A/N: This is my first Vocaloid fic. Hope everyone enjoys it.

Gumi stretched her arms skywards.
"Oh Kaaaaaito," she called out.
Kaito walked down the steps into the basement of the Vocaloid house. He let out a yawn on the way before stopping in front of Gumi.
"Wanna try out a new invention?"
"No," he said curtly.
"Aw, but why?" Gumi started to flail her arms.
"Do you remember what happened last time?"
"That's right how's Mikuo doing?"
"Right," she tried to play it off, " Miku Mikuo, I can't tell them apart anymore."
"No thanks to you,"
"Anyways, want to try my new invention."
Kaito glared at her.
"Come on cheer up it involves ice cream."
Kaito's glare melted away instantly.
"Fine what is it."
"Walk with me."
Gumi started to walk toward a workbench, "Have ever wanted to try a flavor of ice cream but didn't know where to get it? Have you ever ran out of ice cream and couldn't get any more because all the stores were closed? Well with my new invention you can have any flavor of ice cream you want." Gumi stopped in front of a machine that looked very much like a coffee machine but had a large silver lever on one side.
"Pick your ingredients here than place them in here," Gumi opened the top, "than pull the lever."
Kaito looked like a kid in a candy store. He tossed in bubble gum than reached for the cherries when a hole tore through reality and Miki stuck her head out.
"Mine," the cherries levitated into the portal than it disappeared.
"I'm gonna pretend that didn't happen."
"Me too," Gumi let out a breathe. Kaito continued to throw various fruits and vegetables into the machine.
"When your ready pull the lever."

Moments later...

"I'm ready."
"Than pull the lever."
Kaito started looking around "Do you have any string?"
"Uh here," Gumi handed him a roll of string. Kaito tied one end to the lever and walked into a nearby closet.
"What are you doing?"
"Than why are you in the supply closet."
"No reason."
Gumi yanked the string and heard a thump come from the closet.
"Are you okay?" she called out.
"I'm fine," he pulled the string pulling the lever. Gumi looked on expectantly as the machine shook violently. A dark cloud rose from the machine than a bell dinged.

"It's ready," Gumi called to Kaito. He poked his head out from the closet before fully coming out. He cautiously approached the machine than looked at the serving bowl.

"What is this?" Kaito looked at it the way one looks at radioactive waste.

Gumi leaned over the bowl giving it a closer look.

"I don't know. Try it," She handed Kaito a spoon.

Kaito gave her an incredulous look before grabbing the utensil. He cautiously poked at the substance but recoiled when it pushed back.

"Are you sure this is safe to eat?"

"I'm positive, if its not I'll buy you all the ice cream you can eat for a day," Gumi tried to fake a smile. Kaito stabbed the substance pulled out a huge glob and stuffed it in his mouth. He instantly turned green than dropped like a sack of bricks.

"Are you okay?" Gumi nudged him with her foot.


A week later...

Kaito and Gumi sat in an ice cream parlor surrounded by cheering people. That morning Gumi made good on her deal and now sat across from the ice cream garbage disposal known as Kaito.

"Are you full yet?"

Kaito responded by eating more ice cream.

"We've only been here forty five minutes and the shop is almost out of ice cream."

Kaito put down his spoon, "There are fourteen stores in this town that sell ice cream."

A/N: The details of the Miku incident may or may not be revealed in later chapters. Until next time.