So in my story 'Longing makes the mind go crazy" Donovan told Jo he had found at least 4 other universes where she and Zane ended up together. Here are a couple of my takes on those universes. I will give you a little background on each one, because none of them are going to be Eureka centered.

These will be stand alone one shot per chapter and you don't have to read anything else to understand them.

I don't own Eureka or the characters just mostly amusing myself. Plus I am becoming addicted to reviews. I think I may stand on the corner with a sigh that says will write fan-fiction for reviews

Universe 1: This is set at Zane's Boston based company Donovan Industries a private scientific think tank.

He didn't even stop to knock as he entered Jo's office. He never knocked she sighed, but I guess when you're the boss you never have to respect your employees privacy.

"Welcome Dr. Donovan please come in make yourself at home of course I'm not busy." She said not bothering to look up from her computer.

Smiling his trade mark smile he rounded her desk and sat down on the edge, quietly invading her personal space. "Jo, how many times do I have to ask you to call me Zane? My friends call me Zane."

Pushing her chair back, she swiveled it to face him. "Dr. Donovan, I'm the head of security for your company not your friend. You are my boss and I'm your employee. Not friends" she sighed. It's not that she didn't want to be friends with him but Zane Donovan had a reputation as a ladies man, a notorious playboy. She put up the colleagues wall to protect herself from the incredibly sexy man now in front of her.

"Jo you've been my right hand for almost a year now. Can you please just call me Zane? And I really would like it if you consider me a friend." He flashed her that thousand watt grin. It was easy to see why some women would throw themselves at his feet. Why did she find herself wanting to be one of them?

"Fine," not able to keep herself from smiling back at him. "Zane to what do I owe for the pleasure of your company?"

"Actually it's the pleasure of your company I have come to ask about" he absent mindedly fingered papers on her desk while he chuckled at her confused look. If this was an attempt to get her to go out on a date with him it wouldn't be the first time, but she refused to be a notch on his belt.

"Janelle, my overzealous new secretary replied to the invitation to the Boston Ballet Gala tomorrow night with a plus one."

"Ok and that's a problem because?" Crap this was another attempt for a date and he was hitting below the belt with the Ballet Gala. He knew how much she wanted to go.

"Well I don't have a plus one to take." He gave her his puppy dog eyes.

Jo snorted "Zane you shouldn't have a problem finding a date for some fancy fundraiser."

"Come on Jo, you really shouldn't read the gossip rags, they tend to over exaggerate my dating status. For the head of security you sure don't pay much attention. I haven't had a date in months."

Exhaling loudly she explained "Your personal life is none business Dr. Donovan. And I do not read gossip rags; I simply keep track of your news coverage in order to maintain tight security for your company."

"Well Ms. Lupo." He leaned in closer to her, leaving her with less personal space then before. "I haven't had a date in months because none of those floozies who try to catch my eye have been worth my time at least not since I met a real woman of substance." Leaning back he gave he put a little more distance between them.

She felt a little flush when he was so close. Why did he have to be so damn sexy? She closed her eyes and shook her head clear. "And what does that have to do with the pleasure of my company?"

Cocking his head to one side he gave her a lopsided grin. "Well I need a date and you love the ballet. So will you be my date? The food will be fantastic and it will give you an excuse to dress up to the nines."

She shot him her own cocky grin. "Did you learn nothing at last month's sexual harassment seminar?"

Abruptly Zane stood and slapped his hands on his legs before heading for the door. "I guess I'll just have to take one of those floozies wonder if Janelle is free"

"Wait," she called before he left the room.

He tried to suppress his grin as he slowly turned back to face her, bouncing on his heels like a kid at Christmas. "Yes Ms. Lupo?"

"Zane I really would like to attend the fund raiser with you tomorrow night."

"As my date?" he was unable to stop the smile now.

The corners of her own lips twitched watching him. "Yes as your date." She hated letting him win but she couldn't stand the thought of that Barbie doll he called a secretary on his arm.

"Great pick you up at 7? Black tie formal, feel free to take the rest of the afternoon off in case you need to go pick something up. Don't worry I'll talk to the boss, I know he can be a bit of a hard ass about punching the time clock." He crossed the room, invading her personal space once again. He placed a quick kiss on her cheek "until tomorrow night then?" A husky quality encroached into his voice.

"See you then." She murmured and he was out the door quickly, presumably before she could change her mind. Raising a hand she touched her cheek, still able to feel his lips there, electricity flowing from the spot. Oh boy was she in trouble.


