A/N: Hi guys! This is an RP I did with a partner named Sierra. Our characters names in this RP was initially Aya (Matt) & Kouii (Tai). I changed it into Matt & Tai 'cus the idea was initially mine and I ALWAYS pictured this as a Yamachi.

Sierra wrote as "Tai" (Kouii)

Flame wrote as "Matt" (Aya)

Because this is an RP, you get to see the perspective of both characters. Tai's perspective is italicized. Matt's is the normal font.

SUMMARY: Matt is an angel from a society that thinks of humans as chattel to be enslaved. Angels often raid human societies to kidnap humans. On one such raid, Matt comes across Tai and kidnaps him.

"Your first time, kid?" The man to Matt's left asked him. He was a couple of inches shorter than
Matt but much stockier and thickly built and a curious look in his wrinkled face. "You look a little young to be going on a raid." Matt could feel those blue eyes studying him closely. They were soldiers in line, preparing for battle - there were 20 men today, flying on a dirigible. Each man had massive white wings that erupted from his back.

"Yeah well... I don't have any family - I was in the orphanage for a couple of years but I just turned 16 - guess it's time to start making my own way in the world." He said, studying the man before letting a wide grin stretch his face. "You look a little old to be going to on a raid," he added playfully.

The man just laughed. "Yea - that's about right. But the army's been taking some hits over the last few years. Our numbers just aren't what they used to be - guess that's why they're letting youngsters like you in & keeping in old timers like myself." Matt was about to reply when the booming voice of the general came from ahead.

"Listen up everybody," the man spoke loudly. "The city we are raiding today is called Mireu - now, I know this is one of safer places to conduct a raid. But I always want you on your guard - do NOT make yourself a target. Humans may not be as strong as us but give them a chance to attack you and they will." He looked coldly over the group of 20 angels who were enlisted for this raid.

"Many of you going on this raid are new recruits," the general continued.

Matt glanced at his right and left. He guessed about a quarter of the men standing around him must have been below 20 but he was undoubtedly the youngest. After all, he was the youngest angel to ever complete army-training in record time of under 2 years. And at the top of my class too, he added in his mind with a proud smirk.

"I hope you have all studied the layout of the city properly - the grain house and food storages are our primary target. They are located on the east. The dirigible will be staying stationary - flying about 4000 meters off the ground. Once you have all the food you can carry in one load, you will return to the dirigible and dump the food here before going back down for a second and third load." He pointed the general area out on a large map next to him. "I will remind our new recruits that you will ensure our food quota has been filled first before you attempt to take any humans as slaves. Slave capture is not our target this time. If you are wounded, return to the ship immediately!"

The general glanced out the window of the flying ship. "We are almost at our destination. Angels - you will go out in groups of 3. You know your mission. Don't fail your race." He finished his speech before pulling on a lever, opening a big hull in the back of the flying machine that would allow the angels to exit one at a time.

Matt was in the 6th row back - he had a few seconds to glance at the barren desert landscape before he was hurtling out of the plane and falling towards the ground at maximum velocity. A few hundred meters before hitting the ground, he let his wings spread wide & with powerful bursts of speed, made his way towards the small city.

"Tai have you finished cleaning the wheat?" Asked his manager, Rehotep, taller than him by at least four inches and darker in his brown complexion than Tai. Rehotep was known for working the fields with the men and woman that harvested wheat and grains from the well flourishing fields that surrounded the city of Mireu.

They had sheds filled with the wheat and by-products made from what they had harvested in the east quadrant of their city. Mireu wasn't too large nor too small. It was one of the more medium sized cities and was known for trade which kept it thriving and nourished even when the summers were the worst and they could barely harvest any grains or fruits.

The governor of the city saw no point in protecting them from angels. They hadn't been attacked nor raided in a long, long time, longer than the twenty years that Tai Ankh had been alive. Mireu had an army, yes, and the army fought against the angels when they came to attack and raid. Yet..Mireu's government didn't see the point in putting up more resistance against the angels...They would get what they wanted sooner or later. They could only fend off the angels, not stop them completely.

