Captain Jack Harkness meets the 11th Doctor

Chapter 2

They must have been searching for hours, well according to Jack they were, the Doctor was still searching Jack had given up after a couple of minutes. Jack was sat on the stairs, the Doctor had fell down earlier, as bored as anyone could get.

"Have you found it yet?" Jack asked the Doctor impatiently with his head in his hands.

"Nope," the Doctor replied, still searching for his sonic screwdriver.

"What about now?"

"Not yet"

"Can't we find it later?"

"You can't stop being annoying can you? I bet you wouldn't even last for 10 seconds without being annoying, scrap that you're the king of annoying." The Doctor stopped searching and walked over to Jack. "So are you going to help me find the sonic screwdriver or are you just going to sit there looking like you don't belong here."

"Hang on. It's your screwdriver not mine"

"Are you forgetting that thanks to you, King of annoying, I dropped my sonic screwdriver and now It's your fault we're, well I am searching for it." The Doctor decided there was nothing better to do so he went back to searching.

"Hang on Doctor" Jack walked over to the Time Lord.

The Doctor faced Jack.

"If I find it I get to stay here until I decide to go and I get to pick where we go next." Jack said whilst spinning a gold object, like a baton, in his hand.

"Okay. Fine." Replied the Doctor point at Jack, "but I'll find it first as it wouldn't be fair if you found it first as I'm the only one that has been looking for the..." he paused to look at his watch, "the past half hour."

A huge grin appeared on Jacks face "I wouldn't be too sure on that one Doctor"

The Doctor realised what the gold object that Jack was holding.

"How did you…" Jack just smiled. "I hate you." The Doctor stated and held out his hand to receive the sonic.

"No you don't Doctor but it was quite funny watching you rushing around the place." Jack laughed and placed the screwdriver in the palm of the Doctors hand. As soon as the Doctor got hold of it he rushed up the stairs and started hitting buttons on the TARDIS console.

"Here we go" The Doctor smiled and looked at jack.

"Hang on Doctor"

"What for?"

"Well I get to decide where we go"

"Oh yeah" the Doctor said coming to a halt in front of Jack, trying to think of an excuse. Then he saw the vortex manipulator still strapped to his wrist, "But first we have to return that vortex manipulator to River." The Doctor started piloting the TARDIS and Jack sighed and sat on the top stair.

"We'll get there in the end" muttered Jack.