Zane Donovan was a successful man. At the age of 30 he was the majority owner of the largest private scientific think tank in the U.S. His minority partner Dr. Douglas Fargo was a guy he'd known since MIT. Zane had wanted control over his own scientific future and Doug had wanted to escape the family legacy in his home town. So Zane had used his inheritance from his grandmother and the two of them created the company. Since it was Zane's nest egg they used he got 55% of the business and Doug got the other 45%. Doug had an amazing head for business and Donovan industries wouldn't be half the company it was today without him. The commercial and military departments paid the bills and allowed Zane to push his own discoveries in the world of physics farther.

Of course it was protesting against the military division that had caused him to beef up security. On the recommendation of one of his contacts at the DOD he had hired the stunningly beautiful Ms Josefina Lupo. Someone had broken in and tried to sabotage one of the labs. In the 10 months she had revolutionized his security and had been tying him personally in knots.

Yes she was physically one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on, but she was so much more. Funny she had a deadpan humor that got him every time. Smart able to keep up with some of the brightest in the company, she may not understand the details but she got the big picture. Big hearted, she tried to hide it but she was one of the most compassionate people he knew. One of the employees had lost his wife to cancer and while she was sick, Jo arranged for people to pitch in with food for his family, arranged for a housekeeper and some help with their three kids. And she did it all while taking no credit, not something you would expect from a Special Forces badass.

But most importantly she challenged him. She could keep up with his verbal sparing like no one else and she never took any of his crap. His charms had also seemed to be ineffective on her, until yesterday. It was the 17th time he had asked her out. The first 15 she had shot him down flat. With most women he would ask once and simply move on without a second thought. There was just something about Jo, a certain spark they had together that wouldn't let him give up.

The 16th time he had asked her out was a few weeks ago. He had tickets to the ballet, a gift from one of their clients and had asked her to join him. She had been genuinely disappointed to tell him no. One of her brothers was going to be in New York for the weekend before deploying back to Afghanistan. Having found a weakness for the ballet he was thrilled when Janelle had booked the plus one for the fundraiser. He was pretty sure she had be angling to go herself considering she waited until the last minute to let him know and had worn that low cut red dress yesterday. First thing Monday he was having her transferred to another department. Taking one final look in the mirror he grabbed his wallet and his keys and headed out the door.

Skillfully he pulled his car into traffic and navigated it to Jo's townhouse. He found a parking spot out front and pulled in. Checking his watch it was 6:58, two minutes to spare. He picked up the single red rose he had brought for her and bound up to her door. He rang the bell and stepped back.

A petite blonde girl about college age opened the door. "Hi you must be Zane. I'm Zoe. Jo will be down in just a minute."

He stepped into Jo's simple but artfully decorated living room. "I didn't know Jo had a roommate."

Zoe smiled at him, "She doesn't I'm just a friend. I live in the dorms at Harvard. Jo lets me crash here on weekends sometimes; you know when I need a break from college life."

He gave her a charming smile. "I get it. I was at MIT for years; sometimes you just need to get away to distress from the pressure."

"Sorry I took so long. I was sure with you being you, I'd have at least an extra 10 minutes." He hadn't noticed that she came into the room. She was wearing a floor length light purple ball gown, her hair down and curling on the ends.

"Wow Jo you look, wow." He extended the rose to her. "This is for you."

She took the rose and lifted it to her nose. "Thank you it's beautiful."

"I can put that in some water." Zoe said taking the rose.

Zane smiled again and gestured towards the door. "Shall we go?"

Jo nodded and headed for the door.

"You two kids have fun. I won't wait up!" Zoe called after them.

Laughing Zane opened the car door for Jo.

"It's nice to know that chivalry isn't dead." She said once he slid into the driver's seat.

"One of the lessons my grandmother drilled into my head, act like a gentleman when around a beautiful woman especially when you are trying to impress her."

Jo felt her cheeks warm. "She must have been one impressive lady herself to teach you anything."

"Yeah she was great…" Now wanting to get off this tandem, Zane changed the subject. "How do you know Zoe?"

"Oh I worked for her dad at my last job."

"The private security firm right?"

"Yeah, he was my boss for three years and actually my moving out here made him more comfortable when Zoe got early acceptance into Harvard."

Conversation flowed between them easily and Jo felt herself relax.

In what seemed like no time at all they had made it to the venue and he had swept her inside. She felt her self physically tense up as she entered the crowded room, never having been comfortable with crowds. Zane took her hand and tucked it into the crook of his arm, He leaned in close and se could feel his breath on her ear. "These things can always be a bit over whelming, but I have to do some schmoozing for the company. Lot's of VIP's at these things and private contracts require public ass kissing. Don't worry I'll make sure you have a good time."

