The Ravenclaws and Professor Umbridge

Before Defence Against the Dark Arts, Thursday:

"I hate this class," Lisa Turpin said.

"I hate that hag," retorted Terry Boot. "Defence would be great with a good teacher."

"Maybe we could force her to teach properly," said Padma.

"She probably doesn't even know anything about Defence," said Lisa.

"Well...," Padma said, thinking, "What if we just disrupt her class until she lets us do what we want - like learn."

"She'd be furious. I've heard some horrible rumours about her detentions," Lisa commented worriedly.

"We'll just have to be sure she doesn't catch us then, won't we?" Padma replied. "Now, I have an idea..."

The three Ravenclaws huddled together as Padma whispered hurriedly.

"That's brilliant!" Lisa exclaimed. "But we could make it even better..."

And so, the plotting commenced.

Breakfast, Friday:

Terry slid onto the bench at the Ravenclaw table next to Lisa.

"I spoke to Fred and George and they gave me a few ideas of how we could do it, although they kept trying to find out why I wanted to know," he said.

"You didn't tell them?" Lisa asked quickly.

"Of course not. Though they wouldn't have said anything, they hate her as much as we do. But this is a strictly Ravenclaw operation."

"Don't we all have the afternoon off? We can work on it then," Padma added.

Defence Against the Dark Arts, Monday morning:

"She's coming!"

The three Ravenclaws cast quick non-verbal spells towards the Professor, and then hurried to get in line and not look guilty. The class went in and sat down, looking rather dejected as they took out their textbooks.

"Wands away," called Professor Umbridge; well, she tried to. The sound that actually came out of her mouth was a long croak.

She jumped, and glared at her class who were looking slightly bewildered, while suppressing laughter.

She opened her mouth to snap at them, but could say nothing but "Ribbet, ribbet, ribbet."

Her cardigan then started to flash between black and pink. It finally settled on sludge green. The bow on top of her head wobbled.

The class gave up on smothering its laughter and descended into hysterics.

Padma winked at Terry, as Professor Umbridge fled the room, glaring. She got up and pointed her wand at the board, and on it appeared a very practical-based lesson plan.

This year's Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons were about to get interesting.