This is an AU story. My first. I'm not much into romantic stories but Inuyasha is mostly a
romance adventure, so I thought, why not?

* Story: A Modern Day Fairytale
* Author: blue
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* Summary: Higurashi Kagome had it all. She had just finished college, gotten the job of her
dreams and is sure that there will be some grand adventure just waiting for her to live out.
However, life is about to give her a little more than she might want to take. Having had
the misfortune of meeting Sorata Inuyasha, her life began to down spiral from there. As
people began to populate her life, and men began to pursue her attention, she's about to
discover what it really means to become a woman. Through friendship and love, Higurashi
Kagome is about to find her own modern day fairytale.
* Rated: PG (Rating may go up for later chapters)
* Catagory: Romance/Drama

A Modern Day Fairytale

Chapter 2: Work Place

An amused voice interrupted Kagome's concentration as an old woman walked into her
office. Ganki Kaede was the old, chief secretary of Wolf Inc., answering only to the
head-boss himself, whom Kagome has never met. Many in the office fears her no-nonsense,
grouchy, all-business attitude and she's been dubbed "the old dragon" for as long as some of
the older workers there could remember.

Once, she might have been of passing prettiness, but old age had marked her face
with lines and seemed to have marked her mouth permanently down as well. "Miss Kagome," the
elderly woman looked down her nose at the startled girl before her. "The boss has just
ordered better advertisement done for the new Wolf Inc. apartment complex down in the Kyoto
district. I want you to be on it with Takashiro Reika, she's a veteran and will walk you
through the necessary procedures." Kaede presented the golden folder before Kagome's
startled face as an amused frown came over her old face. "Don't disappoint me, Kagome."
The old dragon warned, "I've hired you for a reason and it's about time we put your talents
to work other than this junk." Kaede waved her hand dismissively at the paper work Kagome
was so ready to dig into but moments before. "Ms Takashiro will be contacting you this
afternoon after lunch break, so be here." With that the old secretary waddled out of the
office, taking her intimidating presence with her.

It wasn't long after the old dragon's departure before a stuttering youth came into
her office, possibly but a few years younger than Kagome herself, saying how
Old-Dragon-Kaede had ordered him to take away the pile of "junk", as Kaede had called it,
away for another to work on. Good naturedly she smiled, causing the other to blush, stumble
over the paper works and leave stammering in embarrassment. Amused, Kagome shrugged and
went back to studying the folder that Kaede had left her.

To say that she was surprised, if not intimidated by the size of the project was an
understatement, however, Kagome knew this was the perfect opportunity for her to prove
herself. Not only that, but it was exciting, a deviation from what she'd been laboring over
the last few months at the company. For a time she had even despaired on ever using the
skills that she had learned in college and internships here, at Wolf Inc., but she was wrong
after all, for before her was her chance to prove herself.

Reika did indeed contact her after lunch and she immediately liked the older woman
that the Old Dragon had sent her. Shrewd and patient, Reika never berrated Kagome when she
came across things she didn't understand and patiently listened to Kagome's ideas as well as
helping her adjust to the project. When Kagome had shyly asked why Reika would even
consider helping such an amateur like herself, Reika had chuckled, petting the younger
girl's arm affectionately, like a mother. "We all were green-lads once," Reika teased.
"Anyway, you have great potential." The compliment came with a serious smile and Kagome
accepted it graciously though doubting that she was really that much talented.

Time flew away that day at the work place and Kagome was surprised when Reika rose
from her desk at six and said that she had to go home. Apparently, Reika was indeed a
mother, and a very responsible one at that. Kagome smiled and nodded, saying goodbye to the
smiling Reika. "Good luck on gaining experiences tonight, Kagome!" Reika teased, for she
had said earlier that all Kagome really needed now was experience.

"Thank you, Reika! Enjoy your dinner with your son!" At that, Kagome started,
remembering that she had left Rin over at her own house with her mother and brother.
Berating herself for foolishly forgetting about the little girl, Kagome packed her suitcase
with the necessary files and was out the door in less time than it usually took her to get
ready and leave.

The drive to her own house had been long, and Kagome was burdened with guilt the
whole way. Finally, she was relieved to see the steps to her shrine and home loom before
her. Parking her car and racing up the steps that stretched onwards, she reached her
doorstep panting. "I'm home!" She called as she opened the door to be greeted by a small
cry of joy and arms circling around her waist. "Rin!" She laughingly picked the girl up
from the floor, thinking to herself that this was something she could get used to. She
tapped the girl gently on the nose with a smile, "How was school today, Rin? Did you have a
good day?" She entered the house with the little girl in her arms, sliding the door closed
behind her.

"Rin had a great day today, Aunty Kagome." Rin grinned happily, "Big brother Souta
walked Rin to school and Great Aunty Yuko packed Rin's lunch for Rin!" Higurashi Yuko
smiled at her daughter as Kagome set Rin down and looked to her mother surprised. "Grandpa
was telling stories to Rin too, about scary youkai and monsters under the bed!"