"It's done and sorted. Are we ready to being baking?" He asked with a slight smile, tossing reddish brown hair out of his face with flick of his head to the right. The wheat was separated and sorted into numerous bins, barrels, or bags depending on what it would be used for. Tai worked in one of a few bakeries on the city and still lived at home, like most children in their city did. Families were very important in Mireu, even after coming of age, young adults lived with their families and helped to support them until they were married and started their own families.

Tai wasn't going to get married, he had no reason to start a family, not that it was possible for him to do so. He had no interest in woman and wouldn't marry unless he was in love. Not only that, but he wouldn't marry someone just to lie to them. Not that he could lie, the city knew his preference and didn't really care. As long as he didn't try anything with them he wouldn't be hurt or ridiculed. He tended to like that idea.

Rehotep nodded and loaded bags into carts being pulled by camels. Tai walked next to him and towards the bakery made of stone and mud. They had an order of bread to finish baking and new bread to make with the wheat that was just cleaned.

Army training had prepared Matt for most scenarios - how to dodge massive catapulted rocks, flaming arrows, fly over nets - the list went on and on. He was told he would need every bit of his training and intense concentration to keep himself alive out the field.

And so, he was fairly surprised when the attack on Meriu managed to run its course so smoothly - he had managed to carry away five bags from the grainy before the field hands were even aware they were under attack. In his second dive, he managed to pick up a ewe and her lamb - he knew their livestock pile was running low and they could certainly use some new blood added to the mix. The commanding officer smiled at him, impressed to see him landing on the dirigible with such useful produce. He dove again and again - the screams around him getting fiercer and fiercer as more and more humans panicked under the attack.

It was getting harder to see - the screaming mobs running away from the direction of the attack and the paltry Mireutian army doing little other than kicking up patches of sand. Occasionally, he would see the swoop of giant white wings, very much like his own as angels dove to pick up their meals. But he could barely see 30 feet ahead of him in the dust clouds.

So when he spotted carts loaded with bags of wheat. Perfect! Out in the open and a great target! He swooped in towards the cart, intent on carrying off as many bags as strength would allow when he was mesmerized by the sight of a dark face framed by dark hair. He could see the anger glowing in those brown eyes but that just made them glow even brighter in that lovely face. He forgot all about the pandemonium all around them and landed a few feet away from the slender boy, folding his wings down to make himself less intimidating. He did not speak the Mireutian language so all he could do was hold his hand out as a display of no ill will.

The first scream had Tai stopping in his tracks and Rehotep grabbing him by his right arm. He was being dragged towards the bakery, stumbling and tripping as he was nearly forced to run behind the older man. He was stuffed into an area between two walls and told to not move until Rehotep came back. The man ran off and went to grab something to fight the attacking angels off. He couldn't see around him, dirt and sand were being kicked up by all those that were running and screaming.

He was coughing now, trapped in a large swirl of dust, eyes watering for a moment as he stumbled away from the walls and into the open again. He tripped over towards the carts and swatted at the dirty air around him. He wanted to get the carts to safety and ensure tat they had at least this small amount of wheat to make some sort of food. If he could ensure that they had at least this much food after the angels left them, he would know that he would be helping someone...Anyone.

Tai's eyes widened as he saw him. An angel with his huge wings that seemed as white and pure as the snow. Eyes quickly narrowing, he backed up and glared with nothing but anger in his eyes. The normal honey brown of his eyes now the color of molten chocolate as he glared at the angel. The white wings were now folded behind the angel's back and the angel was now on the ground only a few feet a way from him.

He tried to shout, to scream at the angel and scare him off or at least get another person close to him. He had no idea what to do and was trembling as he backed away from the angel. Not once had he seen an angel up close or had even been near one. Now there was an angel in front of him, offering his hand and enchanting him with his ocean blue eyes and beauty that no human would ever have.

Slowly, he walked back towards the angel, shaking in fear of a trick and heart beating so quickly he thought he may faint. "What do you want?" He asked in his native language of Nyasa. He received no reply and knew that this angel didn't speak the language that all of the people in his kingdom knew. Slowly still, he walked towards the angel until only the cart separated them and placed his hand in the angel's.

