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The Quest To A Cure, Chapter 3.

A Ranma ½ Crossover fic.

By Basikampfire.


I hear a sound.

I hear a heavy, repetitive, beat sound below me.

My mind, boots up. I remember how to open my eyes.

Light enters in as they creaked open, I shut them back immediately and turned away from it.

The sound made itself known again.

I grumbled and shifted within the bed sheets, hugging the pillow between my arms with greater force. My body ached for sleep and I gave it what it needed.

But the sound wouldn't let up.

I swore and tossed the comfy sheets away.

The cold air hit me, I shivered slightly. It seems I kept a window open last night.

I lightly rubbed my eyes and crawled to the bed edge. My feet hit the ground, I shuffled to the door, dragging a pillow as my body starts up.

I feel thirsty, my throat is parched and my lips are dry.

My speed increases as I regain some use of my legs.

Now slowly walking, I head down the hallway blowing away hair from my face. Its unbound and a mess, Pop would scowl at me.

I stopped and clutched my head in pain as information from last night made itself known.

Pop wasn't here and won't be for a long time.

I cursed, throwing the pillow at a wall and stepped forward.

Then I remembered this was were the stairs used to be.

If anyone asks I did not scream like a girl as the floor rose to meet me face first.

The ground shuddered slightly as I ate wood. The impact didn't hurt, I've experienced falls harder than this. Pop pushed me off of single story buildings to teach me how to fall. The slight pain jump-started both my brain and my body.

I punched the ground in frustration, breaking wood beneath.

The sound increased in intensity.

I ignored it and stalked into the kitchen. After a minute of searching I managed to grab something edible out of the pantry and fridge. I took a bite out a bread roll stuffed with leftover ham and sipped cold, delicious water out of a bottle as I made my way back to the door.

Finishing up my makeshift breakfast I ripped open the door, "What ya want!"

I looked the person infront of me, memories from yesterday hit me. He was a teacher called Takamichi Takahata. He trailed me yesterday before my first class started and possibly after it.

"Are… are you alright Ranma?" He asked. I must have looked horrible, his face changed to that of a concerned adult the moment he saw me.

"What ya think! And why the hell did ya wake me!" I yelled. I didn't care that he was a damn teacher. All I wanted was something to scream at.

"You missed school, did something happen last night?"

Just fucking great, I slept through the entire damn day!

I lied, "No, nothing happened at all. Can ya leave me alone now?"

Takamichi didn't believe me for a second, "May I come in Ranma?"

"No," I said. He opened his mouth to reply but I slammed the door in his face.

Goodbye and good riddance.

I headed back to Pop's room for some needed shut-eye, I'm not going to deal with this shit.

"Ranma, I'm coming in."

I didn't care, I hopped to the second floor and ran inside the room. I hear the front door closing beneath me as I wrapped myself deep within a blanket.

Takamichi came into the room three minutes later. I never said a word as he sat on the bed edge.

"This place is very lonely, isn't it?"

I couldn't tell what he was doing as I kept my back to him.

"Only till now." I muttered sadly. I'd give anything to be with Pop's right now, even a cure to my curse.

"Ah, can you tell me about it?".

The blankets shifted as I turned slightly to him, "I don't want to talk about it."

"It'll only get worse if you keep it bottled in Ranma."

I fully faced him, he looked at me. I could tell he was worried. He shouldn't be, I won't do something stupid and get myself hurt.

"I don't care, I'll deal with it on my own."

And I will. Saotome's don't angst, they get over it quickly and continue on with their lives.

Takamichi chuckled at my response, "If you say so, but I'll be available if you need to change your mind."

With that he went headed to the door. I stopped him with my hand.

I sighed and scratched my head. "Look, since you're a guest and all how about I make ya lunch or… what time is it?"

"Four P.M"

"Ah thanks, are ya fine with a late lunch?" I asked. I hate being an asshole to those who don't deserve it. Even though I didn't want it, all Takamichi did was offer an ear and I rudely shoved it into his face.

