Title: Meet Uzumaki Naruto, Kushina's fake-twin-brother-who's-to-be-the-next-jinchuuriki

Author: Enwa

Rating: PG13

Summary: Uzumaki Kushina has run away, not wanting to become the next jinchuuriki. The deadline is coming up and they need to find a new candidate quickly because they won't be able to find Kushina in time! Thankfully, no one else could be a better substitute candidate than a time-tripping-former-jinchuuriki Uzumaki Naruto who happens to be Kushina's long-lost-fake-twin-bro-but-who-the-hell-cares. Also, he looks way too pretty now and now understands why Kushina said sorry to him that time. He really hates being mistaken for a girl all the time, damn it!

Meet Uzumaki Naruto, Kushina's fake-twin-brother-who's-to-be-the-next-jinchuuriki

When Naruto woke up, he immediately wished that he had never woken up as he felt as though he was going to puke his guts out all over the grass that he was lying face down in. He also had a pounding headache the size of the Hokage Mountain. He hadn't felt this bad for ages, this possibly topped the epic hangover afterthat "Drinking Contest" with Killer Bee (inadvertently causing much pants-shitting terror when two drunk Bijuu spontaneously appeared and romped around the Continent). Gingerly rolling over onto his back to squint at the blue sky with the grass blades tickling his neck, Naruto wondered where the hell he was now and why the heck he was in such a bad state. He was also alarmed to find that his weapons weren't on him.

Then he froze.

With a shaking hand (that looked far too small), Naruto yanked a couple of hair strands loose and examined them with wide eyes. They weren't his usual blond. His hair was red, the very same colour like his mother Uzumaki Kushina's hair. The pain from pulling out his hair didn't disperse the sight, which probably meant that it wasn't a genjutsu or a dream. He also didn't detect any sign of chakra interference in his system.

As there was no source of water nearby to use as a mirror, Naruto made a shadow clone so he could see what he looked like. When the smoke cleared, he and his shadow clone stared at each other with disbelieving eyes.

"Holy crap! Your eyes also changed! They're now purple!" His clone exclaimed. Naruto mutely nodded as he stared at his image; dumbfounded by his new appearance. He now looked exactly like his mother if she had been born male. With blood-red hair, violet eyes and fair complexion, Naruto looked like a typical Uzumaki clansman. He was also disturbed by how pretty he was – for the first time in his life, he wished that he didn't look so much like his mother. He might actually even be prettier than Haku!

But aside from his startling new look, Naruto had also de-aged. Judging from the size of his new body and the round baby-fat on his cheeks (oh, now he could see why Kushina had been called tomato), he had regressed to around seven years old. Naruto only had one thing to say.

"Oh hell no. I'm not going through puberty AGAIN!"


His heart was beating rapidly in his chest and he felt as though he had butterflies in his stomach. His palms were sweaty and he couldn't stop himself from fidgeting. It was official. Minato just met his first crush as he eyed the new student standing at the front of the class.

She was rather striking in appearance, the combination of vivid red messy and short hair, purple eyes and fair skin making her as appear as though she was a character from a comic. Her clothes were also rather boyish compared to her fellow female students' clothes, consisting of black shorts and a red-spiral marked orange shirt that clashed horribly with her hair. Her knees and elbows were covered with half-healed scrapes. As his heart fluttered, Minato wondered if the curious set of three whisker-line scars on her cheeks were a clan-mark like the Inuzuka and Akimichi face tattoos.

"Introduce yourself to the class." Tanaka-sensei instructed the girl who scowled at him and muttered under her breath, "But I don't even want to be here…!"

"Just introduce yourself."

"Okay, fine." The girl heaved a sigh and then she squared her shoulders, straightened her back and proudly lifted her head, "I am Uzumaki Naruto and I'm going to be the best ninja in the world!"

