I'm alive! I've had quite a few people PM me asking me to continue this story. I've been meaning to but I've had some medical issues myself (read Sept 2012 update on my profile). This story is always on my mind though, so I'm pushing myself to keep it going. Honestly, I'm not QUITE sure where I'm going with the story. LOL I'm totally relying on my gut and internal emotions so I hope it does go somewhere! XD I do know that this is going to be a loooong and emotional story, so I'm going to work on another story as well on the side.

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Ch 3 Reality

Suddenly, a hard rock song played from her coat pocket pulling away from her thoughts over that day. (Helga changed around her ringtones depending on her mood and ever since the hospital discharged Arnold, her ringtone was "Falling Away From Me" by Korn. It seemed fitting these days...)

Helga quickly stopped leaning against the bridge railing and started digging in her pocket for her cell. Not being able to grab it with her free hand, she groaned in frustration and immediately bit at her fingers to pull off her thick gloves in order to grab her phone.

"Hewwo?" Helga asked in a frustrated and muffled tone. "Stupid glove!" she muttered after she managed to grab the glove with the same hand holding Arnold's medicine.

"Hey...How are you holding out?" asked a female voice.

"Oh...hey Mia...I'm okay...I guess..." Helga replied with a sigh while leaning back over the bridge.

"Hmmm...doesn't really sound like it," Mia responded with a sigh of her own. "I can only imagine what you and Arnold are going through. You KNOW you can talk to me if you need to, right? I know I'm your boss and all, but I'm also your friend."

A faint smile crossed Helga's face as she replied, "Yeah. I know, and I appreciate it..." The smile faded as Helga continued, "It's just been hard dealing with everything since...the accident. " Helga sighed again.

The two women remained silent for a minute not knowing what to say.

"Well, I called with some news...good news actually. I talked to the publishers about you needing to extend your deadline. They weren't really happy about it, but let's face it; they can't lose you. Everyone knows this will end up being your third book on the Best Seller's List. Anyway, the extension is approved for an extra year because of your current situation," Mia said.

Helga sighed in relief, "What would I do without you Mia? I have been worried about finishing this book, but with everything going on..."

"That's what I'm here for! Just keep me posted on things. Arnold is a great guy,and I hope he gets through this. If you need anything, I'm just a phone call away. Take care of yourself too, okay?" concluded Mia.

"Got it Mia...and thanks," replied Helga.

She heard the click as Mia hung up and mindlessly stared at the screen of her cell. The time, 8:45pm, was staring back at her, mocking her on how late it was getting.

"Oh CRAP! I told Arnold I would be back home over twenty minutes ago! He's going to kill me!" thought Helga as she hurried along the bridge and headed back home. The snow was falling harder, and was quickly erasing the trail of footprints she left behind.

Helga finally reached their front door and was breathing quite heavily, her jagged breaths dispersing into the cold night air. She started frantically searching in her pockets for her house keys.

"Where are my damn keys?!" she practically yelled to herself. She started emptying her pockets in order to hunt down her elusive keys. In her hand appeared some loose change, a bent up stick of gum, a spare hair tie, and then...

"AHA! There you are!" she muttered once she got a hold of her keys.

Just as she was about to stick her key in, the door swung open. She froze in place as she was greeted with an angry face.