Matt was shocked as that slender brown hand slid into his own open palm. He quickly lowered his lips to brush over the back of that hand, staring into deep brown eyes as he did so. What's going on here? As far he understood, humans usually fought when they met Angels. But this man - or was it boy?- was standing here, staring at him - fear and excitement in those beautiful, glowing eyes.

The dark man spoke - but Matt didn't understand. Instead, his ears caught the faintest sound of a whiz a giant boulder flew through the sky - Matt had seconds before he was pulling the man's slender body against himself, wrapping the brunette in his muscular but lean arms and shielding him from the brunt of debris flying up as boulder struck ground by wedging the small body between himself and the remnants of a stone wall.

When the dust had settled, he tilted the brown face up to stare into dark eyes. "Are you ok?" he murmured quietly, knowing he wouldn't be understood.

The quick movement from the angel had Tai ready to pull his hand away and run away from the angel. Instead, his eyes widened again as soft lips brushed the back of his hand. Did this..did this angel really not want to hurt him? He was still staring into the angel's eyes and it seemed that the angel had the same idea. He swallowed thickly and bit his bottom lip. The angel's eyes seemed to stare deep inside of him, nearly pinning him in place with their gaze. He felt no animosity or hate from this angel, just...curiosity and..something else maybe?

The breath was knocked from his lungs as he was pressed against the angel's chest and moved to press his back against the wall. He was ready to fight then, ready to attempt to push off and run away from the angel. Seconds later he realized what the angel was doing. He dipped his head to shield himself from the bits of debris flying around them. The arms around him were lean but also muscular, reminding him of power and also a grace that he would never have.

His eyes were closed until his face was being tilted up and he was being looked at by those too-blue eyes again. He watched the angel's lips form words that he couldn't understand before looking back up into his eyes. All he could do was stare, he had no idea what was being asked..Yet, he nodded once and looked away. If he put two and two together, after being protected from debris and possible serious injury..he had a feeling that the angel was asking him if he was alright.

"You shouldn't stare here," he said quickly, hands flying to the angel's shoulders. "You should leave!" He said and tried to push him away, hoping that the angel would realize that he wasn't really trying to push him away, not away from his body, but to safety. "They'll hurt you if you stay, kill and torture you!" There was urgency in his voice and a pain in his chest at the idea of the angel that had saved and never harmed him being captured.

Matt was not sure what had changed. One moment, the dark man was in his arms, trembling slightly but mostly calm as the ground around them shook from the force of the boulder landing a few feet away from them. He was once again entranced by those beautiful dark eyes as the man stared up at him - forgetting where he was and starting to lean down towards that beautiful face to kiss the man trapped against him.

The next minute, calloused hands were on his shoulders trying to push him away- the man was shouting, agitation growing clearer in his voice as the seconds ticked by.

What happened? I thought he wasn't going to fight me, Matt thought for a second. I must've misinterpreted his action - no human ever wants to be enslaved by angels. His anger began to boil over. Silly human, he thought shaking his head sardonically. You think you can push me away when I want to take you? Gone was the gentle smile of reassurance oh his face - replaced by a possessive grin. The next instant, he was swooping his arms underneath the brunette's back and knees and scooping him into a tight hold. With a little wink at the dark man, he spread his giant wings and was off - powerful thrusts propelling him off the ground and towards the sky.

Tai stopped trying to push the angel away and pressed his back to the wall once he noticed the entire change in the angel's body. He could sense the anger rolling off the angel and it scared him, made his eyes widen again and made him really try to push him away. The calm that was between them had been broken because they couldn't communicate with each other and now, now he was scared again. The small amount of trust he had put in the angel was gone once that soft smile was replaced by a grin that screamed possession.

In the time it took for him to blink and gulp down air, the angels hands were around his back and knees and he was being scooped up and winked at. "What are you doing?" He nearly screamed in alarm and gasped once the angels wings were spread again. His eyes squeezed shut and his arms wrapped around the angel's neck as he tried not to push away from him. Wind rushed by his head and whipped his hair into his face as they flew. They angel held onto him as he took him from his home and into the sky. "Let me go!" He demanded and glared up at the angel's face. "Let me go!" He demanded again and wished they were still on the ground so he could fight the angel without worrying about being dropped and dying once he hits ground.