"Grandpa!" Kagome admonished the old man who appeared from the stairs. "Stop
trying to scare Rin!"

Souta laughed at this as Grandpa huffed indigently, "You kids never listened to me
like little Rin did." Grandpa complained.

"Don't worry, Kagome," Souta chuckled at the expression on Grandpa's face, "Rin
laughed about the scary youkai and demons under her bed, I think it amused her more to see
the funny faces that Grandpa was making than to take his descriptions of those demons

"Rin liked the stories," the little girl piped up.

Kagome laughed at this as well as she slipped off her shoes and petted Rin on the
head, "I'm glad you had a good day today, Rin." Kagome took the little girl's hand as she
walked into the dining room where her mother had already motioned to her that dinner was
ready. I'm glad Rin's here, Kagome thought. This place will shelter her and Mother,
Grandpa and Souta all seems to be trying their hardest to make her forget about her parents'
death. I hope she'll find happiness here. With that thought in mind, Kagome picked the
little girl up and sat her into the extra chair for the table, watching the little girl that
had suddenly popped up into her life. Watching her made Kagome realize that even though her
friends' passing had saddened her greatly, nothing would hurt her more than seeing this
little child suffer over it. With that in mind she was determined that Rin would be safe
and happy, and that though they could not replace her lost parents, Kagome will give her a
new family to be happy with and to let Rin know that no matter what, the little girl will
never ever be alone again.


* * *

Sango approached her apartment with anticipation, not quite sure what to expect
after the blatantly annoying comment that Miroku made at the steps of her dojo. "My lady, I
have come to inform you that this Friday we have a date." Of all the stupid, arrogant
things to say to her! Who did he think he was anyway? She wouldn't go out on a date with
someone like him, especially if it was him! That lecherous, demanding, arrogant, handsome--

Wait! Wait just a minute! Did she just think of Hikawa Miroku as handsome? *The*
Hikawa Miroku? The thought made her blush, leaving her with an urge to bang her head
against the wall till the silly idea was knocked clear out of her skull. Determined to not
allow the thought to go further, she unlocked her door and stepped into her apartment.
Taking a deep breath, she turned on the light and gaped.


Absolutely nothing! She was getting all nervous and expectant for nothing!

Angry with herself and Miroku for lying to her, she was unsure why she had felt
slightly disappointed. The disappointed feeling left her even more enraged at herself, to
which she promptly directed the anger to Miroku again for causing it in the first place. Of
course the phone saved her from further unwanted thought on such things as she walked over
and picked it from off of the hook. "Hello?"

"Hey Sango," Kagome's cheerful voice drifted into her ears. "How was your day?"

"Fine," she muttered but couldn't help smiling as she twirled one finger through her
hair and looked down at her phone. "I've just got back from the dojo and you'll never
believe what happened today--" Sango's voice drifted off as she looked to her answering
machine surprised.

"What's the matter Sango? You sound a little grumpy." Kagome questioned curiously.

"Hmm?" Sango looked interested at the flashing red button. Someone left her a

"What's the matter Sango?" Kagome repeated again, feeling her interest peak with
each passing moment.

Sango pushed the message button on her machine before answering Kagome, "Seems like
someone left a message." Sango said. Her reply left Kagome blinking, wondering why her
friend was so distracted this day.

"A message? Is it from your father?" Kagome wondered out loud.

"Hey, Sango, Honoko here. I just got a new job for you this Friday. We just
scheduled you for a photo shoot with *the* famous photographer Hikawa Miroku. He could be
the one to bring you out of the ads and really get you a place on magazine covers! Don't
disappoint me." When the beep ended a deep silence fell over the apartment.

"Sango? Sango?" Kagome called over the phone but there was no answer from her

The receiver of the black phone slipped from Sango's nerveless fingers and fell with
a clunk onto the wooden floor of her apartment. Now Sango finally understood what Miroku
had meant about the date on Friday and his mysterious, triumphant smile. Kagome's worried
voice still came muffled from the other end before Sango's dazed amazement dissipated from
her face. Her angered shout echoed off of the apartment walls, even reaching the startled
ears of Kagome on the other end of the phone, "That bastard!"

Funny how Sango, at the time, was still unsure if she was elated or enraged.

* * *

Sorata Inuyasha set his coffee down unhappily as he glanced at the paper in front of
him. Across from him his older brother sat with his briefcase opened, reviewing a file.
Disgusted, Inuyasha threw the newspaper down onto the table before him and grumbled.

Not even glancing up, Sorata Sesshoumaru shipped his cup of tea, savoring the taste
before voicing his question. "What is it, Inuyasha?" Obviously, his younger brother had
wanted him to be curious, else Inuyasha would've just gotten up and left the table.

"It's that stupid Kouga, him and his new apartment complex are all over the papers
and it's getting sick having our competitor plastering their success right in front of us."
Inuyasha answered angrily, his golden eyes narrowed considerably as he studied his
brother's calm face. Then an understand grin fell upon his lips, "You got a plan,
Sesshoumaru? Else you wouldn't be so calm about this." The younger concluded with an
amused spark in his golden eyes.