"Of course, but... you might want to fix yourself up first Ranma."

I nodded and got off the bed.

"I'll be waiting in the kitchen then." He said walking out the door.

I waved him off and fixed Pop's bed to its original state.

I looked myself over in the bathroom mirror.

I was a wreck. My hair was uncontrolled and wild, I never changed out of my uniform, my eyes were blood-shot and caked with dried tear trails. I scowled at myself and wiped it off with a handful of ice-cold water.

Drying off with a red towel, I tied my hair back into a ponytail using a string of twine.

I threw my uniform into the laundry as I went to my room. I don't have much in the way of clothes, a few boxers, one set of pajamas, a few spare uniforms, and white gis. My only set of casual clothes are a pair of black kung fu pants and a red kung fu shirt.

I should get more get more but I have yet to see a store in Mahora that sells them. If I can't find any I'll call up the Jusenkyo Guide and ask him to have the Amazons make some and ship it over. The stuff they make over there has incredible quality, I might have to order some weapons too…

I wrote the list down in my notebook and quickly changed into my casual clothes.

I hopped back down and made my way into the kitchen. Takamichi was sitting down in the dining room. He gave me a slight smile, I shrugged and started to pull out the ingredients from the fridge.

What to make… what to make?

"Are ya fine with some Chinese?" I asked. I'm decent with Chinese food, I learned it from observing chiefs in China and help from Cologne, a mad old ghoul from the Amazon Village.

"Anything specific?"

"Just the usual stuff ya see in the restaurants."

He didn't respond, I started cooking.

My body went through the motions of preparing the meal. My mind was on other things. I can multitask in a lot of things, it helps immensely in fights.

After we eat I'll ask Takamichi for a spar. I need it, fighting always helps me get out of funks. If I had to guess he's likely in the same league as Pop's, he hides himself like a real master I can barely get a whiff of his Aura even when he's relaxed.

I adjusted the temperatures, mixed in a few more ingredients, seasonings, and spices to the wok.

I might need another hobby other than training and the occasional fight to pass the time. I've already decided to explore the rest of Mahora using the bits and pieces of information Konoemon gave to me.

I'll likely finish it by the end of the year and if nothing comes up on my curse well… all work and no play makes Ranma a bored boy.

I do stupid destructive things when I'm bored. Don't get me wrong, I like training my ass off but even that gets dull after a while. If I have nothing in between, I start to slack off and not give it my full attention.

I stirred the finished noodles one more time and gave them a taste test. It wasn't my best work, but its edible. I set them on two plates and checked the other dishes.

I think construction might be something of use, if only to build my own equipment and keep the house in shape.

And it seems I'm done cooking.

I made six dishes, three for each of us. Chow mien, mandarin chicken, and a tofu that looks like a boiling pot. I liked the taste of it.

I delivered them all to the dining room in a display of physic defying balance that caused Takamichi to stumbled out of his seat.

I'd chuckle if I wasn't carrying a dish between my teeth. I set it all on the table and went back for the drinks, smirking along the way.

After that we ate silently across from each other. The only noise heard was my snickering as Takamichi sweated slightly when he looked at me from time to time.

Hey, I'll show off whenever I can.

He liked my cooking, but he avoided the tofu. I guess Takamichi doesn't like spicy foods, he guzzled his drink and ran for a glass of milk after trying it. Then he stared at me in disbelief every time I took a bite out of the tofu. I don't' know why, its not even that hot!

Soon enough we finished and I cleaned the mess in both rooms.

"Can we spar?" I asked not caring if I lose or not.

"I was wondering when you'd ask Ranma." Takamichi happily answered. He walked to the door in a slow stride, "Do you want it here or outside?"

"Outside." I stated without a moments hesitation. I still needed to clean up the dojo, the debris would interfere with my movement.

A few minutes later and we stood thirty meters across from each other in a clearing. I judged this to be a good location. Takamichi didn't argue.