The dark man was struggling in his arms, trying to get away and yet clinging to him for dear life at the same time. He could feel those slender fingers shaking in fear around his neck as they flew higher and higher, toward Matt's home. Matt laughed.

"Don't worry - I'm not going to drop you - it was a lot of trouble getting you and now you're going to be warming my bed until I'm tired of you," he said, grinning at the brunette. The excitement was gone from those delicate features - now there was nothing but anger and abject fear. Matt felt a twinge of regret stabbing through his heart before he pushed those feelings away. Humans are meant to fear us, not love us,he told himself firmly as he recalled the lesson learned from Army training camp.

Still, Matt saw no need for causing unnecessary pain to the man. He smiled again, much more gentle this time. "I promise - if I drop you, I'll be diving in right after you. You're safe, ok?" He murmured soothingly. He decided to forego the dirigible and carry his prize back to his home himself. It was a relatively short distance & would only take a couple of hours to fly. He could just check in tomorrow at the army barracks and confirm his safety.

Dusk was setting in by the time he reached the upper echelon of the clouds where the angels lived. Angels produced a lot of body heat & Matt himself was rather used to the cold; but he doubted the brunette in his arms was capable of comfortably withstanding the near freezing temperatures.

"Wrap your arms tighter around me," he murmured softly - as he pulled the shivering frame even closer to himself. "We're almost at my home, pretty one," he whispered huskily. "Just 10 more minutes and I'll be warming you in my bed by the fire." He smiled again - soft but possessive. He was rather aroused from having the slender brunette safely wrapped in his arms and he could not wait to get him home.

Tai tightened his fingers around the angel's neck and took a deep breath of whooshing air. His throat burned cold from the air now in his lungs and made him shiver and shift closer to the man who was stealing him away at the same time. The return of gentleness in the angel's smile caught him off guard and for a moment he was reminded of how he was kept safe in his arms and never put near any harm. The angel had been gentle towards him until Tai had tried to make him leave. It was his own fault that the angel had become aggressive and at the same time, it was simply because they could not understand what the other was saying.

Even over the rush of wind in his ears, he could hear the reassurance in the angel's voice and allowed himself the smallest fraction of relaxation. The voice was soothing and the body it belonged to warm. The air was quickly cooling around him, making his already shaking form shake more and more. Mireu was a desert paradise, with hot days and warm nights. Even in the cold seasons, all that was needed was a sheep skin blanket to keep him warm. The cold he was feeling now bled into his bones and made each breath harder and harder to take.

The change in tone startled him and nearly made him fight against his hold if not for the fact that he was being flown somewhere. The smile this time made him swallow and he averted his eyes from the angel carrying him. He didn't like the odd sensations covering his body right now. It felt like pinpricks of embarrassment mixed with..with something that he didn't want to name blended together and sparking on his skin in random bursts.

Matt smirked as the brunette dropped his gaze away from him - obviously embarrassed by something in Matt's tone. "You don't understand what I'm saying but you know what I mean, don't you?" he asked quietly. "You understand what is going to happen between us tonight...," he muttered knowingly.

He leaned closer to the man - his breath was coming out in quick puffs and the brunette was shivering in full earnest in his arms. "Ah... perhaps it would've been wiser to take the dirigible after all, pretty one," Matt murmured again - but thankfully, they were almost at his home. "I'm sorry - I should've been more considerate. But if you don't give me a reason, I will never treat you badly again," he promised as his feet touched the street made out of puffy cloud, a few doors down from his own home.

He folded his wings quickly back into place before making his way home - his flat was small. Meant for only one person - the furnishings inside were humble. There was a bed made of piles of fur on one side, a small fireplace stood across from it - there was a big black pot sitting in the fire-place and a couple of other dishes laying beside it. The rest of the apartment was bare save for a small wood table on another side of the room and a trunk that held his clothes. The walls had the few bows he had carved and a couple of bags of arrows. "It's not much - but it'll be your home now," he said, feeling embarrassed to bring the beautiful man to this shabby place.

