Parts of this stared me in the face and mocked me.

Then I debated on something which I will explain at the end.


Aryaih was standing at the bar as confidently as she could. Her Uncle Anakin had taught her that she was in less danger of something bad happening to her if she put on an air of confidence; unsavory males wouldn't bother a female that looked strong.

An alien suddenly shoved her, saying something to her that she didn't understand. Aryaih just looked at the alien coolly before turning her back to the alien.

A finger tapped her on the shoulder.

Aryaih turned and saw a grubby humanoid male was standing beside her.

"My friend doesn't like you." He told her.

"Am I supposed to care?" Aryaih asked.

The being grabbed one of her braids.

"I don't like you either; we are wanted men. I have the death sentence on twelve systems!" The man told her.

"This is Tatooine," Aryaih began, "Probably half the beings that live here at least one death sentence in one system or another. You don't frighten me."

Aryaih watched as Luke and Leia moved closer to her.

"You mess with her you mess with us." Luke said as he put a hand on the blaster on his belt.

The grubby human looked around and jerked his head. Two more aliens came over. Aryaih moved her hand to her blaster and knew that Leia was doing the same thing.

"These young ones aren't worth the trouble." Obi-Wan's voice suddenly said behind them. "Can I get you a drink?"

The grubby man shoved her to the side and her two cousins attacked the grubby man and one of his friends.

"No blasters!" The bartender cried out as he dived for safety.

A hum filled the air and a moment later screams of pain filled the air.

Aryaih picked herself off the floor and gaped at the sight of a severed arm on the floor with some blood. Her eyes traveled to the humming sound and saw Obi-Wan holding a lit lightsaber. Aryaih had only seen lightsabers in holonet footage so it was shocking to see one.

The group quickly fled nd the cantina slowly returned to the state it was in before.

Aryaih found herself wondering how common something like this was.


Leia didn't fully trust Captain Solo but as of now he was their best bet at getting to Alderaan. Han Solo was arrogant as they come. He even tried to impress them with incorrect information on the speed capabilities of his ship.

But Obi-Wan seemed to trust him so Leia decided to trust the older man's judgment; for now.

Leia still had a hard time wrapping her mind around the fact that the Farm was gone. She had called the Farm home from the day she came into the galaxy. Her family had mattered the most to her in the galaxy and now as far as she knew her, Luke and Aryaih were the only ones alive.

What puzzled Leia was the fact that Xing-Xing's body was the only one they had found on the Farm.

The Storm Troopers had murdered all the Jawas but had they taken her family as hostages? It didn't make sense to murder one group then take the other one prisoner.

Leia wished that she had thought to bring Saia in with them; but someone needed to keep an eye on the speeder besides R2. Xing-Xing had been trained to bark, snarl, snap or nip anyone that got too close to the family speeders and Saia had picked up on her mother's habit.

"We will need to get rid of the speeder." Obi-Wan said as they left the cantina.

Leia could feel her Aryaih and Luke's pain at the thought getting rid of the speeder. It had served their family for years and they all had helped repair it on countless occasions. But it had to be done; they then would have some money to then start a new life for themselves somewhere.

They could also join the Rebellion and make those monsters pay for the lives that they had taken.

Leia shared a quick look with Luke and Aryaih before she nodded.


Mara walked beside her father as their group walked towards Docking Bay Ninety-Four. She still wasn't sure how she felt about her father showing his lightsaber to a cantina filled with beings. Storm Troopers had been alerted and they had barely escaped the cantina without being spotted.

She hoped that they would be able to get off of Tatooine without getting spotted.

Mara heard Leia snap her fingers to apparently catch the attention of the pet Anooba. Mara still couldn't believe that some beings kept such dangerous creatures as pets.

Within minutes they arrived at the docking bay and Mara wasn't really impressed by the ship

A second later Luke voiced more or less what she was thinking; that the ship was a piece of junk.

Mara heard Captain Solo defend his ship before she headed for the ship.


Han still couldn't believe that he would be transporting a strange group to Alderaan. But he had agreed not to ask questions.

Still, who had pet Anoobas? Only those on the wrong side of the law had them. But the young adults had the look and attitude of moisture farmers.

Why the Empire was interested in three moisture farmers, three wanderers, a droid and a tame wild animal was beyond him.

He was pleased that they had escaped from the Imperial Star Destroyers but he wasn't looking forward to the no questions policy.


Bail Organa sighed as he looked at the window of his office. He hadn't heard from his nephew Daren since he left on his mission to get Obi-Wan and the Jedi Master's two children.

The commlink built in his desk beeped; he had an incoming call.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Viceroy there is a ship requesting to land. One of the passengers transmitted a special code." Meeka, a secretary informed him.

Bail straightened. He knew that Meeka was using code to tell him that it was someone important on that ship.

"Let them land; I will meet them in the hangar." Bail said as he stood and headed for the hangar.

Bail stood as a beat up looking ship landed in the hangar. He wondered what had possessed Obi-Wan to travel on such a ship.

The ramp lowered and an Anooba raced down it.

Bail jumped back in shock and some fear.

"Saia, behave!" A young woman's voice called from the ship.

A moment later a young woman with brownish blond hair raced down the ramp.

The Anooba turned around and headed for the girl.

A few moments later another young woman and a young man hurried out of the ship.

"Did she hurt anyone Leia?" The young man asked.

"No, I think she's just happy to be off that blasted ship." The girl, Leia, answered.

A minute later Obi-Wan emerged from the ship with two teenagers. Bail recognized the young woman as Mara and by deduction the teenage boy was Rayvon.

Obi-Wan's group was followed by an astromech with silver and blue plating.

A short time later a man with a wookiee descended from the ship.

Bail had a feeling that he knew what had happened Daren. His nephew must have been captured by the Empire.

IF the Empire had captured his nephew then it could be only a matter of time before they came for him.

They didn't have a lot of time.


I debated on the scene in the cantina. Whether or not Obi-Wan needed to take out his lightsaber and do the whoosh whoosh thing. My sister said 'no' and that someone should just see it. How the heck that would work is beyond me.

Now the next part of the debate: should Alderaan get blown to pieces? Yeah I will be killing tons of living creatures but it helped fan the flames of the rebellion. What you all of you think?