Captain Jack Harkness meets the 11th Doctor

This story is dedicated to The First Female of the LEP who, after writing amazing stories, asked when I was going to write one of my own. so here it is

All was quiet in the TARDIS. The Doctor sat was on the stairs of his beloved ship adjusting his sonic screwdriver when the whole console room shock violently. The Doctor fell down the stairs dropping his sonic screwdriver on his way down.

"What have you done?" he spoke to his ship as started getting back onto his feet.

"Well what do we have here then?" A familiar voice came from the other side of the console room. The Doctor straightened his bowtie then climbed up the stairs he had fallen down a minute ago.

"What are you…I mean how did you…" the Doctor started.

"Hello to you to Doctor," said the man. He was wearing a long grey coat and he had dark brown hair.

The Doctor just stared at him wanting answers.

"How did I get here Doctor? Well after you left me in Cardiff I decided that life was to boring there so I came here." He replied.

"Yes," The Doctor said impatiently "but how?"

"Well…I bumped into a friend of yours Doctor, River Song, and I told her how important it was for me to come and see you and she gave me her vortex manipulator. Unfortunately she forgot to mention that it hadn't used in a while, so I made a bit of a crash landing." He looked at the Doctor as he finished his story, "Sorry about that by the way." he added looking at how mad the Doctor was.

"Hello Captain Jack Harkness." Said the Doctor with a smile on his face he walked up to Jack. Jack looked at the Doctors hand, took it and pulled him into a hug.

"It's good to see you Doctor. I like the new look the tweed jacket, the mad hair and the bowtie" replied Jack letting the Doctor Escape from the hug.

"Bowties are cool" stated the Doctor.

"No they're not" Argued Jack.

"Yes they are." the Doctor argued.

"Fine whatever you say." Jack said putting up his hands up in surrender. "So….What shall we do? Where shall we go first?" asked Jack walking around the console completing a full circle looking at the new design before joining the Doctor once more.

"Well first Mr Jack Harkness,"Said the Doctor looking at Jacks cheery face, "you are going to help me find my sonic screwdriver." The Doctor smiled, tapped Jack on the shoulder and went to start searching for his trusty tool. The huge smile that had been on Jacks face had now disappeared. He sighed and decided to follow the Doctor down the stairs and help him find his sonic screwdriver.