The match is set to ten points. Points would be granted with every hit, their value is raised depending how its made and how effect it was. One point for clean hits, and two to three for critical or skillfully used attacks. A knock out is an automatic loss.

Simple terms, but we didn't have a ref to keep point count… Eh, we'll keep track ourselves.

Takamichi took out a coin and flipped in the air.

Once it lands, our match will start.

I readied myself as it fell, he shoved his hands in his pockets.

It landed, I brought up my Ren, he responded with using Ten.

I dashed, crossing fourteen meters in two steps!

But I could move no further. The match nearly ended by the start of my third step as sound cracked and something slammed into my chin a number of times.

I'm flung away. My mind is scrambled, the blows were strong and the sheer surprise of being hit at that distance nearly caused me to black out.

I've experienced disorientation and pain since I first learned how to fight.

I brought myself together in two seconds.

I landed on my feet and instantly had my guard up. A bruise started to form below my chin, those blows got through my Ren.

I flared my Aura menacingly.

He wasn't even phased. The bastard was smiling.

I grinned in return, this guy is definitely on Pop's level.

"Aren't you full of surprises Ranma, I thought it was over after the first hit."

He still had his hands in his pockets.

I think he wasn't expecting my speed in that initial bout or my endurance.

"As ya can see I'm quite hard headed." I responded. How did he attack me from so far away, is he an Emission user too? "Whats the point score?"


"Tch," That seemed just about right.

I kicked off, circling the twenty-five meters that separated us. Takamichi turned, tracking me closely but refused to budge from his spot.

I gathered Aura in my hand and shot off three yellowish blasts of baseball sized spheres. Packed closely together, they flew at high speeds towards Takamichi!

I used Gyou on my eyes as it crossed the twenty meter mark.

He arched an eyebrow at my attack. I couldn't see what he did, but all three attacks changed trajectory mid flight and impacted the ground far away from him in small dust clouds.

I took advantage of Takamichi's unwillingness to move and shot more blasts of Aura at him, keeping Gyou up all the while.

None of my attacks ever got close to him but I never meant for them to connect. They tested the extent of Takamichi's apparent limits.

His range is at least fifteen meters, I'm dead certain its way higher but luckily he's going easy on me. All his attacks originated from his pocketed hands and there's a very, very small delay between each attack.

I could tell because his pants rustle between every attack as his fists reenter his pockets and quickly exit out for another attack and back again. Just like katana, sheathing in and out.

I figured out how to counter it, even with the massive speed difference between us.

I need to close the distance.

So, I turned on a dime and drove straight to Takamichi!

Utilizing my small size, I went in low protecting myself with an X guard and pushed my Ren passed its limits, hardening it with Ten, activating Ken.

Ken increases my defenses to the point where I can no-sell attacks weaker than it. It's a bitch to maintain, I can keep it up for a minute or less before I exhaust myself.

I don't need a minute, only three seconds to engage within melee range.

Sound broke as hundreds of blows hit my guard.

I ignored it all, nothing harmed me. Ken withstood the force put in each blow.

Twenty-one meters passed in a blur as I shot towards his face like a cannon ball!

Takamichi raised his arms, his right fist streaked towards my face.

I deflected it and caught an uppercut beneath me with my left hand. Using it, I rotated and connected a right roundhouse kick to his jaw.

He spun and hit the floor, I quickly backed out of his range.

I killed my Ken, and replaced it with Zetsu to speed up my Aura recovery.

I'm covered in sweat, heavily breathing in and out. Only five seconds of activation and I'm nearly exhausted, just how many hits did I take in those first three?

Takamichi got up and rubbed his jaw.

I poured most of my power into that kick.

It wasn't even bruised.

What the hell!

"That was an excellent attack Ranma," He said calmly. "I'd say it'd rate a two?"

I shrugged in agreement, "You're a Reinforcement user aren't ya?"

I kept the conversation going, as every second spent allows me to recover and plan my next move.