Wow. Minato couldn't help but grin. Even her name was as quirky as her appearance. He really wanted to get to know her more – she was so different from the other girls in the class! Then Uchiha Fugaku's voice derisively said, "Stupid. But aren't you a girl? You also look like a tomato."

Minato turned to frown at the other boy; that had been totally rude of him. Naruto only smiled sweetly and greeted Fugaku, "You are an Uchiha right?"

"Yes, I'm Uchiha Fugaku, clan heir."

"Wow, the resemblance is just uncanny…Let me thank you for volunteering to help me vent."


"Oh. God. No!" Tanaka-sensei paled and he immediately lunged to grab Naruto's collar but he missed by a precious few centimeters. Like greased lightning, faster than Minato could see, Naruto vaulted over the table to punch Fugaku right in the face and he crumpled to the floor, out-cold. Speechless, Minato's jaw dropped to the floor. Naruto shook her hand with a disdainful snort, "Man, for an arrogant Uchiha, you're really blind. I'm a fucking boy for god's sake!"

Wait. What? Naruto was a boy? No way. He was too pretty to be a boy! Oh. This was embarrassing. His first crush had turned out to be a ridiculously pretty boy instead of a girl. Minato officially wanted to die of utter humiliation. He groaned as he buried his red face in his hands. His only solace was that he was not alone in his embarrassment as he heard similar dismayed sounds from the other boys and girls.

Yamanaka Inoichi breathed in awe, "Dude. That was totally awesome."

"Naruto! You're in detention after school! This class is now free-study because I have to take Fugaku to the clinic." Tanaka-sensei snapped as he carefully lifted the unconscious Fugaku and walked out of class.

"Meh. He deserved it." Naruto sniffed as he plopped himself down beside Minato, propping his feet on the table. Minato stiffened, feeling his blush flare again in his cheeks at the close proximity. Naruto turned to greet him, "Oh, yeah, hope you don't mind me sit-"

Naruto immediately paled and his eyes grew wide on seeing him. He stared speechlessly at him and Minato fidgeted nervously. After a long moment and Naruto was still staring speechlessly, Minato hesitantly replied, "Um, it's okay. You can sit here if you like. It's nice to meet you, Uzumaki-san. I'm Namikaze Minato. You can call me Minato."

"Yeah…Nice to meet you too…Minato," Naruto seemed to rouse from his daze and he quickly looked away as he apologised, "Sorry for staring, you reminded me of someone."

"…Er, ok. No offense taken," Minato replied, bemused by Naruto's strange reaction. Naruto's shoulders were tense and he seemed…sad. Wondering who he had reminded Naruto of, Minato attempted to inject some humour into the situation, "At least, you didn't tell me that I was pretty. I've had way too many people tell me that."

Startled, Naruto laughed.


Basically, Naruto is thrown back in time by some unknown plot device. Since he's not supposed to exist in the past, his body is sort-of-destroyed in the process which explains why he feels like he's got the mother of all hangovers when he wakes up. Also, half of his DNA that came from his father, is destroyed and his body imbued with Kyuubi's chakra and the inherent Uzumaki resilient genes, reconstructs itself. Naturally, he turns into something like a male twin version of Kushina. Naruto is so not pleased by his new appearance (HE NOW LOOKS LIKE A VERY PRETTY GIRL AND NOW TOTALLY UNDERSTANDS WHY KUSHINA SAID SORRY LMFAO).

After some hijinks etc etc, Naruto winds up in Whirlpool and learns that Kushina ran away, not wanting to become the next jinchuuriki. No one knows where she is now and the deadline is coming up soon before she can be found which means that Naruto's gotta do the job since omg, he's Kushina's long-lost twin bro and has the same chakra attributes - YES CANDIDATE GET! Naruto's like HELL NO because he doesn't want to risk changing the entire course of history and also, find his mother. But too bad, he's forced to go to Konoha anyway and eventually enters the Academy in the same class as a very young Minato.

And that's it.