This is an AU story. My first. I'm not much into romantic stories but Inuyasha is mostly a
romance adventure, so I thought, why not?

* Story: A Modern Day Fairy Tale
* Author: blue
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* Summary: Higurashi Kagome had it all. She had just finished college, gotten the job of her
dreams and is sure that there will be some grand adventure just waiting for her to live out.
However, life is about to give her a little more than she might want to take. Having had
the misfortune of meeting Sorata Inuyasha, her life began to down spiral from there. As
people began to populate her life, and men began to pursue her attention, she's about to
discover what it really means to become a woman. Through friendship and love, Higurashi
Kagome is about to find her own modern day fairytale.
* Rated: PG (Rating may go up for later chapters)
* Catagory: Romance/Drama

A Modern Day Fairytale


Higurashi Kagome huffed indigently as she wiped the sweat off of her brows. She
still couldn't believe her bad luck. It had started out innocently enough, the day had been
bright and sunny holding the promise of something wonderous to come. She had promised
Hikawa Miroku to help him move into his new apartment. She had known him since she had met
him at a book reading when he had tried to hit on her. She had brought Sango with her to
help when he had requested that he needed an extra hand or two to move the things and had
even suggested that she bring her dark-haired friend. She had suspected that he liked Sango
more than he let on. Kagome had met Sango at a dinner party a month after she had met
Miroku, and the two hit it off right away. Miroku, though, met the beautiful woman at
Kagome's birthday party and for some strange reason, decided that he liked groping her more
than out of all the available females there, a fact that has annoyed Sango to no end. Of
course, that wasn't why Kagome's own day had turned out so bad since she was able to spend
with her two close friends. It was bad because she had the misfortune of meeting the most
uncouth person ever! That jerk--

"Inuyasha," Miroku's voice reached her ears, making her twitch slightly just by the
mentioning of his name. "The boxes are here."

"Oy," a slightly gruff voice answered in return, "I'm coming!" The stomping of
feet stopped in front of her doorway as a man with snow-white hair stuck his head into the
empty room, looking around at the boxes already stacked there before resting on her still
figure. "You don't know anything about organization do you, Kagome?" The way he said
her name made her sound more like a worthless child more than anything else. However, he
did not have the satisfaction of seeing how his words affected her as her back was still
facing him.

Growling low in her throat, she whirled around to find that he had already left down
the hall to answer Miroku's call. "Inuyasha, you big jerk!" She yelled after him only to
have his amused chuckle worsen her anger.

And to think that she had thought that this favor would take little effort on her
part, Kagome fumed. Miroku owed her for this, big time! She wondered how Sango was holding
up, since she had dragged her dark-haired friend into this with her.

The dinner at Miroku new apartment was somewhat tense. Inuyasha was the only one
who ate peacefully while Kagome kept stealing death glares at him. Sango was trying to get
as far away from Miroku's wondering hands as possible for her to still sit next to him,
while observing Inuyasha and Kagome's silent war.

"Kagome, if you keep trying to fry me with that stare, your food's going to get
cold." Inuyasha commented non-coherently in between bites.

Kagome huffed as she methodically began to put food into her mouth once more, "Not
that you would know, Inuyasha." She replied in an icy tone with the same sarcasm placed
on his name as he had bestowed earlier onto hers, "Your tastes buds obviously are
nonexistent considering how you'd tried to decorate the living room earlier."

Inuyasha stopped eating to glare in return at the dark-haired woman who was now
obviously snubbing him. "I'm not some stupid interior decorator, Kagome." He snarled,
"Unlike you, my life does not revolve around sofas and chairs." An arrogant smirk fell upon
his lips as Kagome now bestowed the full force of her glare onto him, "Anyway, I am not the
bitter, single here."

At this Miroku twitched as Kagome turned her head to him. Her expression changed
from anger to surprise and then finally rested on fury, "How does he know that I'm single,
Miroku?" The dark-haired man smiled sheepishly at this, waving his hands as if to try
to appease her anger. "And where did he get the idea that I'm bitter?"

"Kagome," Sango tried to step in and sooth the storm before it began. "We all
know you're not a bitter single."

"You tried to set me up again, didn't you?" Kagome gasped in realization when she
stared at Miroku's calm face that usually screamed his guilt more than anything else. The
situation only got worse when her gaze fell onto the smirking Inuyasha once more. Her
expression faded into disbelief, "You tried to set me up with this jerk?" She cried

"Don't worry, Kagome." Inuyasha said as he ran one hand through his unique hair
that had, at first, captured her attention when they had first met. At the time she had
thought him rather handsome, an image that was ruined the moment he opened his mouth. "I
would never date a stinky hag like you."

