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"Who did this?" Gumi yelled at the top of her lungs.

Her prized special edition figure lie in pieces on her dresser. Her anger filled the room like sludge. People outside her door probably would have felt the tension, in fact several did. These people decided to leave the house on errands. Gumi threw open her closet to and picked up a large cannon device. At four feet long and a barrel about a foot wide. Sunlight reflected off its shiny black finish and the acronym N.E.E.T. painted in white. Gumi ran out her bedroom nearly kicking down the door. She busted down the first door in sight the Kagamine bedroom.

The twins currently enjoyed a rather intense gaming session. On the screen a caped boxer in red fought a jacketed martial artist in green.

Len hammered his controller shouting, "Punch! Punch! Punch!"

Rin mashed her controller trying to break the combo, but both dropped their controllers when Gumi kicked down their door.

"Who did it?" she yelled.

Rin panicked and blurted the first sentence she could put together, "Whatever happened it's Len's fault."

"What," Len's face twisted into fear. He jumped on his sister causing them both to fumble onto the ground. Gumi pointed her cannon at the pair she twisted a small dial on the side. For the brief moment that Rin and Len looked up they both cursed before bright light filled the room.

Gumi left the room ran out of the room to her next target. Neru sat on the old worn couch texting whoever it is she texts when an orange raging ball of fury flew into the room.

"Was it you?" the green haired girl pointed her cannon at the girl menacingly.

"If it this is about your figure," Neru didn't even lift her head, "it wasn't me unfortunately. I know who did it but just to see you squirm I'm not telling you."

Unfortunately for her she didn't see Gumi's vicious smile forming. She turned the knob on her cannon and fired. Once again light filled the room and Gumi fled. In the connecting hallway Gumi checked her weapon.

"One more charge," she said to herself. To change the pace a bit she knocked on the door of the next target.

"Come in," a person answered from the other side.

Gumi turned the knob and felt like she entered another world. Mahogany bookshelves filled the far filled wall from floor to ceiling. Books of all shapes, colors and thicknesses sat on said shelve. On the left side, a king sized bed complete with drapes; to either side sat two large dressers. On the right side, Luka sat in a huge wooden armchair trimmed in gold. To complete the scene, in the center of the room Tako Luka waded around in a circular fountain.

"Sit down," Luka motioned to a seat in front of her, "and leave that monster at the door."

Gumi complied. She set down her cannon and joined Luka. Gumi nearly sank into her seat.

"What is all your about?"

"Well someone broke my one of my figures. You wouldn't happen to know who it was?"

"I do and I'll tell you but only because I want vengeance. It was Kaito and Gakupo. I will leave in your hands. Do not show them mercy." Luka wore a pretty wicked look that fit her almost too well.

"Just curious but what did they do to you?"

Luka got up to lock her bedroom door, heavy blush filled her cheeks, "I found my underwear for sale on the internet and I traced it back to Kaito and Gakupo. I don't know what they were doing in your room but that is what happened to me."

A shiver ran down Gumi's back, "Where are they now?"

"Shopping but they will be back soon."

Later on that evening...

Rin and Len took turns fighting online destroying all comers. Most couldn't even move before being caught in a flurry of attacks. Both looked at the screen with bloodshot eyes. Earlier they covered the windows with tinfoil and moved their furniture to block the door. From the outside a person would be able to make out a faint chanting of "Who's next? Who's next?"

Neru barricaded herself in the kitchen pantry. She made herself a tinfoil hat and smashed her phone against the wall in screaming fit of fear. Neru currently sat in pantry in the fetal position holding a fork.

Gakupo sat in the kitchen peeling an eggplant while his friend Kaito retold the story of their latest foray. Gumi quietly let herself into the kitchen, cannon in hand and a fresh load of charges. She turned the knob to a hidden setting which required a combination of turns to achieve. Alien Abduction. Their fates sealed she fired the weapon filling the room with bright light. When the light cleared both men let out incredibly feminine screams. Gumi could have sworn she heard Luka laughing but she dropped the thought.

"Try not to wet yourselves. You two as well as the others will be back to normal in about a week." Gumi flashed a smile. Upstairs Luka struggled to contain herself. She laughed so hard so suffered a choking fit. For the following week Kaito and Gakupo screamed so much Gumi went through every type of earplug and eventually made her own.

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