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Magnus walked out of his bedroom to find Alec in the living room, curled up on the couch with a book. Magnus knew that he wasn't actually reading it, though. Alec hadn't been able to concentrate on anything properly since Max's visit.

After the dead boy had dissapeared, the Lightwood siblings had dispersed. Jace and Isabelle had gone to their rooms and Magnus assumed that they found their respectable partners later in the day. Alec had numbly allowed his boyfriend to lead them back home, where he had then asked to be left alone for a while.

And here they were now. "Alec?" Magnus called out softly.

The Shadowhunter looked up and blue eyes met greenish-gold. What Magnus saw in them caused him to move quickly to the couch and sit close beside his love, pulling him into his embrace. Alec gripped his shirt and pressed himself as close to Magnus as possible. Magnus felt, rather than heard, when Alec started to cry. "Alec, what is it?" The Warlock asked, worry lacing his voice as he stroked the Shadowhunter's back, trying to subdue his boyfriend's shaking.

When Alec looked up, however, Magnus found that he had nothing to worry about. He was smiling through his tears. "Magnus...I got to talk to him again." The taller man nodded with a small smile of his own, tenderly wiping the moisture from his lover's pale cheeks. "And I got to introduce you. He likes you, Magnus." Alec threw his arms around his Warlock's neck. "He looked up to me. I wasn't a dissapointing older brother."

Alec continued to cry and Magnus continued to hold him. "He's watching over you always, Alec."

Magnus felt his boyfriend nod against his shoulder. "Yeah, I know that now. That was the best birthday present I could have hoped for, seeing him."

Magnus smiled, pulled back and looked deep into Alec's stunning blue eyes. "How about we go out for lunch? I still have to give you my birthday gifts for you."

Alec's reply was to pull him in for a passionate kiss. "Sure." He wiped at his tears and stood up from the couch. Reaching down, Alec grabbed Magnus' hands and tugged him to his feet. "Come on, Warlock."

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