He quickly made his way over to the bedding and lowered the brunette into the soft mound of fur - leaving him for the few seconds it took to light a fire. Then he was walking back to the bed, stripping off his own pants and shirt as he lowered himself next to brunette. He didn't waste any time as he pulled the brunette's clothes off as well - he was aroused and he knew the dark man would feel his desire against his slender thighs. But right now, Matt's main concern was warming him up enough so he didn't die. "Don't worry...," he murmured slowly into the brunette's hair as he pulled him completely into his arms, "first we warm you... then we have our fun." He promised.

Tai would need to learn the language the man was speaking if he was going to be held captive in his world. He would need to know what he could say to make the man stop because if the tone of voice being used on him was any indication..This man wanted to bed him. Sure, he was only attracted to males and he would be lying if he said that the angel wasn't beautiful..but, this was different. He had been taken from his home and would now be forced to live with the angel, he felt nothing for him because of that simple fact and the actions it took to get them where they were now.

He heard the shift of the angel's wings and looked over his shoulder to see him tucking them into his back. The human was in awe of the angel's wings, powerful and graceful. The feathers looked so soft and smooth and he would one day like to know what they felt like sliding between his fingers. He would save that thought for another time, when his skin was too cold to touch and his teeth weren't clattering and he was shaking so much it hurt to breath.

Tai didn't have enough time to really look at the angel's home. His eyes were closing from soreness and the want to cry. He took a breath and snuggled his body closer into the soft bedding that he now lay on. It felt like fur under his hands and fingers. He flexed his fingers and could feel a surge of warmth run through his body. A fire was now warming him and he sighed at the feeling of the cold being chased away.

He let his eyes stay closed and didn't open them when he vaguely heard the rustle of clothes dropping to the ground. He just wanted to be warm again. His eyes snapped open and he pushed at the hands sliding off his tunic and cotton pants. His eyes were wide as he did nothing to truly stop his clothes from being removed from his cold body. "Stop," he whispered and pushed slightly harder on the hands at his tunic. The angel got his way though and Tai was naked and in his arms seconds later. Tears formed in his eyes and warmth washed over his body with the angel's heat pressing into him. He shifted and his eyes squeezed shut once he felt the angel's arousal press into his thigh. "Please don't," he begged. "Please don't do this to me.."

Matt felt the tears splashing down on his chest from those startlingly beautiful dark eyes. "You don't want this, do you?" He murmured against the soft strands of rich brown hair. "You don't want me to touch you like this even though I've rightly claimed you for myself." He could feel the brunette's small, work-worn hands pressing against his chest. He shook his head. "But I won't stop. You have no right to deny me."

His own arms were wrapped around that slender body, running all over the silken flesh - caressing an inner thigh, brushing the nape of the neck, cupping a perfectly formed ass cheek. With one hand, he encouraged the brunette to sling a long brown thigh around his hips - the movement shifted their lower bodies closer together and his arousal pressed ever closer to the tiny little hole waiting in between those quivering legs.

With his other hand, he finally tilted that dark face up to his eyes - he took a moment to study those flushed, tear stained cheeks - those eyes were still tightly shut but he kissed each eyelid gently, willing them to open before finally trailing his lips down to the soft plump mouth that waited below.

Matt groaned as he kissed his prize for the first time... oh god... this was heaven! The sweetness of those lips were addictive and Matt pulled away momentarily only to dive in again, forcing his tongue into the softness inside. He groped the man's ass in one large palm as he kissed him again and again. "How can you ask me to stop?" He asked harshly against those kiss bruised lips. But the tears were still flowing from those dark eyes and Matt felt the twinge of regret start to grow in his heart.

Each touch from the angel was like electric shocks of pleasure racing up his spine. If he wanted to be positive, he could say that this was a blessing. When would he ever had another being so beautiful touch him? Want him? Crave him like this angel? This was a rare chance in his life to be with someone that was like a fine jewel. Yet...he still didn't want this.

He jumped once a globe of his shapely ass was cupped and his leg thigh was nudged until he moved and wrapped it around the angel's waist. His eyes closed again as the angel's erection was now even closer to his entrance. He hadn't had a partner that he had wanted to go all the way with. He wasn't new to sex,, but he had never fully had it. Thinking that this was going to be his first time, he cried harder and slapped at the angel's chest. "Stop!" He said again and looked at the angel with pleading eyes.