She felt the shivers travel down her spine at the contact. These kinds of sparks were something she had never felt before. Deciding to go against her normal character, she let him take the lead and found letting him was not only easy but enjoyable.

He was pretty good at this whole schmoozing thing, he introduced her to lots of people and made sure to include her in the conversations. At dinner he made sure she sat next to a former Prima Ballerina and not the stuffed shirt on the other side of him. The ballet demonstration was divine and so was the food as promised. Soon the music started and the dancing began.

"May I have this dance?" He asked flashing her his most charming smile and extending her a hand. She took it and he led her to the dance floor. Zane's hand found the small of her back the other locking with hers while her free hand grabbed his shoulder. They seemed to fit together perfectly, even with the height difference. Reflexively laying her head on his chest and closing her eyes she simply enjoyed the warmth of his arms, the smell of his cologne and the buzz of him humming along to the music.

Many songs the music changed to a faster tune and he led them off the dance floor.

"Do you want to get out of here?" Once again whispering in her ear.

"Yeah," no hesitation in her voice even though she wasn't really sure where he wanted to go or what he wanted to do.

They left the fundraiser and he shrugged off his jacket and tie before sliding into the front seat. Trying to control her nervous fidgeting as they drove, she kept imagining him taking her back to her place or his and seeing where the spark between them would lead. Normally she would never do such things on a first date but no one had ever made her feel the way he did. There was a spark yes, but there was also a deeper connection. She admired his brilliance and his ability to make everyone feel at ease around him. But he was also funny, sweet but was just enough of a jackass to keep him from being boring.

Once again he surprised her when he pulled up not to one of their houses but to a small park on the water front. Pulling a blanket out of the trunk before helping her out of the car, he led her to a small grassy area with a nice view of the harbor. She helped him unfold the blanket on the ground and joined him in sitting on it.

"You know this wasn't where I expected you to bring me." She said cuddling into his side.

He wrapped one arm around her and laced the fingers of his other hand through hers. "Really what kind of boy do you take me for Jo-Jo."

"One with a bad reputation Zane" She smiled at the nick name, she liked the way it sounded when he said it.

"Most of that is exaggerated by those stupid websites. You date one girl who's marginally famous and they won't leave you alone long after the relationship is over. "Frustration edging into his voice.

"It has nothing to do with the fact that you yourself own one of the largest scientific think tanks in the country, are one of the most brilliant scientists in the world, and are wealthy and incredibly sexy." She hadn't meant to say the last part.

"Maybe" He paused "You think I'm brilliant?"

"Maybe…" She laughed glad he didn't dwell on the sexy part.

"So tell me why a sexy badass former Special Forces woman like you is so interested in the ballet? I would have thought you would have been much more interested in a gun show or something."

Ah, there was the sexy reference. "Well I didn't always want to be a badass, when I was younger I wanted to be a ballerina. I was actually really good, wanted to go to Julliard and perform with top companies all over the world."

"What happened?" His fingers ran softly through her hair.

"My mom died of cancer when I was 10. It's hard to be a ballerina with three brothers and a single father. It was easier just to mold my interests to theirs." She said surprising herself. Normally she was not this open with any one.

In fact as the night progressed she found herself opening up to him about things she had never told anyone before, and suspected that he was telling her his deep dark secrets as well. Before they knew it they were watching the sunrise together.

"Well I had better get you home before your non roommate starts to think I'm taking advantage of you." He stood and helped her to her feet. Neither one really wanting the night to end but knowing that at some point it had to.

He drove her home holding her hand the entire way and walked her to her door.

"I really want to take you out again." He confessed as she turned the key in the lock.

"Ok, when?" She suddenly felt it hard to breath.

"Tonight, dinner and a movie? Just us." He lifted a hand to cup her face.

"Sounds great, I'll call you when I get up from the very long nap I'm about to take." Her eyes flickering towards his lips.

"Yeah" he brushed his lips gently on hers and then deepened the kiss. It was sweet and tender and lasted for a while eventually breaking for air. She opened the door and stepped inside having to break contact before this went any further.

"I'll call you then?" it took all her concentration just to keep standing.

"Yeah, "he rubbed his neck. "See you tonight Jo-Jo." He took a step back stumbling away from her door.

At least he was affected as much as she was. Closing the door after watching him walk away she realized that she could see this going somewhere. She yawned and headed to her bedroom to change and start that long nap, sure that she would be dreaming of Dr. Zane Donovan and what tonight may have in store.