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Chapter 1: Crashed

The snow was falling throughout the neighborhood streets of Hillwood. A thick layer covered the streets and sidewalks. The sun faded an hour ago and the street lamps flickered casting eerie shadows. Helga pulled her pink jacket tighter around her as the chilly wind picked up as if hurrying her home. "Arnold will be waiting for his medication", she muttered to herself, however her pace slowed down in her quest. It was a long walk from the drugstore, but it was a familiar one for Helga. This inevitable walk occurs on a biweekly basis as one of her many errands for her dear football head.

Helga decided to cut through City Park and walk to the small bridge over the water. As soon as she looked over the side of the bridge she stared down at her reflection in the water. She saw the tears rolling down her face and hit the water. The face she saw, she barely recognized. Age lines and dark circles under her eyes are all she sees. "I really should hurry", thought Helga, "but even I need a break once in a while….."

"How did it change so fast?" she asked out loud as she stared at her reflection. Part of her waited and expected an answer, but never received one. "Crimmney! I'm really starting to lose it! I'm a freaking basket case! I don't know how much more stress I can handle. I love Arnold, but it's just so hard to love him these days." She sighed, as she tightly clutched the bag full of prescriptions.

"Oh Arnold, what happened to that wonderful spirit of yours?"

Flashback to a month earlier:

"Move it Football Head or we are going to be late meeting Pheobe and Gerald!" Helga shouted up the stairs. "Coming!" Arnold shouted back from their upstairs bedroom. Helga hurriedly grabbed her purse, cell phone, and car keys. The footsteps of Arnold can be heard as he hurries down. "Geez, Arnoldo! I thought women were suppose to take forever in getting dressed!" with a smirk on her face. "Sorry" muttered Arnold as a slight hue of crimson climbed his face. He was wearing black slacks with a dark green button down dress shirt. The shirt really brought out his eyes and the slight blonde fuzz on his chin. "He does clean up well" thought Helga as she checked him. "One of the many reasons I married the man." SWOON.

"Well, we sure are cutting it close bucko. They better not have started eating without us! I'm STARVING!" Helga said while walking out the front door of their house. She clicked open the car and hopped in the driver side as Arnold grudgingly took the passenger seat as usual. "When will Helga let me drive her new car?" thought Arnold. Helga quickly got the car on the road and raced to Chez Pariz where Pheobe and Gerald were waiting.

"I can't wait to see Gerald and Pheobe" Arnold said happily while flipping the radio to some Jazz music. He can never stay mad at Helga, especially when she's dressed up for a nice evening out. Definitely not in that tight little black dress that showed off all her curves with her long blonde hair cascading off her shoulders. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts of Helga, "I can't believe we are celebrating their one year wedding anniversary already. It feels like it was just yesterday they were saying their vows."

"Well, Football head, if you can't believe that, how about the fact we will be married for 3 years next month? You better not forget OUR anniversary and don't be cheap for our night out or you will have to answer to Ol' Betsey!" as Helga shook her fist at Arnold to prove her point. "Whatever you say Helga" Arnold grinned. "She has no idea what's in store for her this year!" Arnold thought happily to himself.

As she sped down the road, Helga shot a glance over at Arnold, and smiled lovingly at her husband. She suddenly saw a frightened look on Arnolds face and quickly looked back at the road. She saw just in time to see a flash of car before she could slam on the brakes.



Helga and Arnold lay unconscious inside their crumpled car as people shouted outside.

"What happened?"

"There was a car crash!"

"Are there any survivors?"

"Somebody call 911!"

The two cars were smoking and were deadly still as sirens could be heard in the distance.

The next day—

Helga woke up with a pounding headache. "Ugh….What happened?" she mumbled while grabbing at her head. She felt something attached to the back of her hand pulling at it slightly as she reached the spot on her head causing pain. A voice answered her. "You are in Hillwood General Hospital Mrs. Shortman. Please be careful of the IV attached to you."

With much effort Helga slowly opened her eyes. She squinted against the bright fluorescent lights of the room. She saw a female nurse about 50 years old with graying hair standing over her checking her pulse. "I'm WHERE?" Helga said while trying to sit up wincing in pain. Everything hurt! Her eyes widened as she looked around the room realizing her husband isn't anywhere to be seen.

"Where's Arnold? Is he okay? What happened?" shouted Helga as she clutched on to her bed sheets.

"Calm down Mrs. Shortman. You were in a severe car accident and have multiple cuts, bruises, and a small hairline fracture in your collarbone. You also have a slight head injury, so please refrain from any sudden motion." replied the nurse as she gently placed Helga back against her bed. "Unfortunately, I do not know a lot about Mr. Shortman. All I do know is that your husband is alive but he had to have emergency surgery due to the car accident. I will call Dr. Fong Yee to come in as soon as possible to let you know how he is."

The nurse left to retrieve the doctor as Helga wept in the hospital room. Millions of thoughts ran through her mind as she tried to remember what happened, and what's wrong with Arnold.

As the tears ran down Helga's cheeks she softly cried "Arnold…my love….emergency surgery….oh no…."

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