The older of the two shrugged his shoulders ever so slightly, confirming his
younger brother's suspicions. "Let Kouga puff his chest now. I've heard that he's so
confident in this new turn of things that he has hired a fresh-out-of-college student to
become Takashiro Reika's apprentice. Imagine, hiring a kid to learn under the great
Ms. Takashiro, the only woman ever to out smart us in advertising! And he waste her
talents on a child. I'd not be surprised if the girl failed to meet the standards
required for such an ambitious project and drag Takashiro down with her!" Sesshoumaru
leaned back onto his chair as he regarded his younger brother with a critical eye. "If
not, we can help Reika along that road to failure, I'm sure. I had thought Kouga was a
lot smarter than this, though he had lasted longer than any of our other competitors.
This incident, however, disappointed me about him. I cannot be abide such acts of disgrace
from our greatest competitor up to now and I believe that it would be best if we replace
him with a far more worthy opponent, wouldn't you agree, brother?"

Inuyasha grinned as he leaned over the table, anticipation shining in his eyes. Not
that he liked Sesshoumaru overly much, the two had to live together under the same roof and
share the company if they wanted their inheritance. Knowing the brothers' dislike for each
other, their despairing father, before his dying breath made certain that the two would be
forced to work together in the end to get anything done. Good thing Sesshoumaru wasn't as
stupid as he was a snob, Inuyasha thought to himself. He was willing to do most of the
dirty work if Sesshoumaru came up with the plan, and he was much better at researching
details than Sesshoumaru was for the elder hated communicating with practically the rest of
the human race! The good thing was that Sesshoumaru had a good sense of who to talk to but
it was up to Inuyasha to sweeten the hook with bait.

"What do you want me to do?"

Sesshoumaru smiled at this, absently twirling one long, elegant finger along the rim
of his cup. "Whatever it is necessary to beat Kouga and Reika before they can get any furter
in their schemes," Sesshoumaru answered mysteriously.

This was going to be sweet! Inuyasha thought with a grin as he tapped his fingers
against the table top, "So we strike Reika? After all, the stupid apprentice she's teaching
will know nothing without a mentor to teach her. With Reika out of the way, Kouga would soon

Sesshoumaru shook his head at this, "Kouga, stupid as he has become, has kept the
apprentice's name under wraps anyway, we have no choice but to strike Reika. Maybe he has
indeed anticipated our moves more than we give him credit for since my sources can't get a
hold of anything on the child. She's got a clean record."

"Better be careful if that bastard thinks he knows what we'll do," Inuyasha warned.

Sesshoumaru only chuckled at this, "Well, then it will be all the more interesting,
eh, brother?"

Inuyasha looked thoughtful about this for a moment before a leer fell across his
lips. "Indeed, indeed." The younger flexed his fingers thoughtfully, "Either way, we've
got Reika, and if there's anything I know about Reika, she's going to be on her guard when
it comes to us."

Sesshoumaru smiled coldly at this, "We'll have to be careful with Reika, but if we
succeed in breaking her, than it is the end of the road for Kouga. He made such a big deal
out of this that he created the perfect time to strike him down." Sesshoumaru tapped his
chin thoughtfully, "I'll have to go over more notes and I need more information, but I
believe I have a plan."

Inuyasha smiled lazily as he leaned back on his own chair. His heart pounded with
excitement. Finally! After all these years of waiting, there was finally an opening to
strike that Kouga bastard down!

Inuyasha couldn't wait.

Oy! Aren't those two brothers so naughty? And now Kagome's about to discover two people she
despise becoming two people who'll hassel her to no end because of her new project! Poor
Kagome, she's about to get more of those two than she might wish to and she'll not like
how they go about hasseling Reika to no end either! And what would the brothers do when
they discover who the real apprentice under Reika is? Dun dun dun! Find out in the coming
chapters, maybe not the next one or the next but the answers will soon reveal themselves :D

For all of you wanting Sesshoumaru/Kagome, it seems the natural course that this fic should
take. However, I want to explore Inuyasha a bit more as well as a character. :) I hope
that by the end of chapter 5 or so you'll like them both -- Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha --
equally, because then it'll be really fun then! Oh, and yes, Kouga is actually in this
fanfic, you'll meet him soon enough, as well as Shippou. In regarding Sango/Miroku I'm
going to have fun with them *wicked grin* So enjoy the show and thank you for reviewing
my story! This is really fun :) Though maybe I will change the story title to: A Modern
Day Love Story; for after all, that is exactly what this story is about ^-~

P.S. Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha has yet to connect Kagome with her last name. Both brothers
don't know her last name yet and she doesn't know their last name to connect the two to each
other, though in chapter one she suspected it based on her dislike for both of them and
their similar features. Oh, and Honoko is Sango's agent. Just wanted you to know in case
you're wondering about that :)


blue ^-^