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Bella's POV

It had almost been forty eight hours since he had been bitten.

After the problems in the woods, Edward did a quick search for more of the mutant dogs, but found nothing except a terrible stench of death and decay surrounding the forest.

Emmett had whizzed him back home and laid him on the table where he had stayed for the past two days, screaming for his life.

The teen hadn't screamed at first but he was screaming now (very loudly , though you could tell he couldn't control his own body.

The body in question was jerking this way and that as the venom spread, but nowhere near as bad as it had been. But I could see a definite change in him.

His skin was like ice, and it was amazing how big of a change the colour of his skin made to his face and overall appearance.

I could see his face changing because I was able to compare it to his old one from Nessie's gift.

Where before his features had been rugged and defined, a mix balancing out, now he was, as Emmett put it 'Rose good'. His face hadn't really changed just slight moves in the muscles and bone structure altered his whole appearance.

When before he looked like someone you wouldn't be afraid of late at night, and you'd ask him directions, now he looked like a super model, even when screaming in pain. His cheekbones were higher and more defined, and I could see that his dark hair, brows and eyelashes stood out against his pale skin.

His hands, while clenching and unclenching, you could notice scars trailing all down them, one even running right down to his shoulder, to a human they were horrific.

They were pretty horrific to us too.

They were on his chest as well, crisscrossing across his six pack. He couldn't feel us, so Alice had great fun taking his measurements and going shopping for a whole new wardrobe for him, which actually looked okay when she brought it back.

Right now, we were all assembled above him, watching his body jerking helplessly.

'How long?' Carlisle asked Alice tentatively. Alice closed her eyes for two seconds, and when she opened them she was positively beaming.

'Thirty seven seconds.'

'Will he need to hunt?'

'I can't be sure.'

The next thirty or so seconds were torture, everybody waiting with bated breath over his body, which had stopped jerking, and he had stopped screaming bloody murder, which was a huge comfort on my ears.

But when his eyes opened we all reeled back when we saw the colour of them.

They were a mesmerising green, the colour of the sea, ever moving like liquid and water, sloshing around in his eyes, with the red rims of the irises standing out.

He groaned, in a deep tone that didn't really reflect his appearance, before asking in a joking voice 'Who the Hades are you?'

I was shocked, I had to admit. First, he had gone through the transformation and kept his old eye colour, which was unheard of. Every vampire I knew either had golden eyes, red eyes, or when they were thirsty, black eyes. Second, he seemed not to be bothered by his thirst, which only I had ever accomplished, and thirdly, why did he swear by Hades, the Greek God if my memory served, not by hell?

All these questions were confusing my vamprific brain, which was hard to do.

Suddenly Edward gasped, his eyes widening. I heard him mutter so quiet nobody except vampires could ever have had a prayer of hearing him. But, being a vampire, I heard.

'No. Couldn't possibly... but... Greek Gods? What would Aro say? What would Aro do?' Why he was worrying about the Volturi at this moment in time was beyond me, so I decided to ask him later, and turned my gaze back to our newborn.

'Is your throat hurting?' asked Esme kindly, addressing the teen for the first time. His hand immediately flew to his throat, and he nodded.

'Also dear, what's your name?'' she added on as an afterthought.

'Percy. Percy Jackson.' I frowned at Edward who had answered for 'Percy' and he raised his eyebrows.

'Do I know you?' Percy asked, his eyebrows pulling together.

'Oh, no.' Edward smiled 'I'm a mind reader, I have a gift like Rachel' Somehow that flew with Percy as a look of understanding passed across his face, and he nodded.

'So are you like a relative of the empousai? Because I'm seriously hoping you aren't cause you seem nice so far… But anyway.' He looked pointedly at Edward while the rest of us wondered what the hell empousai were.

But Edward smiled and replied 'Oh no, nothing like that. We're… vegetarians.' Suddenly Percy was on guard again.

'You said 'we'. As in you, them' he nodded toward us 'and me. That burning…' he trailed off, his eyes betraying the true pain he had felt.

'Yes. You were dying Percy, we saved your life. But, for a cost.' Edward replied, and I prayed he knew what he was doing. Annoying a new-born was not something you want to do.

Percy put his hand on the table, and put the smallest ounce of pressure on it, I could see. The table shattered into about five pieces.

He quickly drew his hand away and stared at the table in shock, and then at his hand which did the damage.

'Yeah. We're super strong too.' Said Emmett making his debut, and flexing his freakishly large muscles.

Percy just raised his eyebrows and smirked. 'You know, those aren't as strong as they look. You've just pumped them up, no really hard work behind them.' Emmett raised his eyebrows and looked mildly insulted.

'You think you could take me on?'

'Anybody in this room could take you on. I could win.' He said as if he were stating a fact. Emmett's smirk became a fully blown grin.

'You know brother, I'll keep you to that. I have a feeling we're gonna get on.' Percy smiled and then grasped his throat in obvious discomfort.

Carlisle cleared his throat, remembering Percy was a new-born, not a decade old vamp. 'Right then, Percy. Hunting. Any volunteers to take Percy hunting?' Emmett raised his hand almost immediately, and Alice stepped forward with her pixie like grace.

'Wait, what exactly is… um, hunting?' Percy said, a bit self-consciously. Jasper stepped forward and took Percy into a room quickly. I could hear Jasper explaining hunting quite clearly, and I can honestly say that if I was a human and had just been turned then I would be running away from the crazy guy covered in scars as fast as my super speed legs would carry me.

But Percy took it pretty well, and understood, only interrupting once when Jasper said they just jumped on the animals and ripped them apart with our teeth (we all cringed save Emmett who perked right up) he asked if he could kill them with something other than his teeth because he couldn't really picture how he was going to do it.

I tried to imagine myself hunting, because I had to have done it hundreds of times before, yet I could never imagine myself from an outsider's point of view.

Percy had actually made a valid point, but Jasper waved him off saying instinct would take over when he got the scent.

When they came out Percy looked quite casual, but a tad shaken, and Jasper looked extremely satisfied.

I frowned and out popped out the question. 'How come this doesn't seem to suprise or bother you in the slightest?' I asked, then clapped my hands over my mouth.

Percy just shrugged and said 'Being... what I am is dangerous, usually you get killed and horrible things happen to you. So I've been bracing myself for quite a while, waiting for something to happen. I'm not dead, so that's something. I'm just prepared I guess.'

And then he was gone, leaving a slight breeze in the air, and a shout of 'Hunting, anyone?'