Sango gasped at this and Miroku was now facing the full force of Sango's glare for
obviously, he was the one who recommended Inuyasha in the first place as a possible match
for Kagome. However, before Kagome's friend could scold Miroku, Kagome rose from her chair
with in anger and decided to deal with the situation her own way. "I am not a stinky hag,"
she told him while trying to forcefully squash her frustrations down. "And I would never
have considered dating a rude, selfish, and tasteless jerk like you!" Her eyes burned with
rage as she glared at Inuyasha who stared back at her fearlessly, "And I am not a bitter
single, either. I don't like men like you who expect women to fall all over themselves and
cling to their arms. I can't believe Miroku had the bad judgment of trying to set me up
with someone as insulting and inconsiderate as you are but I'm sure the mistake would not be
repeated." She gave a warning look to her embarrassed host and suddenly she wasn't angry
anymore, in fact she found herself exhausted by the whole situation. "In any case, good
night, Miroku, I believe that you will enjoy your new place very much. And Inuyasha,"
she paused as she looked to him fully in the eyes, "I hope we never will have the misfortune
of meeting the other again." With that said, Kagome stalked away with her nose in the air
to head back home. "Don't worry, Sango, you don't have to leave now!" She called back
to her friend who had just rose to go head after her.

Sango grumbled at Miroku angrily, "You idiot!" She told him with a frown. "Of all
the people you could have picked you had to pick him, didn't you?" Sango sank down once
more into her seat when Miroku's hand this time, instead of aiming for her butt like it
usually was, was now clammed around her wrist, pulling her down. She looked to him
surprised before deciding that there was another that deserved her anger as well. "I hope
you're happy, Inuyasha." Sango told him hotly, "I've never seen Kagome so riled up
till now. You didn't have to be this rude to her, did you? Especially since you two barely
know each other!"

"Feh," Inuyasha stubbornly turned his head away from his friends, refusing to admit
that maybe he was acting a little too childish this night. But something about Higurashi
Kagome got to him and the unsettled feeling made him agitated and annoyed, not to mention
slightly confused.

"Inuyasha," Miroku finally spoke, ignoring the glare Sango shot his way too. "Maybe
you should apologize to her the next time you see her."

"There won't be a next time with that wench if I can help it!" Inuyasha huffed.
"Like she said, if we're fortunate, our path would never cross again from this day forth."

"What's gotten into you, Inuyasha?" Sango demanded, "You're usually not this crude,
even for you!" Inuyasha twitched at the insult but said nothing, "You can even be charming
when you want to be, but tonight you were down-right harsh."

Inuyasha twitched at the accusations, "Leave me alone." He yelled back at two
startled faces before realizing his error, "Sorry," he apologized surprising the two once
more. Inuyasha, after all, hated to apologize about anything, "but just, leave me alone
about this okay?" His tone of voice stopped both his friends from questioning him
further. With that he rose and strode off stiffly.

The closing of the door made Sango realize that she was alone and in the company of
the most lecherous man she had ever met. "Don't even think about it," she warned him as she
rose from her chair as well. Miroku sighed disappointedly as he drew back his hand that
Sango had slapped away when she stepped away from him and the table. "I best go after
Kagome, no thanks to you."

Miroku grinned at her and her steady glare, "Oh, don't worry, Sango." She raised
one brow at his informal tone. "Everything would work out just fine." He assured her. For
some reason she believed him, though she'd never admit it as she walked out of Miroku's new
apartment and pushed the down button on the elevator.

Not that she liked Hikawa Miroku or even respected him, Sango thought haughtily.
That would never happen! Yet, somehow, the conviction this time was a little weaker than
before and Sango turned her thoughts back onto her friend Kagome before any further
investigations of her true feelings could surface in her mind.


Disclaimer: All Inuyasha characters are obviously not mine.

Author's Note: This is my first Inuyasha fanfic ^-^;; and also one of my much more romantic
stories, which I tend to try to avoid since I don't especially like romance that much.
However, I just couldn't resist with Inuyasha being that it is so obviously, a romantic
story. So here you are! A story about people and all the twisted turns of love, love
triangles and whatever else my mind can come up with :)