"What makes you say that?" He asked. His hands were half-inserted in his pocket, ready for a quick defense.

I won't catch him off guard again.

"You're Hatsu, your Iaiken is a mixture of Reinforcement, Emission and Transformation. To use it ya start off in your sheathed stance like right now."

Takamichi slowly nodded and motioned me to continue. He seemed to know why I was doing this.

"When it comes to drawing it ya channel more Aura than ya normally could into it through your proficiency in Reinforcement. Particularly around the fist, allowing it to reach incredible speeds. Once the attacks launched ya expel it using Emission and turn it into air by mimicking it with Transformation. Allowing ya to attack at mid to far ranges by shooting bursts of hard air, but ya can't use it up close and ya have to re-sheath it with every attack. That is its restriction to use your Iaiken."

He thought my explanation over and chuckled, "Close, Ranma. You over analyzed it, but the theory is sound."

I frowned, "Mind telling me what I over analyzed?"

"No, you figure it out, think of it as a lesson from me." He said smiling. "People won't give away their abilities in a fight or let you rest. You of all people should know."

I snorted, of course I did, but I take every advantage I can to win.

I checked myself, I wasn't running on fumes but I wasn't at my best. My bruise from earlier healed, likely from Zetsu.

"Are you ready for the next bout?" Takamichi asked. His stance shifted and gave me his full attention.

Oh, boy. This is going to hurt.

I nodded.

He activated his Ren.

I tasted it, his polished stone Aura. There were no flaws or imperfections within, to me it was perfection but it didn't consider itself perfected. It constantly refined and tested itself in fire again and again, never stopping, always going forward as if it to reach someplace far above it.

I let out a slow breath, filled the sensation of tasting an Aura from a Ki master.

This man is a very hard worker, I respect that and I rarely give my respect to anyone.

I brought up my Ren.

Takamichi smiled and stepped forward, "Good, here I come."

Even though there was twenty meters between us my instincts screamed.

Run! Run! RUN!

Sound shattered.

I moved, jumping back with all my power, protecting my face along the way.

But at that instant, an impact strikes my head from the back. I ate dirt, it punched through my Ren like styrofoam.


I rose quickly, bringing up my Ken. I didn't care about the drain, I needed it to win.

He pierced through it with ease, right into the solar plexus.


I breathed out, it never left as I'm suddenly flying left and then up in the air. The impacts register a second later from my jaw and chin.


I saw stars and did my best to dispel them. Somehow I note that Takamichi is beside me, twenty feet in the air. My descent accelerates as an impact originates from my back.

But he reached my 'landing zone' before me, raising his fist like a spike I impaled it and dropped like a rock.

"Ten-Two, good match Ranma." Takamichi said sadly. He kneeled and looked me over.

I couldn't respond, my mind fading as did my Aura.

I bordered between the realms consciousness and unconsciousness.

I didn't know what was what, all his blows disoriented and kept me off balance. Most of the power behind them was blocked by my Ken, but it was enough to set out he needed to accomplish.

With a surge of will, I forcefully cleared my mind and rose to my knees.

He offered me his hand, I took it and pulled him down.

Takamichi didn't budge and pulled me up.

"You, are a monster." I muttered. I dusted off and checked myself over, varying levels of bruises covered me but that was it. They'd heal overnight, he must have incredible precision and control over his strength to beat me with minimal damage.

It must have been funny as he started to laugh lightly.

"No, no I'm not. Not yet Ranma." He said with all honesty.


Takamichi shook his head, "Lets head back to the cabin, the suns setting and you need to clean up and sleep early. You do have class tomorrow."

I groaned and walked, wincing in pain with every step. At least I could do that, when I really spar with Pop like I just did now I could barely move myself afterwards.

We made our way back home, he offered me some help, I told him to shove it and took my pain like a man.

I bathed, changed into my pajamas and made dinner.

We had tofu.


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Ya, I have nothing to say. Takamichi's stupidly powerful in canon and more so in mine, along with pretty much everyone else.

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