"Please, stop!" He was kissed and stopped fighting, shocked by their first gentle kiss and then pushing the man away from him as his tongue was forced into his mouth. A gasp left him as he ass was groped again and he was kissed until his lips were pink and throbbing. "Stop," he whispered and held his hand against the strong chest of the angel. "Please, I know you can't understand me, but don't do this. I'll do anything else, just not..not that." He begged and hoped that the angel felt something inside of himself to make him stop. If words didn't work then he hoped the desperation in his eyes was enough to stop the angel.

There was no mistaking the desperation in those huge pleading dark eyes - begging Matt to stop. Those rough hands were completely useless in the brunette's defense - this man couldn't stop him with force. Matt knew this should be easy - this man was a human. A race meant to be enslaved by higher beings like Matt - there was no shame, no guilt in this.

Growling determinedly, Matt rolled them over so that the dark man lay trapped underneath the full weight of his body - grinding their lower bodies together so that the length of his erection rubbed in between those parted thighs. He groaned, pressing forward slightly so that his precum moistened the tiny trembling entrance... It would be so easy, so easy to just push forward.

But the soft sobbing made him pause.

He sighed as he hooked his finger under the curve of that delicate chin and tilted the slender face up towards his gaze - swearing once again, he dove in for a hard long kiss before pulling away to study that lovely face intently. God... He was even more beautiful in dull flickering light of the fire-place - the warm yellow glow lighting up his skin into perfect copper. The full lips were quivering - moist and bruised red from the force of his kisses, the high cheekbones were flushed with heat. But it was those big eyes that made him pause - he remembered the look he had first seen in them when they meet his own gaze: fear, yes - but only slight. Those eyes were mostly filled with wonder and excitement as they stared at him. He wanted to see that look again.

And Matt knew that if he did this now, he would never get what he wanted.

"I hope you know you're driving me insane." He ground out roughly, leaning down to press one last rough kiss against those soft lips before rolling himself off the slender brunette. He gave a cursory glance at his prize - his skin had warmed up to a rich brown once again from the unnatural paleness of the cold.

He stood up from the bed piles and made his way to the trunk and pulled out the one extra fur blanket he had. He brought it over near the fireplace, far enough away from the brunette to not make him nervous - before rolling himself in the warmth and trying his best to fall asleep. All the while knowing that he most enthralling creature he had ever seen lay a few feet away from him and he couldn't do anythingabout it because of his damn conscience.

Matt hated his life.

Chocolate eyes widened further as he was rolled onto his back and nearly screamed at the angel. Fear and anger bubbled in his chest as he pushed harder and harder; his hands beat at the angel's chest to try and push him off his struggling body. Their bodies were now sliding harshly over each other and the angel's length was too too close to his entrance. Tai's body stilled once the head of the angel's erection rubbed his entrance, a wetness now moistening the twitching skin and making him fight harder and harder.

He stilled at the harsh kiss and lay beneath the angel who had kidnapped him, unmoving as he was kissed for a long while and then studied. He held the angel's gaze wearily, afraid that he would be attacked again and taken by the angel. His body quivered and shivered from the aggression the angel used and the fear he had for what may happen to him. No one had ever been so forceful with him. No one had ever tried to take from him so much. He had never felt so much fear towards one person.

His lips throbbed and pulsed for the hard and harsh kisses. The flesh was swollen and red, slick with saliva from the angel and still quivering as Tai stared up at him, wondering what was next. He closed his eyes as he was kissed again and lay still as the weight over top of his body was removed. For several long minutes he didn't move until his breath evened out and he was sure that this wasn't a lie. He could hear the angel moving and opened his eyes once the angel stopped moving around.

His kidnapper and attacker now lay with in his own blanket of furs, closer to the fire and away from him. Tai took a deep breath and pulled one of the furs over himself. He didn't close his eyes for a long time and once he did, the tears came. He cried silently, shoulders shaking and breaths coming in gasps that he couldn't stop. What was going to happen to him? It was obvious what the angel wanted from him and he would only stop for a little while. He wanted to go home and see his family. Hug his dad and kiss his mother and siblings, play with his nieces and nephews...Would he be able to do that again?

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