpy expression soon turned sour and her once soft eyes turned sharp

"Listen, we didn't have to have some rude brats like you come and ruin the show, so don't even try anything. We are older and superior, not you, now get backstage you ignorant prats!"

"Ruin the show? I think it will be incredible if your models don't fall asleep as they're walking up the stairs to the stage" Elwood mumbled, as Curtis escorted the band away from the old woman and into the room next to the stage.

"Don't worry boys, she didn't mean it, she's just a little … uh, agitated, alright?" Curtis sighed as the lights grew dim and the show began…